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Post /americancore/

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When I went to America I needed to buy a t-shirt and this was what they were selling lol

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Tell me this style doesn't look awesome?

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Americans are masters at obtaining comfort no matter how ridiculous it looks.

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That’s the main ’’issue’’ with that style.
It looks kinda goofy and to pull it off, the wearer should be naturally at ease with his self image and be fine to crack some jokes on themselves or others to crack harmless jokes at it.
Now imagine, if some hardcore neurotic schitzo wore it, he would be percieved simply unhinged, which is also true.

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why is this considered /americancore/? magapedes lost bigly in the midterms

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magapedes still seething over election results

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>a-abolish private pro-
>*gets head blown off by some 70 iq racist republican hick with an ar-15*

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I unironically think he looks great

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It's not American to be anti-Democracy. Period.

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Americans are the best Europeans, admit it

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I admit, burgers

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Proud American right here

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Idiot. American "democracy" is a pretense for rule by a class of bureaucrats.

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fan for your toes

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In an airbnb and brought my own fan for circulation cause I've been drinkin a lot to be honest lol

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What's the Centrist equivalent of these?

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I dunno. Imagine some unattractive, Mexican kid wearing this or something and it has the same effect.

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mr two hoodies

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Yes indeed

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He has the nazi flag on his shirt? What a fucking chud, I hope somebody kicks his ass

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w2c flag jumper?

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hi /fa/

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>forgot pic
bit embarrassing desu

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Damn I am shaking in my boots of this dude

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>past presidential election tshirts
america bros, i'm genuinely jealous of the amount of sovl that shit has....

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greatest shirt of all time

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gets me every time

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ah good ol kjp. bastard does prep better than anyone else

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I always feel bad for this little dude. He's clearly a special needs student who's parents put him in a chud shirt and sent him to school like that. He obviously doesn't understand what's on his shirt.

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Too based even

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Ironic maximalism is gay

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Special needs kids can be huge fucking assholes though. They’re literally retarded, so they think stuff like “anything traditional must be good, so anything these patriotic looking guys say must be correct.” Combine that with getting positive reinforcement from weird boomer men desperate to get young people involved in their ideology and you have a recipe for these kids turning into annoying propaganda spewing pricks.

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Does Californiacore count?

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does he do porn

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those aren't americans

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Probably his website, kieljamespatrick.com

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do americans really?

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considering size differences in different countries (UK to Japan sizing for example)
Imagine how fucking huge AMERICAN XXX-L shirts must be. Unironically could be a blanket for most other nations people

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That's not Californiacore, guys like that are always from some shithole blue city in an otherwise deep red state and usually start dressing normally by the time they graduate with their meme degree and come to shit up CA even worse than it already is.

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This dude creeps me the fuck out.

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your average sneed enthousiast

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implying that those shirts aren't specifically marketed towards retarded people

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they were while they were europeans, now they're like the third best hispanics

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what syndrome is this? I've never seen a person like this before

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Elon Musks brother.

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30 y/o estranged son is more likely

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Kiss the cook aprons

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How the hell are you meant to read that when you pass

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they are though

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the one in the middle most definitely watches shounen anime.

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like greta thunberg?

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Dumb meme, America's not THAT hispanic.

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>t. Hans Giuseppe Vladimir McDonald

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Democracy does not exist, especially not in America, and it never has. Touch grass buddy

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so that's what /pol/ looks like

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