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Daily reminder if you have a long midface it's over for facial aesthetics

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Guys who have weird (not ugly but unusual features) faces are hot to women. Benderker Cucumberbatch is the prime example

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It's worse to have a short midface (pic related).
Regardless of the length of Adam's midface, he has a slim forehead, face, nose and eyes, which makes him look grazile elegant, more a noble-man than a warrior by physical association.
I think the best aspect about his face are the geometry of his eyes.
I would love to look like him, unfortunately I look more like the Sheriff from Rambo 1.

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i click on this board once and i see something retarded like this lol

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ideally you have moderate cranio-facial geometry.
midface not too short, not too long. Face not too slim, not too broad. Features not too masculine, not too feminine. Harmonic mix btw neotonic and progressiv features that all together convey associations of youth without infancy, maturity without senility, peacefulness without weakness, K.Reeves is one ideal example of this. Adam Driver is still within those categories but with a slightly more bizarre proportions, which is not a deal-breaker in itself, 80% of optimum is not a bad thing.

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>i click on this board once and i see something retarded like this lol
maybe your brain makes everything retarded, you know like when you pour clean water into a goblet filled with piss.

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Women literally love Adam Driver tho, what's the point you're trying to make? that you have never interacted with a woman in your life?
>unfortunately I look more like the Sheriff from Rambo 1
He was pretty manly honestly

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>He was pretty manly honestly
and ugly

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Here is a simulation made with one of those crazy new AI softwares.
He still looks silly, it's the goofy ass lips.

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Keanu Reaves was repeadetly voted hottest man alive during his prime.

Your argument is invalid.

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Seen far uglier men with women, and women generally are not that bothered about ''pretty'' men, only teenage girls who don't know any better are. I can assure you, plenty of women would've found brian dennehy attractive back in the day.

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>women generally are not that bothered about ''pretty'' men


Read the comments.

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He's a famous Hollywood actor.

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>comments on a single youtube video full of immature girls is proof!!!!

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Whom do you wanna attract? Pretty young girls up to 23? Then appearance is absolutely everything.

Used up relics? Yeah, then work on your le personality, by all means.

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Nothing wrong with milfs, speaking from experience.

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the gayest man ive ever seen

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Nah, I fucking love long faces like that, Driver looks kino
Agree with this anon >>17457341
Those are kissable lips you will never get it as a thinlipped kissless virgin

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Yeah that guy is 100% a fag and a woman thinking you are cute/pretty is not the same as wanting to fuck you., women are naturally sexually attracted to masculine men with high testosterone because it's a sign he will produce healthy children, it's biology.

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Keanu doesn't have a long midface

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