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Discontinued Thread >>17346635

Informative Videos for Newfags to Fragrance General
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for Newfags
W2C bottles

Use Google to obtain the maximum discount code at fragrancenet (35%).

http://www.notino.com (see directory at bottom for your country)
General info
Various fragrance communities/review sites/blogs
W2C samples
On DIY fragrances
Affordable snice scents
For /ourguy/ Luca Turin's books look up Library Genesis

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The Fragrance Groups 101 chart

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The fragrance flowchart for beginners

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what is the note/quality of scents like fahrenheit and ombre leather? i love these kinds of scents

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Smelled Azzaro Chrome edp today:
Boring as fuck, generic as fuck. Not worth giving a second look.

Also Joop! Homme "Le Parfum":
Smells like a mix of the Stronger With You line. Just some sweet shit. Each SWY is a bit more balanced in comparison, but in the end it's all the same.

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I'm not actually gay so I will skip this thread. I don't want some nonsense about wearing women's perfumes.

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uhh... leather?

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Nice. See you next thread.

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fahrenheit has leather?

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Yesterday I tried Dior homme parfum at work for the first time ( I work in a highway booth, a really closed and hot environment) and I was enjoying the fragrance a lot, but after a few hours I started to get some fecal notes and I was almost going to puke. I didn't even know where that came from, I went into fragrantica to see if someone even mentioned that because I'm aware this is fragrance evolves a lot and noone was saying anything even remotely similar so I assumed it was the mix with my body chemicals what was causing it (quite a hard pill to swallow as a frag head that your body chemistry has notes that makes you smell like shit) . The smell wasn't going away and I ended my shift thinking about swapping it for something fresher on Reddit.

Turns out I shat myself at work without noticing. My fucking chair has a big dent in the middle like a bad bicycle chair and it pressured my perineum area too hard that it got numb and it seems something leaked out by accident. One coworker when she came in the middle of the night so I could go to my break time asked me about my fragrance because the whole booth was smelling a lot and I told her it was Dior.

Now I think she was making fun of me.

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fahrenheit has leather?

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I’m new to fragrances and I got a kit sampler. How do I apply these ones? Do I put on my palms then rub my neck? My favourite fragrances in the kit are L’Homme eau de toilette, Pavo Rabonne 1 mill, Prada, Acqua do Gio, and Eternity Calvin Klein

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yes but you don't really smell it. no idea in which way you're comparing fahrenheit to ombre leather and unless you elaborate i can only say that both have patchouli, jasmine, vetiver and amber.
bold layering.
i hope that's a shitpost

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Bois Imperial, what else?

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It’s not. I want to try these fragrances but I don’t wanna risk it

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holy shit lmao

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put it on the bottom of your wrist to try it out. when you actually wear it spray on the side of your neck/under tbe ears, behind the neck and/or on your chest. never rub it unlessits after shave

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>yes but you don't really smell it. no idea in which way you're comparing fahrenheit to ombre leather and unless you elaborate i can only say that both have patchouli, jasmine, vetiver and amber
Idk it's like the gasoliney animalic ness that I think I like

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>POV DHI user any day of the year outside of /lgbt/

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I cant spray it this is what they look like

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yeah. it's a different leather than ombre and it's more mixed down, but it's definitely there

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After sampling dozens of high end fragrances fahrenheit is still my favorite. Nothing like it. Ombre leather is kinda in the same genre

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afaik the core accord of fahrenheit was created by accident, from mixing several different frag samples. that might be why it's so unique

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the gasoline in fahrenheit (comes from high dosed violet iirc) is quite unique, maybe check out midnight stag, its supposed to smell like a car workshop but i havent tried it yet.
i'm sure you'll be able to figure it out with some thinking

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Well then I think you drink it and then it aromates the body

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Don't (You) me when I post a pic like that and literally wear DHI any day of the year, very much outside of /lgbt/.
Gotta get a new bottle soon. 150 mL really only last a year.

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Following up on this; I went to a retailer and tried a couple of fragrances. I liked Dior Homme more than Dior Homme Sport, and I am about to order some 1 Million.
Having said that, should I go for the standard 1 Million or 1 Million Parfum? I liked them both but was worried that Parfum may be too strong.

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Interesting thanks

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I’ve decided to pour it on a towel and rub it on my neck. I hope my date likes this scent cause I like the one with the little gator

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depends, how brown are you?
trolling stops working when you overdo it

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"Too strong" doesn't actually exist. Order the one you like more, no matter if it's the parfum or EDT.

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I've tried enough designer frags the accords and all blend in to one another
In the financial state blind buying niche isn't clever. What should be my entry level niche samples (off perfumista for example for price points)

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This weekend winter has hit many parts of Europe. What frags ya wearing this winter?
For me it's snicebomb, Oud for Glory and The One with extra 01/02 layer.

