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I kinda think I look based as fuck for an Asian boy. How should I lookmaxx to get even better?

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Very based!!! Your shirt is Red (red pilled????O_o(are you a doomer???))

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Looking good bro! Do you like wojaks?

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You're like one of those Asian that you can never really distinguish where is from

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Quit weed, hit the gym, learn how to take care of your curls.

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How did you know about the weed part?

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Mao suit

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you have a goofy face
you will never be sexy

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Because you look braindead

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>for an Asian boy
dont do that kind of thing to yourself man

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looks Korean to me

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bobby lee

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Lose 20 lbs and start lifting ASAP

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Since you’re a young adult, it’s imperative that you start improving your wellness and health now. Here are some ideas:
-Go to a gym/personal trainer, mostly strength training. Other types of exercise are fine
-Eat a healthy diet that works for you
-Take supplements, ideally get bloodwork done to check for deficiencies
-Mewing and jaw exercises
-Stop smoking weed and stop drinking alcohol. Nicotine is okay
-Start reading and writing for leisure, if you don’t already
-Don’t listen to loud music/wear hearing protection at loud venues, replace in-ear earbuds for over the ear headphones. Unrelated to your question, but I say this because by the time our age group is in the 30s most of us will have hearing loss/tinnitus
-Drink a lot of water every day
-Build a good skincare habit, and use sunscreen
-Start looking into anti-aging and reverse-aging medicine. There has been a lot of advancement in this field of medicine recently, so take advantage of it.

This is all I can think of at the moment. You have a good face by the way OP

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>Nicotine is okay
How to completely throw the benefits of Healthy Lifestyle (tm) down the gutter. Awesome!

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You’re right. Nicotine limits blood circulation and vascularity, which makes exercise less effective and building muscle more difficult. Ignore that part OP. I still hold nicotine to a higher standard in comparison to alcohol and weed thoughever

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Self-aware and logical people? On 2023 /fa/? More likely than you think!
Nicotine ages people like crazy.
>b-but muh German cabaret woman who smokes a lot!!11 (forgot her name)
Doesn't really matter.

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This. You're handsome, start dressing in some /spezz/ rich old white man outfits and you'll looksmax 1000%.

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>I kinda think I look based as fuck for an Asian boy
No, you look like high estrogen typical asian male who don't lift weight, but rely on faggy kpop or artsy fashion style.

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