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I'm starting HRT soon, can I have some androgynous fashion inspo, please? I want to know what kind of clothes to buy to look non-binary.

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you threw the fishing pole into the water

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inspo pls

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Kill yourself, obvious crappy bait

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>I'm starting HRT soon

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check lsdanon thread

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xiv to troon pipeline is real

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xiv was not the start but it was def the climax

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What's the sauce on the image

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forgot the artist sorry

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I wear oversized shirts/hoodies/sweaters, skinny pants with mid-high rise, and have longer hair with bangs. ppl have called my style "gender neutral" or just "gay" kek

rly tho it depends on what degree and type of androgyny you want. do you wanna just look like a woman and reject anything that could get you seen as male? look like youre in between male and female? look like a dude in provocative women's clothes? also on what your body type is. the more feminine you are the more freedom you have in clothes.

if ur transmasc nb then this applies to you too, just go on pinterest and look up transmasc outfits or dress like a preppy male and youll look andro at least until T kicks in.

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ROPE.What made you think this was okay to post here???

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I'm looking for clothes styles to help go from M to NB but I was hoping for pictures/examples

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idk I just look for fanart of anime femboys dressed casually and imitate the outfits lol. you also can look at japanese streetwear which is bolder but still andro

its rly hard to find inspo for amab nbs, most of it is just afab nb inspo that's useless also there are tons of amab nbs who are basically trans women and dress in similarly delusional ways, and the harry styles genderfuck types who arent actually andro at all

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You'll never look even remotely close to that

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? Fashion is the gayest hobby in the world

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and this

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For the love of God, sauce

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You're gonna regret, it won't fix your problems

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@Newposter2 on twitter

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OP is a fag>>17362063

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you will never be a woman

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slit your throat. you will never belong here

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only fags call others fags

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I'm gonna shoot the guy on the lefts dick

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