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Ye says his new fashion designs will play a big role in helping him gain popular as a presidential candidate. Is he right?

Also, do you think Milo will do a good job of running his campaign?

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No, he is a grifter, a self professed grifter at that, he posted on /pol/ a few years ago basically explaining as much after he cashed out around being caught defending noncery.

Kanye will have some piece of merch for his campaign that will look decent, and only he and a few of his cronies will be seen in them, this after all 150 of them sell out instantly on his store for $120+, while he says how much he wishes everyone could have one and the next one will be more accessible and it'll be a blue collar American uniform staple or some bullshit like he says about everything he makes.

Then at some point the campaign or it's marketing will start failing and there'll be a big public display of finger pointing and screenshot posting as King Schizo thinks being retarded gets him out of having to honour the fine print on contracts his former self signed

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