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How else am I supposed to apply the fragrance in the bottle without the sprayer then? Is the answer that it’s just a cosmetic one for smelling like smelling salts? You elitist swine .

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tauer 02 lddm, new york intense and whatever you like from the infographics

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>how brown are you
Not brown at all, lol
Aight, I'll keep that in mind, thanks.

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dont buy 1mil then

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>dali pour homme
>puig quorum
>bogart signature
anybody smelled all of them and can compare?

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Puig spicy leather
Dali floral and exotic(good for getting girls to give you hickies)
Bogart spicy lemon, nutmeg, geranium, leather, birch, and rosemary. Generally what I prefer while I’m on shift at my optometry

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>fossil mall watch

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>Can I wear a fragrance made for the opposite sex?
>Gendering of fragrances has more to do with marketing than anything else. >Ultimately you can wear whatever you like.

Change this shit please, it's literally not true.

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How is any particular smell feminine other than pussy smell?

I wear girl fragrances all the time and I drown in pussy. If a girl likes you will complement on your fragrance even if you smear your own cum on your neck

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Club de nuit intense is actually really good.

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Edt, edp or pure parfum?

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LADDM is iconic and of another planet

NYI is only popular because >muh luca turin, whose opinions on fragrances are fragrantica-tier but with more snark so plebes take it as objective biblical truth rather than just some completely random guy's list of what he likes

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>that mosaic floor
are you polish by any chance?
dali - dark, really earthy, a bit chocolatey and animalic
quorum - dark green with smoke, it's like trees after the fire and then also after a flood
bogart - more vibrant greenness with spices and leather, resembles me after shave lotion the most out of these three
personally I like dali the most

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Bois Imperial, what else?

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>blocks you’re path

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you should pitch that to an ad agency

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It's just a Fossil smart watch. I use it to control my music.

I'm German. This house is from the 1900s (04-05 I think), though. That's just old parquet.

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that's ok, i'll just wait 15 minutes until its gone.

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what's the current closest fragrance to Viktor and Rolf Antidote?

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NYI is one of the best men's fragrances around faggot. Perfect mix of fougere and chypre.

>> No.17353780

Please recommend me some citrus-centric, clean, modern, attractive masculine frags. Preferably something else than Sauvage and Bleu EDT

>> No.17353782

lddm is a masterpiece and comparing it to nyi, nyi might look boring. but nyi is the final modern fougere, its perfect for what it is

>> No.17353784

NYI smells too mature and dated to me, and it's not very attractive. I don't need some masterful niche composition

>> No.17353801

dior homme 2020

>> No.17353818

yeah I'm literally a middle aged man and it smells "sweaty old man" to my nose, especially getting worse on the drydown, maybe women like this shit but I doubt it and I'm not going to even take a chance because once the drydown hits I want to shower and launder all my clothes

>> No.17353825

ya fags still like to get scammed a fortune from your earnings just to pay some smelly water?

grow up already use the natural ingredients from your kitchen smear up with some butter, garlic, onions, lemons, natural horse manure, baby powder, detergents

i guarantee you will smell 10 times better

>> No.17353835

Try Le Beau at a store.

>> No.17353839

dior homme sport
varvatos artisan pure
c herrera 212

basically all u need

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high effort post 10/10

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Apply to hair behind ears.
This way it will last longer.

If you are rubbing do not rub to hard. If by rubbing you heat the frag you'll ruin it.
If someone says you should not rub tell them to fuck off.

But best performance is from hair and clothes. If you spray clothes, spray from a distance otherwise you may get visible stains.

>> No.17353849

Fucking hell it costs 100-200 usd to remove that shit from his nose.

>> No.17353864


in my country its free
but the line is so long you gotta wait a few years
meanwhile, it can turn cancerous and you die

free healthcare is fantastic

>> No.17353879

I'm sure there are private dermatologists in your country unless you live in north korea

>> No.17353895

What frag would /mlp/ wear?

>> No.17353898

Serge Lutens Muscs Koublai Khan mixed with JPG Le Male whatever flanker is the sweetest.

>> No.17353912

My sense of smell got fucked up by Covid over a year ago. I can smell most things normally, but most colognes have this really offputting chemical smell to me now. Is it over? Will it ever get better?

>> No.17353918

Sorry bro. It never goes away

>> No.17353920

>you gotta wait a few years
You telling me? I'm from Moscow and I know what free healthcare is. It's a fucking lottery and you pay in the end.
Pay and remove this shit. It harms people's attitude to you.

>> No.17353952

don't you have some neo nazis to torture, Ivan?

>> No.17353981

Costs nothing in my country and if it's dangerous a dermatologist will have it removed immediately. His family would have been able to afford it, though.

