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topical fin/min solution regrew all my hair. it's just as effective as oral fin without the side-effects.

i have a full head of hair now and my dick works

>> No.17355847

Is it worth the hassle vs rogaine?

>> No.17355851

it already includes minoxidil so you don' thave to worry about putting on rogaine.

just 4 sprays and rub that shit around. do that twice a day and everything gucci.

my big cock has had no problems staying hard unlike back when i was on oral fin

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pretty popular but less expensive to just make your own, thats what i do

>> No.17356024

this is 0.3% fin with 6% minoxidil

>> No.17356052

What percentage each? I have a solution my derm made me but I still haven't buy it. Mine is 5% minox 0.5% fin

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