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For /ourguy/ Luca Turin's books look up Library Genesis

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The Fragrance Groups 101 chart

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The fragrance flowchart for beginners

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This frag should be called 20th century Paris intense or something. It's more reminiscent of old European class than NYC

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Many have, but it's not that easy. You can run the juice through a GC-MS and figure out 97% of the components from that. The remaining stuff will either be too hard to detect or just not identified correctly.
Clones then usually focus on the heart and base notes and often scrub the head notes or replace them with cheaper stuff. A few houses have actual perfumers (although not classically trained ones), they either make better clones or they go and make a rough clone and then reiterate on it to add their own signature. Al Haramain has been doing that, for example, despite making the best Layton clone on the market (someone should petition them for the old formulation, though), they change some of their clones in ways they see fit.

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Went to a Chanel boutique and sampled Bleu de Chanel parfum. Bought a bottle and put some on.

Went to the Vans store to buy some Old Skools. Little slut checkout bitch said I smell amazing. Pulled the shoe out of the box and put it against her forearm - shoe was bigger.

Good day.

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Gigabased Nicolaï OP

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Seconding BBI. it’s unreal that Nicolaï is not charging 50% more for her frags. This house is literally as if golden age Guerlain had a luxurious line for niche aficionados

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BBI or BI? Which one is better?

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I regret not purchasing a backup bottle when it went on sale once.

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I don't get the NYI hype. I tried it, but I didn't find it special. Maybe I'm not a chypre guy

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ahh, a man of culture, approved. you need to try amber oud, too. pic not related, just a retard

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BBC is far better

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>be me
>get into fashion and grooming
>need a frag. Let’s try BDC. Fuck it. Let’s splurge on the EDP.
>it’s good! What else is there out there?
>gf buys me Aventus as a present
>holy shit! No one told me frags could be like this. This hobby is truly a playground for the senses!
>start reading frag general
>a lot of talk about Tom Ford
>try a few frags
>they’re shit
>non stop chatter about Frederic Malle
>try a few frags
>they’re shit
>a few die hard fans of le labo
>try a few frags
>they’re shit
>a few autists talking about even more niche stuff like penhaligons and amouage
>get all the penhaligons samplers
>it’s all mediocre
>see that one shill gong on about bois imperial.
>fuck it. Get some.
>it’s shit
Can we break kayfabe for a second and admit this is all trolling?
The le labo and Frederic Malle frags legitimately made me nauseous.
Are there any other good high end frags out there?
I like Aventus and BdC EdP. Can someone recommend something good in that vein?
>inb4 bois imperial

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Bringing this from the last thread:

/frag/ recommend me a rose scent that leans masculine, relatively mature (25+), and that has good projection and longevity.

Some interesting recs so far:
Declaration d'un soir
Toy Boy
Noir de Noir

>> No.17261503

Tobacco rose
Santal royal
Got a compliment on that one yesterday, I didn't know it was still hanging around that afternoon, but a lady said I smelled nice. New price is a little outrageous, I picked up a backup from a discount site, and it was ok for a 125ml size.

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You have garbage taste so try Dylan Blue, Sauvage EDP and One Million

>> No.17261541

sounds like you're just a basic bitch taste-wise
try some more popular designers, maybe some more blueshit like sauvage. or terre d'hermes if you're feeling adventurous

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I need a fragance to get laid on new years eve

>> No.17261551

6'2" EDP

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Le labo is garbage, f.malle seems a little overrated and they've been neutered by the current owners, amouage has had some bangers, but they've also been neutered somewhat, tommy Ford has lost its creative edge, also neutered (bdj is good) penhaligons has always been mediocre. What you've discovered is that no one's opinion but yours matters. There's still great perfumes out there, but you need to find what works for you.

>> No.17261567

I’ve tried those. One million is barely a step up from axe body spray. Literally high school tier frag.
Didn’t like sauvage.
> sounds like you're just a basic bitch taste-wise
We can’t all be complex iconoclasts bucking the trend like you, anon.
Some of us have the crazy idea that in addition to being “different” or “niche”, a frag actually has to smell good.
You sound sensible. Which bangers does amouage have?

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Oh I forgot to mention
All of the frags I tried, I wore for several days to see if my opinion changed (and also to gauge peoples reactions)
During this process I found 2 frags that aren’t shit but we’re definitely an acquired taste.
Pardon and Black Afgano by nasomatto.
Pardon was interesting. The chocolate opening is so strong as to be offensive but it has grown on me and the oud dry down is very pleasant
If I lived in a world where everyone wore BdC or Aventus I could see this becoming a signature frag
Black afgano reminds me of the only Tom Ford frag I didn’t hate which is Fucking Fabulous.