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A question, what's the equivalent of Dior Homme Intense EdP ?

>> No.17353984

Ultra Male is the sweetest of them, but I think they'd choose an entirely different ethyl maltol-filled bomb (on top of MKK). Sweat and caramel cotton candy sounds like /mlp/ to me.

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File: 62 KB, 1257x1150, cdg-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anybody ever try this shit? I like it but I don't know if I could pull it off as a guy

>> No.17353988

That + dirtiest animalistic musk there is. I mean imagine the smell of a furry den.

>> No.17353995

Da fuck are you on about, schizo?

>if it's dangerous
99% it is not but of course need to check first.

>> No.17353996

Is there a stronger (faux niche?) version of D&G The One EDP or something with a similar dna? I swear this shit is like catnip

>> No.17353998

Try Robert Graham's Fortitude.

>> No.17354000

Seems interesting, I'm european though

>> No.17354007

You should be able to pick up a sample on ebay if you can't find a local store to test it

>> No.17354030

the what equvalent? a stronger version? try Dior Homme Parfum

>> No.17354089

Halloween Man Shot is kinda similar to this and LNDLH but not too close. Superb performance though.

>> No.17354109

Tfw shitty CDNIM gives me more compliments than my favorite bottles

>> No.17354124

*ba-dum tss*
I actually had a sample of this not too long ago and the cedar lasted a reasonably long time, boring but not unpleasant scent

>> No.17354208

The EDP performs okay. Just gotta really mace yourself with it

>> No.17354209

>male, 26
>live in a seaside city with a sunny and mild climate
>try to dress classy but modern, like a more tasteful sexcore: black chelseas, jeans, roll necks, overcoats in the winter, suede chelseas and v neck tees in the summer

Frag recs? I need one for winter and one for summer. I like to lean into the attractive but professional vibe so is there a frag that's seductive enough for a date that I could also spin for work?

>> No.17354212

There’s this really obscure niche brand called aventus that does a bottle named creed, it’s pretty much exactly what you described

>> No.17354213
File: 42 KB, 478x800, armani-emporio-stronger-with-you-absolutely-eau-de-parfum-fur-herren_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is /frag/ thinking about this?

>> No.17354215

fucking nutella

will be my next tp roll frag after I finish proraso.

>> No.17354218

I saw a review on fragrantica that says The One is the most tragic scent ever made. It’s fucking irresistible, distinct, sexy, yet still wearable and versatile… but the performance is just pathetic. I own the EDT and it’s my favourite scent, period, but the other day I literally gave myself 5 sprays and my girlfriend didn’t detect it on me when she came over like 30 minutes later. It’s cuckoldry in a bottle.

>> No.17354220

>Ruskie pretending he doesn't enjoy raping and murdering Ukrainian children

>> No.17354221

Women actually really dislike Aventus, or at least don't give a fuck about it

>> No.17354222

Is the EDP even marginally better?
Maybe dousing yourself in it would work? Like 10+ sprays, on clothes and hair

>> No.17354223

Acquo di gio Profumo is exactly what the doctor ordered, unfortunately it just got discontinued in favour of the new eau de Parfum, which doesn’t do the same trick from what I hear. You should hustle and try to find a bottle on eBay or something before it’s too late

>> No.17354225

all I smell is vaguely sweet water

>> No.17354226

I tried Profumo a couple months ago and literally smelled nothing after spraying my arm three times. I don't understand

>> No.17354227

What about Profondo?

>> No.17354229

I’ve heard mixed things. Generally people say the EDP lasts a bit longer, but still stays very close to the skin.

I’ve considered just going all-out with my EDT and dousing myself in it like that. I’m hesitant because it has a distinct sweetness to it, I’m worried it would turn into a cloying syrupy mess of a smell if I overdo it.

>> No.17354230

What a shame. The One is literally perfect and the final answer to "which frag do girls like". Except they can't fucking smell it

>> No.17354238

That’s a summer fragrance through and through. Profumo is (was) such a killer due to its versatility

>> No.17354272

The issue is I seemingly can't smell Profumo

>> No.17354300

Eau sauvage might be what you’re looking for. Very citrusy and definitely good for the office. Might not be as much on the seductive side since it’s one of those legacy fragrances, but in my experience women don’t respond well to scents that are engineered to be obnoxiously seductive anyway.

>> No.17354307

I have the same problem.
I'm still not sure if I got a really weak batch or I'm just nose blind to it.

>> No.17354329

Any recs on sample sets for christmas presents?

>> No.17354335
File: 18 KB, 258x245, 1533150078236.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17354338

I suggest you just browse through the sampler section on fragrancenet and order a lineup based on what you think the person would/could like. If you don’t mind spending north of 100 dollars you could probably put together a whole advent calendar of fragrances for somebody.

