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post the highest end stuff that has lasted you years bros

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>bottom of the board with no replies.
As if we needed it, but this thread indisputable proof that no one on this board has ever owned any coat that lasted longer than 1 year + 364 days, no matter how much they may have payed for it. “quality” fags BTFO.

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>non constructive seething reply
You’re part of the problem

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I’m the only one here bumping your thread, nigger.

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Just go get bespoke and inquire about the specific fabrics you're interested in

uncultured, rough & midwitted response

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I have an old Woolrich that I've worn for I think seven or eight winters now. It's got a tear at one seam around the inner pocket, but it's otherwise really good.

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Unironically a charcoal Jack&Jones lined coat from 11 years ago, my first winter coat.More recently a brown Fall/ transition jacket from Schneiders (Salzburg) an austrian brand.They originally earned a name for their coats. If you have not tried Loden a lesser used material typical for the Alps region give it a shot.Search up manufacturers/ brands that work with it as well.
A year later a Moorer (an italian brand )dark green jacket. They make stylish and expensive outerwear.Both have lasted 5 -6 years without having to be repaired.Look up Sealup and Fay for more coat options.

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Saint James 100% wool peacoat. 7 years and counting. Carhartt bodywarmer, also 7 years. Both will last another two decades at least.

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