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>He fell for the Ted Lapidus meme

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Just gotten my war spoils musc ravageur. Smells straight up like a cinnamon bark

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>Some of us have the crazy idea that in addition to being “different” or “niche”, a frag actually has to smell good
I mean I agree and I think most of the brands you tested are just overrated and have a lot of mediocre releases. most of the popular pseudo-niche brands are like this
still, if you only liked BdC and Aventus and nothing else then maybe you really should stick to popular designers for now. lots of good frags to be had in the designer realm as well. just go through the Chanel, Dior and Hermes offerings first before trying to track down more meme niche frags you won't even like

>> No.17261627

Fuck I almost got meme’d into copping that one

>> No.17261710

Any middle eastern savory gourmand frags? With thyme and cumin and all that stuff?

>> No.17261713

jesus fuck. poojet singh fuck off

>> No.17261714

Dior Eau Noire, MFK Absolue Pour Le Soir

>> No.17261716

I mean its food related so I assumed it would fall in that category

>> No.17261725

My mother gave me my first bottle of perfume, since she thought it was too masculine for her. It's Guerlain's Orange Soleia

>> No.17261742

"gourmand" refers strictly to sweet fragrances in the context of fragrances, "spicy" is the word you are looking for

>> No.17261760

Makes sense, thanks for the clarification anon!

>> No.17261774

Why two small NYI?

>> No.17261785

What fragrances from nicolai do you recommend to check out?

>> No.17261792

I'll agree a bit, there are a lot of mediocre fragrances. It shows how difficult perfumery is, how hard it is to make something truly great.
Despite all the smelly things on God's green earth, the ones finding themselves into perfume are kind of limited to a relatively small number.

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post yfw fell for the Lapidus meme

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Please recommend a female cold weather fragrance. Something that leans youthful.

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Chastity. Every dick you took without protection stays in your DNA. The first dick you took will imprint on your child no matter how many dicks after that you take. After taking 2 dicks you lose the capability to love. Not having a child before you hit 25 is going to ruin your life.
In the case you are a troon. Set yourself on fire you disgusting oxygen thief, you do not belong here, you do not belong anywhere, you are mentally ill, and untreated due to kikes getting involved in the field of medicine

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I told you you keep buying overpriced fake niche garbage and you ignored me.

>> No.17261936

>this filtered

>> No.17261961

Amber cashmere, more of a woman's fragrance, but it's so comfy I like to wear it for myself at home.

>> No.17261977

I have a simple request, I need a frag that is
>attractive and mass pleasing
>unconventional/not overdone scent DNA
I live in a very big western city so I smell Sauvage, BDC, Aventus, JPG and the like frequently.
Don't need something super niche, just original, masculine, and that smells good to most. I'm the introverted but charming type if it matters

>> No.17261978

I just sprayed my NYI sample twice on my arm to see if it's grown on me, but I still don't get it. And I honestly really wanted to like this frag

>> No.17261981

bois imperial
for the love of god just scroll the thread every so often will ya?

>> No.17261983

I have a BI sample, it's not what I'm looking for. Smells fine, but not appealing. Don't like Ganymede's drydown. Stop memeing and give me actual answers

>> No.17261992

The fact that you do not like them is on you, it's not a meme, it's your taste being shit, and it's chronic. Furthermore I have yet to meet a person irl that did not find BI appealing, so again thats just your shit taste, and that opinion came from family we now know it's genetic.
On another note, you ain't masculine, but charmin for sure. Soft as charmin, boy. Try some classic fougeres or chypres, see if you can overcompensate with those.

>> No.17261993

Keep seething, schizo

>> No.17262000

Why thank you. I will. Little shits like you are ruining this thread.

>> No.17262002

Cry more

>> No.17262008

I do not think you understand the definition of crying. Eitherway, go for it, have the "last word" big man. Fucking love it when I am spot on.

>> No.17262010

I didn't read your post but you should stop shitting up the thread with your incoherent seething about smelly water, neet

>> No.17262036

nigga I need a gift

>> No.17262046

I’m incapable of taking good advice
I hear the advice and then keep eating shit for some unspecified period until I reason the good advice for myself.
I don’t know why I’m like this but it’s not cheap

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File: 187 KB, 1080x1048, 067B9C94-98AD-4959-98C6-618B7A8AABB4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17262066

Is the longevity on GIT really that bad?
It's the only frag I'd rate 10/10 so far. Fresh, clean, versatile, elegant, just perfect

>> No.17262068

Baccarat Rouge 540 Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de Parfum Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Instant Crush Mancera
Après l’Amour Thomas Kosmala
Sensual Instinct Montale
Philosykos Eau de Parfum Diptyque
Athenean James Heeley
Bana Banana L'Artisan Parfumeur

>> No.17262081

Sounds like you've tried it, so you should know the longevity?

>> No.17262083

I tried it this summer and went to the beach shortly after so not really, no. Also I tend to go noseblind to my frags after a couple hours

>> No.17262096

it's really hard to quantify "attractive and mass pleasing"
I guess I can recommend:
>Dior Homme (2020)
>This is Him
>Costume National Homme
>Ombre Leather
>Burberry London
>Fahrenheit Parfum
>Fat Electrician (don't mind the edgy name, it's actually a pleasant sweet smoky scent)
>maybe Terre d'Hermes if you consider that not overused

>> No.17262102

You heard the guy? If you are 1st or 2nd boyfriend she ever had put a ring on it, and put a baby in it to celebrate

>> No.17262103

>hard to quantify
Basically I don't want a scent that's "interesting" but too niche to smell attractive to people who don't know shit about frags. For example I like Tauer frags but they're (haven't tried all their frags but I'm assuming) not attractive to most or safe wears.
TdH is extremely overused where I live. H24 is nice at first but the drydown smells weird on me. I'll look into your other recs, thanks

>> No.17262124


>> No.17262127

Why do you keep seething in a thread about fragrances? Reevaluate your priorities in life, autist

>> No.17262135

Would you consider LDDM to be unattractive?