Me and my girlfriend looked at actual sampler sets recently and were disappointed with the selection. The top designers only seem to put their weakest EDTs in there for the normies, but there’s probably some okay niche sets out there if you look hard enough

>> No.17354341

not even, just tell the derm uh it showed up recently and they take a biopsy because it could be malignant thus it's medical and covered by insurance

>> No.17354343
File: 220 KB, 1500x995, oie_6HtJS9uKnDyR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wrong. Actually got compliments with it, same with Bois Imperial & Cool Water.

>> No.17354344

I kinda figured that'd be the case, I'll check fragnet

>> No.17354365

>women don’t respond well to scents that are engineered to be obnoxiously seductive
I guess, depends which one though. I used to get complimented on Fierce back when I wore it years ago, some "sexy" frags are hyped for a reason
I like frags that are sensual and attractive even personally though, I like smelling them on myself

>> No.17354429

Le Male Parfum might be my next purchase..

>> No.17354464

Eau des Baux is fucking gorgeous and delicious

>> No.17354487

The problem is that The One just smells so good because it uses the composition it uses. If you want to make it last longer, you gotta change or add something.

>> No.17354501


>> No.17354512

Top three favourite fragrances, now

>> No.17354532

I bought a bottle for the first time a few weeks ago and have been wearing it way more than I thought I would. It’s a good frag.

>> No.17354601

Is there anything that smells as good

>> No.17354628

do not blind buy frags my friends
it's not worth it unless it's such a cheap frag that getting a sample would cost only a tiny bit less

>> No.17354634 [DELETED] 
File: 999 KB, 3024x4032, oie_K3vUKH3gxAzA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dior Homme 2021 Sport it's my G Spot of incense and elemi resins but repackaged in a mass pleasing pussy wet making DNA. Cool Water & BI are classics.

>> No.17354638

These are the nicest asses

>> No.17354640

Who's ass is this

>> No.17354643

Both of you need to touch grass. That's random gas station ass.

>> No.17354644

>buy Bois Imperial first
>buy Bois Imperial first
>buy Bois Imperial first

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File: 10 KB, 252x221, 1274905896015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17354707

I've been single for three months now, give me a break

>> No.17354716

hey /frag/, what are the best gourmands for the season in your opinion?

>> No.17354729

profumum roma (esp. acqua e zucchero)
thick ambras with fruits (fille en aiguilles, ambre khandjar)
light ambers (grand soir)

>> No.17354754
File: 889 KB, 716x714, Gay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s him again…

>> No.17354756

Sotd Guerlain vetiver edc layered with Tom ford oud minerale

>> No.17354800
File: 2.20 MB, 4080x3072, PXL_20221122_000401777.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This tiny bottle is cute af, and it smells reminiscent of both ACDD and Lonestar Memories in different ways. Each very addicting, if you've tried LDDM, recommend trying this whole spicy suite.

>> No.17354804

I'm loving Angels' Share right now, smells like apple pie and cinnamon with a touch of cognac

>> No.17354945

>Nautica Voyage

>> No.17354960

>green texting

>> No.17355006

Update: the sillage is almost non existant and it's almost a skin scent after one hour , what a pity because I love how it smells

>> No.17355014

My go-to was Paco Rabanne's Privé until they stopped making it. Nothing else Paco makes is close. Someone help me find a comparable.

>> No.17355041

Hey I literally just got a bottle of LADDM last week and they included that soap (which I looked up and is hilariously expensive)

How's the sundowner compare to those other two? I love lonestar but it's too fucking weird to put on withing 48 hours of being around another human. I didn't like ACDD at first but I think it now slightly edges out LADDM for me but LADDM is still more wearable and safe I think

>> No.17355048

doubt it's very different than intensely, which is mediocre and soulless

>> No.17355068

covid fucked my olfactory senses
im wearing roja creation E. very nice cold weather frag

>> No.17355222
File: 781 KB, 750x616, oie_UhuYW7sU92KE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Right? Chinks also spying in western universities or companies, while anime enjoyers simp for the le asian female, who eat insects and weird sea creatures. Imagine kissing her.
Also every single asian girl are so fucking insecure, it's a pain in the ass to be with them.

>> No.17355244

>Top three
Kek. I have got about 30 in my rotation. And 1 Gold Apple store per every 10 km here in Moscow. Gold Apple has 99% of all the niche ever mentioned in these threads.

>> No.17355247

>got about 30
Nope. 40 by now lol - https://www.fragrantica.com/member/1266704

>> No.17355249

The warm spicy opening of cinnamon is close to the powdery dry coriander of LADDM and ACDD, but from the tobacco I get sweetness of birch tar, root beer, that is in Lonestar and I think the other two, but only a hint of smokiness instead of overbearing leather. It maintains some of that sweetness through the drydown of amber that they all share.

