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Why do TikTok ewhores wear rosaries?

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most catholic women are sluts and whores

catholic men are going to hell for not controlling their women

i was raised catholic and every chick i knew in religious ed ended up becoming a massive cum dumpster

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Vatican2 effect desu

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Demons try to corrupt holy symbols. They've been doing this for ages.

"For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds. " 2 Corinthians 11:13-15

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None of these women are religious though, they are very openly anti-Christian both spiritually and politically

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Please tell me you're not a protestant. I have more respect for fake internet muslim/orthodox larpers than for real protestants.

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no im not.

by the way, most protestant women are also sluts and whores

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Good for you. Nice to know you didn't even try to respond to >>17355937, you faggot.


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most women in the US who are raised Catholic are filthy sluts

Catholic men have failed to properly control their women. Catholics are going to hell.

It's the opposite with Muslim women. Most Muslim women are virgins until marriage.

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Note that that OP pic whoar is wearing faux-rosary without division of beads into 5 decades × 10 Aves and Pater Nosters etc. Cross has no corpus. So cheap commercial imitation for fashion....

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ok goat rapist

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this isn't something new. goth sluts would wear this too going back as far as the 80s

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But I'm not disagreeing with you, even as a Catholic. Does this thing look religious to you?

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yeah, looks like a typical Gen Z catholic slut

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Even though they also wear demonic imagery like pentagram necklaces and metal shirts? I'm unsure you're aware of what kind of girls these are. They are openly anti-religion and post anti-religion opinions as well.

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not my problem. Catholic fathers raise these type of women.

Muslim fathers on the other hand raise women who are virgins until marriage.

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They are not even aware that it's a rosary?

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Also worth mentioning none of these whores have fathers to begin with

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They mock that which is holy

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christian emo

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>Most Muslim women are virgins until marriage.

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Muslim women are the biggest BBC whores on the planet. Especially the ones wearing hijabs.

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Keep projecting western cuck

we all know you're frustrated the women in your family all have sucked and fucked BBCs

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and that's good

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Don't feel left out! There's plenty of Godless fleshlights for you as well!

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Not really, they're posers of all kinds. Band shirts they don't listen to, religious jewelry they have no concept of, and majority of which dress like little girls despite having been ran through at least a dozen times

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aesthetics trumps all

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t. a poser

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>muslim women

i'll let you in on a secret.
for the most part the women of a race are as horny as the men of that race.
so, you know how pajeets are rabid horny incels?
their women are cock crazy too. but they are mostly controlled by several factors.
one is that they are mostly unattractive to the other races.
one, and probably the biggest one, is they are terrified of their families knowing they are rabid cock sluts.
so if you want to pick up a pajeet girl you should be super normie middle-class presenting. someone they wouldn't be afraid of their parents meeting.
if you're weird they will think you might let it slip that they are perverted bwc fetishists.

muslims are like this too but physical violence is on the table to a greater extent and they are physically more difficult to access.

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they're probably not even real Muslims

reminds me of the Mia Khalifa controversy. Some dumb bitch wearing a hijab even though she's not even Muslim.

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lol okay goatfucker

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Mm but the slutty egirls are obviously real Christians

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they were probably at least raised Christian.

Mia Khalifa was not raised Muslim. In fact, she was raised Christian.

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>not Muslim

Pick one retard

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In the small city I grew up in there were four major high schools; two were public, one was for the country ass farm kids, and one was catholic. The catholic one easily had the highest teen pregnancy in the region and, by far the most girls that were down for anal (that’s anecdotal, no study was conducted). Catholic sluttiness is a very real thing, and on the flip side I find that girls with Anglican/Lutheran/Protestant-whatever the fuck backgrounds tend to be the weird and prudish ones

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At most they were forced to attend church a couple times by their deadbeat single mom and now claim they have religious trauma. A fatherless drug addicted household is not being "raised Christian"

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Says a lot that you use weird and prudish as synonyms

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most American pornstars have Protestant backgrounds.

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I don’t think you know what a synonym is then.

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and you can't do shit about it all

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>Catholic sluttiness is a very real thing
Only in America, I've noticed that American Catholics behave like some kind of cult, here in Yurop we are just regular ass people, I'd even argue that most are non-practicing, or go to church once a month like I do.

I guess it's the sexual repression that makes the American Catholic so horny.
Here in Germany, many hijab wearing women have a reputation of being "wild", for example.

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How smart of you, I'm aware I didn't use it literally.

You say that as if it will affect my life in any way. Have fun larping

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catholic chicks are sluts

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yeahh those cultural Muslim hotteies with makeup and hot pink hijab are sexy wet n slutty

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Just wearing it for the fashion. Modern women have made a mockery of the church.

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because catholic men raised them that way

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modern Western women have been accessorizing with rosaries and crucifixes since Madonna in early 80s

interesting and probably true, and Western women have unfortunately much more social freedom to express sexuality

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you sound like an incel

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It's Vatican II. Before Vatican II the American Catholics were the ones behind the media being censored and the Hays Code.

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They have no problem with anal tho, absolutely halal.

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Vatican II is the primary vehicle facilitating the religious indifference that will fuel the antichrist.

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aesthetics simple as
reddit spacing, somehow. die faggot

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Conservative Christian women love BBC.

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Says the porn addict incel

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>Thinks Vatican II was forever the church

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Roman Catholic Media Channel on Ytube

Cool Sermons delivered by young Rev.
Abbés DeSaye, Barnes & Duterte

>> No.17356973

I love the sermons on this channel. It also has great spiritual conferences.

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Nothing to do with religion, like most tiktok and/or zoomer styles it's there for aesthetic. You guys are overthinking it.

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Zoomers can be edgy tho and use stuff to desecrate them

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because they LARP

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its just a trend . since it's become trendy i've began to receive compliments on mines.

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>Arabic == Muslim

Ok retard

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Literally only Mexicans wear them like this within the faith, it is supposed to go around your wrist.

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I see people hanging them on their car mirrors

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woah dude you got him. you called him an incel.

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I've worn it around my neck my whole life, as do most others I've seen. We're all white

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They're Southerners so they can't fathom white Catholics existing like we do in the Northeast and Midwest

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