>> No.17262137

Its okay anon im just giving you a hard time. I think the anon that said you should test some regular designer stuff in stores has the right idea. Niche elitism can get pretty silly. There are absolutely good nice scents out there but there is also lots of overpriced poorly blended junk. At least with designer frags they were composed by a professional with the goal of making something that most people enjoy the smell of. Cant say the same for niche and indy stuff half the time.

>> No.17262139

Not unattractive, but I wouldn't call it a seductive scent. I like it quite a lot but it's interesting rather than sexy, imo.

>> No.17262145

Thx what fragrances do you consider to be seductive?

>> No.17262148

I guess Aventus has that vibe. So do a lot of loud clubbing scents but I don't like those. There's also Jazz Club which I'd get if the longevity wasn't laughably bad

>> No.17262151


>> No.17262153


>> No.17262234

>unconventional mass pleaser
try salvatore ferragamo uomo signature. designer gourmand fragrance which is actually powerful enough to be smelled. if you want a fresher frag, try dunhill icon. a classic neroli fragrance which is turned "fruity" by the addition of juniper, gives a very welcome modernizing twist on neroli. other than that, most mass pleasing stuff which isn't overdone will be exclusive by price.

>> No.17262235


Is there a frag shop in Katerini that sells Encre Noire?

Much Appreciated

>> No.17262236

I’m new to fragrances and had a tough time choosing between l’occitane cap cedrat and eau de boux. I went with the cap cedrat because I planned on using it more for day dates and to give off a more vibrant appeal since I’m pretty sporty and outdoorsy, and it fit the summer vibe well. Is it too late to use it now since it’s already fall though? I had a really hard time choosing between the two but I think I’ll go back and get the eau de boux next time, especially for night dates and the winter.

>> No.17262238

Appreciate the suggestions. How's the performance on Icon? I've tried a few neroli frags, and all of them had completely faded by the second hour on skin
>exclusive by price.
For example?

>> No.17262240

>Is it too late to use it now since it’s already fall though
the "rules" for when to use a certain fragrance are kind of bullshit. you can always use fresh frags even in the winter and "cold weather" frags can often smell good in warmer weather too as long as you don't overspray

>> No.17262242
File: 363 KB, 783x1159, oie_GbRyOMZfzbgz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think i just found my signature scent. Masterful blended european oud.

>> No.17262243

Icon isn't really a traditional Neroli frag, it has more heft to it. it's more along the lines of Terre d'Hermes with added Neroli, Lavender and Juniper

>> No.17262250

>For example?
things like mfk gentle fluidity silver or grand soir, maybe serge lutens ambre sultan or patchouly by profumum roma.

dunhill icon has great longevity on me and especially on clothes, but when i read the fragrantica reviews, it seems to be hit or miss. some people seem to be lucky, some don't. i know it doesn't mean much, but it's edp conc. at least. i spray a lot, maybe that's the trick,.

>> No.17262254

I think it's the Iso E Super playing tricks on some people again

>> No.17262255

i barely get vetiver or anything tdh-like from icon. to me it's a fruity neroli frag, in a masculine way. clean, fresh, well received. barely any wood and not that much spice.

>> No.17262258

iso-e super smells like straight up pencil shavings to me and i get none of that from dunhill icon.

>> No.17262259

>gentle fluidity silver
I like the overall scent profile of this one. Is there anything else like it? Soft and clean but still with some character (not sterile and businesslike like some other clean frags) and good longevity

>> No.17262261

>attractive and mass pleasing
Instant crush

>> No.17262273
File: 48 KB, 540x400, encre_noire_a_l_extreme_lalique_540x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

looking to get a cold weather cheapie to vary my rotation up a bit
thoughts on Encre Noire a l'Extreme vs Oud Malaki vs Jaipur Homme?

>> No.17262275

Are you implying that gentle fluidity silver does not have good longevity? Has your entire sense of perfumery been shaped around arab shit? Fucking hell

>> No.17262279

I'm implying the exact opposite, reread my post

>> No.17262314

the question mark changes the meaning. go back to school

>> No.17262317

No, it doesn't. You genuinely have low IQ, work on your reading comprehension, retard.