The tiny dabber bottle is not easy to apply, but I'll have to give it a few more comparisons with the full bottle. I went with ACDD because I found the powderiness of LADDM a bit too heavy where ACDD has an edge. Don't know what I'll do with the $20 floral soap, however.

>> No.17355267

how's Vetiver Bourbon by Monotheme? how does it compare to Guerlain Vetiver and Grey Vetiver?

>> No.17355268


>dior homo intense

nothing out of ordinary bros

>> No.17355276

Goldfield & Banks Bohemian Lime. Not my cup of tea, but it's exactly what you're asking for.

>> No.17355281

>how's Vetiver Bourbon by Monotheme
Superb sour vetiver. No sweetness, has some Provence vibe to it.

>Guerlain Vetiver
too sweet and dated

>Grey Vetiver
just dated

Bourbon smells like eternal natural classic with no anchors to any specific era.
Also no booziness at all.

>> No.17355297

>vetiver combined with citruses
>like that combination is something new
>never smelled it before
Absolute trash. Better go with Guerlain Vetiver. But i still search for a good Vetiver scent. Best up to date is Chanels Sycomore.

>> No.17355304

>Chanels Sycomore
Vetiver extraordinaire is top tier.

>> No.17355305

Also Vetiver tonka is very nice

>> No.17355307

>Vetiver Extraordinaire
Munlark Ash is top tier

>> No.17355308

>Munlark Ash
Not a vetiver

>> No.17355311

heavy vetiver, try it cunt

>> No.17355312

Nice suggestions, i hope the longevity is good. Nothing bad than scents combined with prominent citruses or bad longevity.

>> No.17355322

It's me, but the quote is entirely (You).

Sundowner is the best tobacco frag out there, in my opinion. It doesn't try to be straight tobacco only, but it adds just the right amounts of everything else. Some spices, some sweetness (but way less than e.g. Red Tobacco, Pure Havane, Naxos), beautiful sandalwood.

Maybe you should get something more intriguing or complex than a Roja offering to restore your sense of smell.

Common theme with all of Tauer's frags is the spice opening. All of them have that, including stuff like Une Rose de Kandahar. It sometimes doesn't mix well with the heart/base and makes the opening weird, but at least you know you got an authentic Tauer frag.

>> No.17355326

It's a fucking cypress, everyone tried it a year ago in gold apple.

>> No.17355350
File: 19 KB, 324x120, chad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can't say the same spicy opening for Alpes Suisses and Phtaloblue, but I am curious about his dozen rose perfumes.

Have you tried Chergui?

>> No.17355351

I have not tried Chergui. There were no tester bottles for any of the SL frags at the local stores.

>> No.17355355

Well, if you get to it one day. Haven't sampled a lot of tobacco but it's one on my list. Very honey forward though.

>> No.17355374
File: 896 KB, 1272x1800, jpg le male 2003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

'le male' always had the most /fa/ ads, pic very much rel

>> No.17355378

Remember back in the day when this type of body used to be considered very fit? Nowadays you have to look like stallone if you want to get a whiff of pussy (exaggerating ofc but you get the point)

>> No.17355390

where? that body is already top 2% in the western world. just needs some hair on the head.

>> No.17355411

He's pretty fit for sure but his stance makes him look buffer than he really is. In reality he must be ottermode, whereas to really stand out today you have to be on the bigger side (muscularly speaking). Back in the day the standards were lower, brad pitt in fight club was considered the holy grail

>> No.17355420

nah ottermode is still fine in the real world. my experiences might not match yours here, but i had no problem as long as i was physically fit. from my ottermode mountainbiking days to today with weightlifting. you really just gotta show it a little.

>> No.17355434

Maybe, I don't know...I definitely feel that standards have gone way up with the advent of social media

>> No.17355439

Bro, I know this is an overused phrase but take your actual meds

In the real world the guy in that pic is jacked, you've been brainwormed by /fit/tards who were victimized by Mark Rippletits and his gomad fatty fat formula

>> No.17355452

>'le male' always had the gayest ads

>> No.17355459

I havent drank the koolaid, trust me. All I am saying is the guy in the ad is ottermode (look how he pushes out his arms making his biceps look bigger, slouched pose for bigger neck effect etc.). There are many people in my gym who mog him, so all I am saying his body doesnt really stand out like it used ro back then. That doesnt mean that you cant get pussy by being average, I mean fat people fuck too so...

