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How much would it cost to get custom fitted leather gloves?
I want something that'll keep my hands warm but also hug my skin and look nice

>> No.17355706

That is autism right there

>> No.17355730

I don't like that most leather gloves feel like mittens. None of them fit well

>> No.17355732

>you VILL wear the polyester gloves

>> No.17355777

I have never heard this complaint in my life. What the hell do you mean? Are you talking about the inner lining?? Not all gloves are the same thickness you know

>> No.17355780

He has baby hands and the smallest gloves are too big

>> No.17355786

Idk I think it’s just autism, that weird sensory shit they have. My little brother refuses to wear anything but gym shorts even in the winter because of the “leg feeling”

>> No.17355809

They're bulky. I can't do stuff like writing or using my keys with gloves on

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