>> No.17262318

take the Lapiduspill or no balls

>> No.17262322

>called royal oud
>doesn't smell like oud at all
I don't get it
I hate la extreme now, get oud malaki instead, or black oud malaki incense or whatever its called

>> No.17262333

>>called royal oud
>>doesn't smell like oud at all
welcome to western "oud" frags

>> No.17262335

Durty English is $25 a bottle and actually has an aroma that smells like oud

>> No.17262347

haven't found anything like it yet. might have to sample more niche stuff. bought a 70 ml of it because i liked it and got a good deal on it. it's a really nice fragrance and i hope kurkdjian releases something inspired by it as a regular dior designer frag. maybe an updated dior homme sport or whatever.

>> No.17262349

I think it's a joke, like the emperor's new clothes.

>> No.17262400
File: 68 KB, 455x700, renaud-chatillon-kingdom-heaven.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>called royal oud
>>doesn't smell like oud at all
For me it's the appeal of that fragrance. A western take on oud against the middle east spiced oud. Feeling like a christian royal between the barnyard arabs.

>> No.17262409

if you want to smell like a European royal, you shouldn't wear Creed's fake history bullshit, you should wear this:

>> No.17262490
File: 88 KB, 900x900, 1648232304579.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is there actually evidence that it's fake or are people just fudding it (I'm new here from /biz/)

>> No.17262512

it's pretty well documented if you read around a bit. there is absolutely no evidence for any of Creed's supposed heritage or links to European monarchs, so it is almost certainly complete bullshit. not to mention if you know anything about the history of perfumery, claims like "Royal English Water was commissioned by King George III in 1781" are ridiculous since in the 18th Century men were wearing light fresh colognes, not heavy modern leather frags

there's even a whole book on the subject of Creed's lies, it's called The Ghost Perfumer - though it focuses more on the fact that Creed lies about composing the perfumes himself

>> No.17262573

idk if you're trolling. Obviously these are opinions of veterans if they're on a dedicated forum, come on think for a moment. Your nose sounds basic, which is fine. You fucking literally just got into it!

>> No.17262582
File: 56 KB, 564x705, fc5118004189090ba96be28c4e2bc555.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wonderwood. There's nothing better than it. I already have a bottle of encre noir on the way. What else smells like it or gives off the vibe?

I like woody smells, and I want to smell like a fresh clean boyfriend flannel shirt kind of thing.

>> No.17262585

What the fuck are you saying? he is right that all that stuff he smelled is overrated garbage

>> No.17262593

It's the exact stuff that people who have been into frags for a while get into. Get over it immediately and move on

>> No.17262596

Bois imperial

>> No.17262598

>Bois imperial
interesting, I'll check it out

>> No.17262617

he is obviously trolling, or is an absolute noselet.

>> No.17262620

Stupid faggot
"Veterans" whatever that means arent recommending fucking tom ford and le labo to anyone

>> No.17262631

If I hated Encre Noir will I hate Wonderwood? Idk what it was about EN but it made me feel nauseous and headachey. I don't think its the Iso E because I love CdG2, Avignon, and a few other Iso E frags.

>> No.17262650

it's not bad, I even voted on fragrantica for "love" cause although usually it just smells dated, that particular one time this honey smelt outstanding
similar with grey flannel, most of the time it's itching a bit, but it has a lot of potential so eventually i'm gonna get myself a bottle, plus i'm just so fed up with designer mainstream crap

>> No.17262652

are you saying that fragrances like santal 33, another 13, oud wood, oud minerale, bdj, tobacco vanille, black orchid, noir extreme or grey vetiver are not worth checking out? I would put all of those in the "must smell" category, you don't have to like them but all of them are worthy of giving them a shot, especially if a guy is new and wants to explore

>> No.17262657

EN is similiar to wonderwood only deep, deep into the drydown. Wonderwood smells like pine forest, and is extremely linear, if you like other cdg stuff, it's worth it to explore every frag they have, it's all really cool perfumery with meh performence for the most part

>> No.17262674

shut up move on

>> No.17262685
File: 63 KB, 1000x1000, etat-libre-d-orange-like-this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was curiout about ELdO, so far I tried Exit The King and Like This and honestly, I expected more from them, especially the first one was so disappointing
Like This is a bit better, actually it's comfy, but it's leaning on the feminine side. I could manage to wear it, but I'd prefer that my gf used it, but I've never had one
and those 2 frags smell cheaper than they really are

>> No.17262692

Santal 33 and Grey vetiver are dogshit frags

>> No.17262697

second thing, is Mancera a meme? do you unironically wear this stuff? so far I've tried cedrat boise and aoud lemon mint and they both are disgusting, completely soulless, like they don't even try to be perfumes, i felt like smelling paint
I also bought kumkat wood, if it stinks there are no more chances for mancera
this brand is like armaf/afnan, the same horrible mess but 2-3 times more expensive

>> No.17262701

>second thing, is Mancera a meme?
Yes, its sickly sweet garbage

>> No.17262707

>Mancera a meme?
yes - a house that pushes out hundreds of fragrances that are all overly loud and made of cheap materials, stay away. ristretto intense cafe is somewhat bearable and nice

>> No.17262708

maybe not exactly sweet, at least those two I had, but what I can say is cedrat boise is even worse than club de nuit man intense
aoud lemon mint on the other hand - my mom has colostomy, when she goes out of bathroom after number two she use air freshener and this mix smells exactly like ALM

>> No.17262709

thats your opinion, I ain't a fan of santal either, but it's an easily acquirable sandalwood monoscent to test the waters. Funny thing, you only managed to pick out two frags that you disagree with from the shortlist, do you understand that it invalidates your own post right? Nobody likes a gynecomasstige fag, and it's even worse with you, atleast the orginal one had some good effort posts every once in a while , you are only shitting up these threads with your pathetic attempts at gatekeeping. And gatekeeping is a good thing, just not when it's done by newfags like you.