>> No.17355460

He's not "pushing out" his delts or traps though. The man lifts hard, eats carefully, and may have been on a cycle or two or he's just got good genes. You need to delete instagram

>> No.17355481

there are many people in my gym who mog me, but i mog the average le male bottle, and that's already enough to be way above average.
when i went to college and walked across the campus, it was filled with pretty women. i'd say a good 70% were fuckable. natural beauties of normal bmi. why am i going off on this tangent? because once i hit the "real world", where all the average people are combined, i realized that most people are fat or ugly, even women. it's just that at my college the women were from a wealthier background and therefore had an unfair advantage when it came to health, fitness, fashion and what not. the studies confirming a correlation between iq and bmi are also there. it all skewed my perception of reality and i always thought there were plenty of fish in the sea.
and you're falling for the same thing - you compare yourself to the people at your gym. in the real world, you'd be far above average, even if you get mogged at your gym. the environment matters.

>> No.17355496

Where did you go for college? Mine was slam pig central, although a lot of them started cute, though that was in the UK lmao

>> No.17355506
File: 75 KB, 540x666, 2168D164-2FC2-4C2F-BA88-A66B6868F488.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How many sprays do you usually use? Wear?

>> No.17355508

depends on what I'm wearing, but for my regulars:

>LADDM - 2 sprays
>ACDD - 1 spray
>adp colonia - 3 sprays
>endymion - 1 spray

>> No.17355512

20-40, everywhere including clothes.


>> No.17355513

Encre noire chads how are we doing this winter?

>> No.17355521

wearing a lot of the Extreme flanker lately as my everyday scent

>> No.17355523

The last time I wore creed aventus I think I did 4 sprays and a woman sitting ACROSS from me on the train was like "you smell great". You can imagine why I stopped wearing it. I wear fragrances to impress myself, not icky goils. They have breasts and a vagina, yuck!

>> No.17355525

Not yet cold enough

>> No.17355540
File: 114 KB, 800x800, tauer-perfumes-golestan-en.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone tried the new(?) one? I have a sample on the way.

>It all started when I visited the Louvre in Paris in 2020. There I stumbled over a section that I never visited before although I was in the Louvre a couple of times. The section was all about Persian empires and history. A revelation!
I was mesmerized by the grandeur, by the statues, and the cultural heritage, spanning more than 5000 years. I began to discover more, reading books and I ended up discovering the palace with the name of Golestan in Teheran in pictures. The palace, also known as the Rose Garden Palace, built in the 16th century, with its ornamental and figurative paintings on tiles, was pure inspiration. Golestan literally translates to city of flowers or garden of flowers.
Although I could not travel to Iran so far, I created a perfume that brings me there. It is an invitation to breathe the perfumed air of a flower garden, in freedom.

>> No.17355570

SOTD: rogue bon monsieur
waiting for bottles of vintage of ysl jazz and van cleef tsar in the mail

any good black friday deals?

>> No.17355574

7 Underrated Hidden Gems by Lattafa | Fragrance Cologne Perfume Review

>> No.17355606
File: 40 KB, 455x505, first-instinct.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do girls like this?

>> No.17355631

A few threads ago someone posted a "green" frag chart, did anyone save it at all?

>> No.17355635

Yeah after wearing The One for a day I gotta say it's very good, top tier designer for sure, but the performance is simply unsalvageable. I guess I'll stick to DHS or whatever.

>> No.17355640 [DELETED] 
File: 1.91 MB, 3024x3631, oie_uuWAKtx1QlBp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, only the holy trinity will get you laid.

>> No.17355641
File: 80 KB, 640x480, 1AFCC280-7BDD-4759-A257-5B45869DF264.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Been wanting Prada ocean since before it came out and recently copped. Good blue frag. No ocean notes but you can get an imaginary sense of the ocean I think.

>> No.17355644 [DELETED] 
File: 1.91 MB, 3024x3631, oie_uuWAKtx1QlBp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, only the holy trinity will get you laid.

>> No.17355649

Ewww stinker

>> No.17355658

redpill me on dior homme sport

>> No.17355663
File: 39 KB, 375x500, YSL bleu electrique.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does picrel have bad longevity? If yes, what's some alternative that lasts longer?

>> No.17355668

God i need some pussy rn

>> No.17355671

what are the most obscenely sensual male frags
I want something that screams SEX

>> No.17355681

>redpill me on dior homme sport
It's ok, nothing special.

>> No.17355685

get bleu, not the eau in the picture

>> No.17355692

Seconding Bleu, not the Eau. Longevity is meh on my skin, but rather long on clothes (although I spray a lot). Really well received. Found myself wearing it more often than I thought I would.

>> No.17355694
File: 268 KB, 1500x1500, saint-laurent-bleu-electrique.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Meant to post the Bleu electrique but downloaded a pic of eau...lmao! Do you still recommend it? Have heard longevity is average/bad

>> No.17355695

>most obscenely sensual male frags
Not Sauvage.
>something that screams SEX
Sauvage, 40 sprays.