>> No.17262713

Eldo can have some intresting scents like jasmin et cigarette, but usually the best thing about their scents is the idea. And mancera along with montale are full blown memes, cedrat boise and instant crush are the only positions actually worthy of sampling

>> No.17262718

I was curious about jasmin et cigarette too, but sadly, no samples out there so far
but really, stay away from exit the king, it smells like cheap soap and cheap jasmine, it resembles me of dior's pure poison, not only eldo is worse but I also don't really like this genre of frags too

>> No.17262725

Well, jasmin et cigarette is green-ish jasmin with smoke and shitty tobacco, lasts 6 hours.

>> No.17262730

You are a terrible poster, don't pretend you contribute anything to these threads except long lists of mediocre frags that border on parody.

>> No.17262734

thats what you want to belive.

>> No.17262738

Hiram Green does such high quality fragrances, I only wish any of their stuff would be something to my taste. Slowdive was a little too sweet and Arcadia has fantastic lavender but there's some overly sweet note, same as in Sunshine Man

>> No.17262780

Nig I’m not the person you were responding to. You were talking about those frags like they were super appealing and/or creative and Santal 33 and grey vetiver are neither. Tobacco vanille is overrated sweet shit. Black orchid is grandma shit. Oud wood is okay but a bit musty. Noir Extreme is boring sweet shit. I’m not a masstigefag. I’ll buy designer frags for designer prices and niche frags, like Ganymede or NYI, for niche prices. Nothing justifies the prices of those frags. Shit presentation, boring frags, mass produced, suck my cock

>> No.17262782

Jasmine et cigarette smells like old lady florals. I tried like 6 or so of their frags and the only one I’d wear was fat electrician but it’s just like a muted nutty/creamy encre noire

>> No.17262786

>black orchid is grandma shit
>noir extreme is boring sweet shit
KEK just stop.

>> No.17262836

Hey bud, how is Brewers? Tell everyone I said hi, I live in Boston now. You in Pantry full time yet or still in the pit on occasion? Here's hoping the best for you and yours

>> No.17262890
File: 27 KB, 375x500, 375x500.5521.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My bottle of La Nuit De L'Homme is finished and I have a first date in a week. Don't want to use my old bottles of Boss and Dolce & Gabbana, tired of those perfumes. What should I buy? La Nuit again or something else?

>> No.17262907

What are your favorite musks?

>> No.17262939

My nigga Jeremy coming through with another well researched video

>> No.17262950
File: 233 KB, 1440x1800, 72298505_2977583702257413_1822086690747973632_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this is what ambrox-citrus chemicals do to your brain

>> No.17262965

GIT is so much better than amogus, I don't get why it's not as popular

>> No.17262995

Kek, indeed GIT is a timeless classic. Jeremy saying that it isn't worth the price because of Cool water, is BS. GIT got so many layers and longevity that Cool water lacks of.
I'm was reading threads on frag forums about how original Aventus actually smelled like. If it's true what they're stating there then the Aventus from 2011 is totally different than todays formulation. Oldschool Aventus seemed to be herbal, mossy, complimented by pineapple, smoke, ambergris and musk.
Modern Aventus smells like a fruity-sweet cocktail, the modern clones even add some Baccarat Rouge vibes to it.
I already search for the 2011 batch samples, because a mossy Aventus sounds really great to me.

>> No.17263011

Try the LNDL Bleu Electrique version. Been wearing it again the other day and had zero performance problems (with enough sprays on clothes). Or if you want it spicier with some extra vanilla, but just as easy to wear, Le Male Le Parfum.

>> No.17263021

ew lol

>> No.17263025

You the same guy or just posting without adding anything?

>> No.17263026

relax bro no need to get so worked up defending your poor choice of fagrance
you’re making a fool of yourself

>> No.17263028

Was just asking to maybe provide additional choices.

>> No.17263038

try Fat Electrician, it's nice
yes, it's a meme

>> No.17263104

that guy who sold me exit the king decant also had fat electrician, but i deliberately skipped it, cause i was afraid it'd be too sweet

>> No.17263121
File: 39 KB, 1280x720, kw2Rej10Pwk-HD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a fan of vintages. I have Eau Sauvage, Antaeus, Yatagan, Rive Gauche PH, Guerlain Vetiver, and Gucci Envy in my collection. You got it, I'm a 27-Year-Old Boomer.

But now I want to smell attractive to 18-22 years old girls. I want one or two SEXCORE fragrances.

Hardmode: no iris or vanilla.

>> No.17263134 [DELETED] 
File: 68 KB, 768x502, oie_6nsyygHmFAa1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aventus, Green Irish Tweed, Bois Imperial

>> No.17263141

it sweet, woody and unique, with great performance, more than you can ask to most designers nowdays. And at 20 bucks for a 100 ml cool bottle? Great deal.

>> No.17263172

Been trying for years to reduce my rotation to 2 or 3 signature frags and I finally accomplished it. I finally found 3 perfect frags for me that cover all seasons and occasions.

>> No.17263176

what the fuck lmao
and what is wrong with his skin, looks like he's 60 years old

>> No.17263178

he does fucked up fad diets

>> No.17263180

>18-22 years old girls
I mean it will have to be something sweet; Grand Soir and BI are probably good picks or some basic bitch designer will probably do, e.g., The One

>Green Irish Tweed
yeah, no

>> No.17263212

im supposed to believe jeremy is only 32?

no way

the guy looks 40+ wtf

>> No.17263220

I got Dior homme sport 2021 recently and it's very woody resinous, not the sweet amber, but proper pine tree, with tart citrus. It supposedly smell like a fresher citrusy Dior homme 2020 which i haven't tried.

Bois imperial smells more like some wood derived chemical.

>> No.17263224
File: 185 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let me guess, "you need more"

>> No.17263230

Get boss bottled edp for winter
Versace eros edp is also sweet enough and gets me compliments from younger ladies.

>> No.17263231

>eros edp
*typo, edt

>> No.17263239
File: 16 KB, 400x400, unspokenmusk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Testing Francesca Bianchi's new Unspoken Musk. I'd say it's similar to Valentino Uomo edt, but much richer, thiccer and natural. A bit dirty animalic in the opening that fades to the back. A fresher take on the Bianchi DNA similar to Lover's Tale but less funky and no heavy leather.

>> No.17263243

What are they?

>> No.17263244
File: 49 KB, 640x640, TLPHS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is the original like? Is it overly sweet and floral? I like Sport, but am put off by ultra-sweetness.

>> No.17263246

They should be required to label ISO E super on bottles, this shit fucks up my nose.

>> No.17263255

I'm looking to get into a white collar job where I have to talk to people. What frag would suit me best?

>> No.17263267
File: 85 KB, 872x872, ted-lapidus-pour-homme-edt-100-ml-60179-default-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's not sickly sweet like any modern sweet designer, it is very fruity sweet in a more intense, raw way. Like how sweet a black cherry is compared to a bubble gum. It's sweet but also woody, very strong yet masculine. I understand people saying it reminds them of toilet fresheners as the opening is synthetic and a little harsh, but it mellows out quick. It's not much floral to me other than perhaps rose, it's a thick, dark sweet cherry honey that got spread over a resinous pine bark. Smells like hot and winter at the same time.

Take it from me, this is the sweetest thing I own, and the only one too. I hate sweetness most of the times, yet this is growing on me well. I also like how it smells in the air more than by smelling it directly, it leaves a pleasant scent trail that I can sniff for most of the day with 3 sprays. It's surely unique and unlike everything I have tried so far, and I have tried a lot of.

Now it's your turn to convince me to get Sport as I'm in your opposite situation. How floral and which flowers? Is it aquatic? Salty? Aromatic? Long Lasting? Fresh? I need every detail.

>> No.17263279

Find that one anon avatar posting with pepe in a suit and check out the answers he got.

>> No.17263281 [DELETED] 
File: 116 KB, 800x1097, oie_mVFSGOiKl6Tt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>yeah, no
Green Irish Tweed is nowhere as dated as you think. The DNA is timeless.

>> No.17263282

genetic dead end

>> No.17263288

3 bottles of Bois Impérial

>> No.17263303
File: 258 KB, 1094x1055, 1635449850354.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bought this and expected to smell like a rich nigga forest but it's less green and more just "clean" than I expected
I kept the bottle cuz I got it half off on grey market but everyone online hyped this up and I was kinda let down

>> No.17263305

Attending a wedding this afternoon. It’s about 15c where I live. Not dressing too formal. Antaeus, noir de noir, or kiehls original musk. I’m relatively quiet, but kind so something that’s not too loud but yet still interesting. What do you think?

>> No.17263309

layer kiehls with antaeus and pee yourself just a little

>> No.17263314

Noir de Noir seems the most "celebratory" to me
Antaeus definitely is a good statement maker for events like these too

>> No.17263325

OG Spicebomb or Y Le Parfum, maybe Y EdP, depending on your personal preference.
M. Micallef Spicy for Him when you want something with a vintage touch but still modern.

>> No.17263355

Imagination (Louis Vuitton)
Esencia EDP (Loewe)
Naxos (Xerjoff)

With that I think I have all or at least most bases covered.

>> No.17263398


Sport starts off as an exceedingly sharp flower burst. Imagine walking into a flower shop, but metallic. White Floral. You'd think it would be feminine if you read the notes, but it's not. It dries down, gradually, into what I could only really describe as 'funky-fresh'.