>> No.17355697

Thanks! Want to get it for evenings/nights, I really really liked it when I tried it in the store

>> No.17355698

Sauvage is pure sex unironically and the girls like it

>> No.17355699

Would work fine if you're with a person or a friend circle. Probably not club-powered, though.

>> No.17355700

aside from sauvage

>> No.17355705

Yeah, I am not clubbing much these days...was thinking more for dinner/date. Will pull the trigger then! Lastly, do you wear it year long or in specific seasons?

>> No.17355707

1 Million, 40 sprays.

>> No.17355708

It depends on what age bracket the woman is, you have to wear what she's used to at the end of the day

>> No.17355709

What else

>> No.17355710

Year long. It's spicy and slightly soapy, works great for every occasion. Would probably not wear it in high heat, but summer evenings are no problem.

>> No.17355711


>> No.17355712

I said aside from sauvage, several of my friends wear it already

>> No.17355714

Layton (or the Detour Noir clone), 40 sprays.

>> No.17355719

Great! thank you :D

>> No.17355733

Dior Homme since you seem to be a bottom

>> No.17355734

I'm not

>> No.17355735

Are you sure?

>> No.17355736


>> No.17355737

Ok, so since you are a homosexual top you should wear sauvage edt

>> No.17355738

I'm heterosexual

>> No.17355739

For now...

>> No.17355740

Use them like an after shave and splash it on your hands. Apply that way.

>> No.17355811

Is it a dumb reach mass pleasing signature worthy pantydropper tho

>> No.17355813
File: 1.19 MB, 2160x3088, IMG_20221122_201010.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is this faggot lying?

>> No.17355822

All the reviewers lie. Fragrantica will straight up thumbs up obviously fake positive reviews and hide all the negative ones. Parfumo is filled with story-writing noselets. Some guy on basenotes always gets 13 to 27 compliments everyday, whatever he wears. Only trust the basenotes dragon furry. All other reviewers can fuck off.

>> No.17355837

>Terre d'Hermes
>Guerlain L'Homme Ideal
>Dior Homme Original
Best office fragrances?

>> No.17355840 [DELETED] 
File: 117 KB, 867x766, bullshitstackedskyhigh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Had to search for this one again, as an example. User Deutsch100 finding a fragrance which has not been released in a place where it isn't supposed to be released (Gaultier 2 re-release). This man singlehandedly reviewed a fragrance across the pond before it was for sale, because he was totally able to find it in an LA frag store. Combine that with the AI-generated looking profile pic, and this might be the least trustworthy reviewers ever. Yet, a million balloons mean people really like that review.

>> No.17355852

Gay dragon. He likes Guerlain vetiver

>> No.17355853
File: 138 KB, 867x766, bullshitstackedskyhigh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Had to search for this one again, as an example. User Deutsch100 finding a fragrance which has not been released in a place where it isn't supposed to be released (Gaultier 2 re-release). This man singlehandedly reviewed a fragrance across the pond before it was for sale, because he was totally able to find it in an LA frag store. Combine that with the AI-generated looking profile pic, and this might be the least trustworthy reviewers ever. Yet, a million balloons mean people really like that review.

>> No.17355856

Well, nobody's perfect. He does like a lot of the old man-ish fragrances in general.

>> No.17355857

Dried semen.

>> No.17355858

Can I blind buy this? What does vetiver smell like?

>> No.17355861

Reminder that when BI was first being shilled here they used they same shilling tactic and posted claims about fisting models thanks to wearing BI.
Reminder that every time this is pointed out the shill reverts to calling anons schizo to deflect.
Reminder that influencers are still using the "panty dropper" line to shill BI here.

>> No.17355867

BI as in Bois Impérial?

>> No.17355869

Depends on your target audience.
If pleb get anything sweet or Sauvage edt.
If patrician get vetiver or cardamom frags.

>> No.17355871

I'd like something that produces the same effect as sauvage but that's not sauvage because too many people I know wear it

>> No.17355874

1 mil
9 pm
Hunter Intense

all work extremely well

Hawas and Hunter are a bit similar. Hawas is sweeter.

>> No.17355878

Any recommendation?

>> No.17355880

its kind of a divisive frag but buy it anyway. smells like a forest floor to me

>> No.17355884


if vetiver - Vetiver extraordinaire or BI

if cardamom - Blew electrique, Halloween man shot

>> No.17355888

Would it make sense if I already have CDNIM with the smoky thing going on?

>> No.17355891

Guerlain vetiver, guerlain vetiver extreme, and gevinchy vetyver

>> No.17355892

First of all, bi was introduced here way before that. Secondly you get your panties twisted because one guy makes a funny post that gets memed later.

I might have been the third or forth person here to have bought bi, in august last year. The original bi anon bought and posted about it earlier in the year or even before that. Then there was sporadic talk and shilling from OG and maybe another anon. The proverbial snowball grew more rapidly in late summer/fall as more anons got it.

>> No.17355894

>Guerlain vetiver, guerlain vetiver extreme
dated grampa shit

>> No.17355896

Terre d'hermes.

>> No.17355898

>posted claims about fisting models thanks to wearing BI
there's no need to deflect, you are a literal schizo if you think shitposts like that are shilling

>> No.17355912

edp or edt? I thought women thought it smelled bad, same for 1M. they seem to belong to that "guys think they're sexy but women actually don't like them" category

>> No.17355918

Which notes make them dated? Is it the tobacco in Guerlain vetiver? I don’t think you’ve tried Guerlain vetiver extreme because this one isn’t dated at all, but is mature. If anon wants something more youthful and simple he could try Guerlain homme leau boissee, similar to Terre de Hermes but uses like mint instead of burnt orange in the top.

>> No.17355921

*Uses lime mint

>> No.17355922

I had much success with the older edt. Even if they watered it down I still think the edt should be ok.

>> No.17355928

>don’t think you’ve tried Guerlain vetiver
lol it was literally everywhere years ago

dated garbage.

>> No.17355932

How is the citrus in BDC?

>> No.17355933

>guys think they're sexy but women actually don't like them

True for any frag if you are disgusting.

>> No.17355936

No one cares about this shit. BDC=NPC

>> No.17355938

I'm good looking, dress well and have good hygiene. But some frags are lauded by guys yet most women don't care. Prime example is Aventus. Frag autists need to learn that "complex" and "interesting" frags are mediocre when it comes to smelling actually pleasant to other people
Seethe harder

>> No.17355945

>women don't care. Prime example is Aventus
They do care a lot. But Aventus does not help if you are a clean good looking disgusting person.

Neither will a bdc help you, because it's npc.

>> No.17355947

Talking from experience, no, they don't give a shit about your niche masterpiece.
>Neither will a bdc help you, because it's npc.
yep you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Try interacting with women in real life

>> No.17355949

>incel's projections

>> No.17355953

>says the guy who thinks his autistic niche collection will woo the girl
touch grass, have sex
you're obviously seething hard because you've never felt the warmth of a woman. Your next post will be some flavor of "no u, projecting etc"

>> No.17355959

>incel's projections

>> No.17355960

boiling in rage so hard he's just repeating posts lmao. Keep pretending

>> No.17355964

>can’t read
We’re talking about two different fragrances here. Guerlain vetiver (classic from the 50s) and Guerlain vetiver extreme (2014) I don’t think Guerlain vetiver extreme is dated at all and I still don’t believe you’ve tried it if you’re saying it’s dated. Or maybe the mature notes are throwing you off

>> No.17355972

You can enjoy what you smell all day or be mass pleasing. I choose the former as long as it encircles something my wife tolerates.

>> No.17355976

>You can enjoy what you smell all day or be mass pleasing
You can do both actually, and easily at that, as long as you haven't fallen down the "fragrance enthusiast" rabbit hole and started convincing yourself that barnyard ouds smell interesting

>> No.17355992

>two different fragrances here
What kind of shithole do you live in that you believe someone could not have tried GVE?

>> No.17355994

>incel's projections

>> No.17355995

like clockwork, npc

>> No.17356006

imo it almost feels like it fuses into the substructure of the ambers, the woods and incense to create a kind of persistent dark citrus

>> No.17356013

Does it play a different role in the EDT, EDP and Parfum versions?

>> No.17356022

the one edp

>> No.17356029

Seethe more you spastic virgin. Women do not care what frag you wear as long as they like the scent.
Versace Eros, Dylan Blue, DG The One or Dior Sauvage are all run of the mill NPC frags and women love them more than anything Creed, Mancers or Amouage shit out.

>> No.17356034

>Dylan Blue
is it that good? a worthy alternative to bdc and sauvage?

>> No.17356040

It's same but different. Go to the store and try it. Is it worth? Depends on what you want from it.

>> No.17356042
File: 94 KB, 1200x1200, 5AFC17AD-F9FC-46A8-AD40-1C78059DB2DE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Issey Miyake - Wood and Wood

>> No.17356050

What are some complex winter fragrances with amazing performance. I'm fucking tired of fragrances that lady for one or two hours and then dissappear. I love to smell myself the stuff I buy, I don't care if my gf can smell it when she is sleeping on my chest

>> No.17356059

I've got equally high success with all of those frags. And you are just a butthurt incel lol.

>Dylan Blue
>is it that good
Smells like sauvage + old man body odour.

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