It's a kind of vaguely aquatic scent ringed by floral tones. Not really sweet, not really sour. Other people though have commented on its funkiness, so it's likely there but not as detectable. No salt in my opinion.

I wouldn't say it is as 100% nuclear as the other frags in the Bogart umbrella. But it lasts a while as an echo, especially on clothes. I'd get it for the simple fact it's a unique fresh scent. Issey Miyake L'eau D'Issey without the citrus and an injection of test.

>> No.17263412

Sillage is an entirely made-up marketing term. It isn't real. It's the same as projection. All actual science cited in relation to sillage applies to projection as well. There is no difference between sillage and projection.

>> No.17263434

cocaine my nigga

>> No.17263436

>how sensitive we are to the smell, and how easy it is to pick it up for the human nose
>how long do the molecules stay in the air / furniture before falling to the floor or dissolving
totally the same thing sub 90 iq sub-sub-human

>> No.17263498

>GIT got so many layers and longevity
Really? Longevity seems poor

>> No.17263501

>yeah, no
Why not? It's green, fresh and masculine

>> No.17263537

Stop it with your bullshit. You're not giving off a mist. The compounds are volatile and mix with the air after evaporating. They don't dissolve, either, or fall to the floor. All gases are miscible at normal pressure. So unless you can back your claims scientifically sillage and projection are the same thing and sillage is an entirely made up marketing term. There is such a thing as a detection threshold for smelly molecules, but it doesn't change anything about the two terms.

>> No.17263548
File: 402 KB, 556x709, 5c3c4917597a68e34dc36a904750740e9aa98953635c88a481d1d563b16e9350.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pillpull all you want kike. I ain't fallin for none of that.

>> No.17263574

Damn, Gentle fluidity silver smells quite good. But GIT beats it imo.

>> No.17263603

>But GIT beats it imo.
It was released at 1985 and still up to date it's still the beast. Not many fragrances stood the test of time.

>> No.17263610
File: 83 KB, 1413x766, 1663480689631058.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>just got a job working for a fine fragrance house as a perfumer tech
>job is fantastic, pays well, great coworkers
>not the field I worked hard to get into and want

what do?

>> No.17263611

It makes me seethe so hard that DHI just doesn't last on my skin and that DHP isn't as good
I would buy a full bottle of DHI immediately if the longevity was good on me

>> No.17263651

You only had a sample of it? Get a new or try it in store.

>> No.17263664

Does Dior also have good and bad batches?

>> No.17263672

Nope, as far as designers go they are probably the most solid, even majority of their reformulations aren't half bad.

>> No.17263676

Then why try another sample? Seems more likely that DHI just doesn't agree with my skin

>> No.17263677

does it smell dated or very mature?
NYI smells mature to me, is it similar?

>> No.17263706

Thanks. Maybe I’ll try layering them.

>> No.17263714

GIT don't smell dated. It's the Cool Water DNA, but with more mint, depth, green-freshness.
Dunno about NYI. When i read the reviews it sounds interesting. Seems to go in the original Aramis/Azzaro direction.
Seems that NYI is a very spicy, citrusy expecrience, while GIT is sharp-green-fresh.

>> No.17263719

What are some cold frags? I don't necessarily mean fresh, just scents with a cold vibe

>> No.17263723
File: 103 KB, 1200x1600, M5RnrrXzp2uuyNQK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this a masterpiece like some people say?

>> No.17263725

GIT, Menthe Froide, Façonnable, Lalique White

>> No.17263726

I got a full bottle of BI but I'm tired of it already. Not sure what to do with it

>> No.17263727

Ensure good quality of raw materials as well as produced batches, of course.
Often times the working conditions are far more important than the actual job. A different field might be more work, harder work, shitty coworkers, shitty bosses, etc.

Personally, I'd still suggest a run to a store for a single spray. There might have been an issue with the sample you don't even expect. Overheated, left in the sun somewhere or something similar. If it was one of the plastic thingies Dior itself uses, those are absolute trash. I had two of them of Sauvage and one was almost empty already. Got two sprays from it.

Platinum Egoiste has some metallic coldness to it.
Carven L'Eau Intense has mint, which creates a cooling sensation. Like taking a sip of cold mint tea. Past the opening it is still rather fresh instead of cold, though.

>> No.17263728

Dior Home clone.

>> No.17263731

Just get a decent frag rotation and keep Bois Imperial for the Sex moments.

>> No.17263744

It's the "I suck 30 cocks a month" fragrance, a bit more sophisicated compared to the dior homo "I've lost count how mant cocks I suck a day"

>> No.17263750

>a decent frag rotation
Any ideas?
I don't like clutter, frags I don't use I just end up giving away. I don't want more than three or four bottles max

>> No.17263758

>GIT don't smell dated.
Is it appropriate for a 22 year old guy?

>> No.17263768

Green Irish Tweed, Aventus(or other great substitute for it: Esencia Edp, Nero
Mazzolari, Cedrat Boise), Fahrenheit, Oud Minerale, Bvlgari Aqva Marine, Kenzo Intense Homme 2021

>> No.17263770

It's a niche version of Cool Water, i would say yes. You probably won't have the money for it.

>> No.17263776

>220 euros for 100ml
It's not that expensive. Cheaper than Tom Ford

>> No.17263785

>Kenzo Intense Homme 2021
Isn't this one pretty much the same kind of frag as BI?
I'm looking for fragrances that are genuine quality, complex and easily likable. BI fits, but I guess the super spicy woodiness just got tiresome for my nose after a couple months.

>> No.17263811

To be fair I feel the same way but for some reason everyone around me loves it so much that it became my go-to scent to wear for all social occasions

>> No.17263812

never tried GIT but you don't need anything more than Clown Water and a portable travel sprayer with some CW in it to reapply every 3 hours or so. Enjoy.

>> No.17263814

>never tried GIT
Not him but it shows. CW is inferior to it in every way, and no I don't own a GIT bottle so I'm not rationalizing a purchase. GIT is more complex, sharper, greener, deeper and lasts longer.

>> No.17263818

A girl I went out for a coffee with today told me that I “smelled amazing btw” after saying goodbye. I was wearing Bogue O/E. Another data point for the thesis that a fragrance you wear doesn’t mean anything for girls but how you wear it.

>> No.17263853

Any opinions on Paco Rabanne Phantom?
Cute robot

>> No.17263861

wear ganymede or Bl, you are just being stubborn and refusing to accept the saviour

>> No.17263888

Is it as bad as MEMe?

>> No.17263903

sorry, I don't buy clones :^)

>> No.17263935
File: 28 KB, 375x500, tea rose.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw lowkey one of the best frags for layering
Tea Rose + GIT/Tres Nuit/Cool Water
Tea Rose + Encre Noire/EN Sport

>> No.17263940

Narrowed my collection down to Bois Imperial and Jazz Club, but i'm considering adding one more. Anything else I should try? Thinking about getting a sample of New York Intense and Gentle Fluidity Silver.

>> No.17263942
File: 1.66 MB, 3174x2291, 6B6D382C-BFBC-4895-8225-57796AF6B2BC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For me it’s norne and Rolex

>> No.17263943

>shitty watered down recent Norne formulation with flimsy plastic black caps
>shitty low line Oyster Perpetual for people who don’t know anything about watches
Yup, it seems like a good match.

>> No.17264012

Wanting honest opinions on Encre Noire. Can’t find anywhere to sample it in Australia. I work in the funeral industry. Usually wear Bleu de Chanel parfum in summer and Spicebomb in winter but I feel like they’re a hit loud for what I do.

>> No.17264017

KEK. Dude is all turke'd up in aussie heat during your dads funeral.
Want to smell like a funeral? synthetic jungle or fathom V, encre noir is sour and bitter vetiver that turns into bark deep into dry down, the quality is immaculate for the price of 20€

>> No.17264031

yeah Encre Noire will make for a great work scent for your profession lol. cheap too. the whole line is great
I think other vetiver scents would work fine as well, they tend to smell very serious and professional

>> No.17264074
File: 42 KB, 1000x1000, 51fqtl5GXWL._SL1000_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i unironically like choc de cardin 100 times better and it cost only 10 bucks

>> No.17264096

>asscheeks shaped bottle
jesus christ do iris lovers really?

>> No.17264105

it doesnt have iris at all, it's 80s unisex chypre
it just mogs all of this modern crap

>> No.17264110
File: 190 KB, 828x1227, Guerlain .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guerlain has based real history and is for the royals. Napoleon agrees.

>> No.17264119

I go the money to finally buy my first luxurious fragrance, what should i go for fall/winter?
Thinking about Kilian Straight to Haven or Kilian Angel's Share.

>> No.17264131

It's going to sound incredibly anti-climactic but you should sample. Sample a lot, I usually go through 30ish samples before I pull a trigger on a bottle, if I can find a tester or a discount obviously,

>> No.17264135

I will visit a store with a lot of fragrances from brands like:
kilian, xerjoff, amouage, atelier des ors, creed, maison francis kurkdjian etc.

You can name some fragrances and I will test them there, I've already tested Straight to Haven and I am in love with it but want to try more before buying.

>> No.17264150

Ok. How autistic are you willing to be? And how is the weather where you live? Also this is not a one day endevour. Paper strips lie, and you physicaly cannot test more than 6 at a time and thats including 2 frags on your knees. Another thing you will miss out on that you get with samples is time with the frag, testing it in the house, outside the house and getting multiple opinions from different people. 1ml sample is good enough for 4-5 ish tries, getting sprayed in store is good for half a day, huge difference. As I have said it's incredibly anticlimactic but the best choice 99% of the time is just getting samples, and buying the fragrance you want, one or two paychecks later. A better deal might just appear online, and if out of the sample set you buy, the difference between your favourite and 2nd favourite is neglible, but the difference in price is 60€+ you might just want to go for the 2nd one.

>> No.17264156

I am pretty autistic already so i don't mind being more autistic in the store. I live in Poland so the weather is cold and shitty.

>> No.17264165

Well, you are limited to testing out 4 fragrances a day then. Get yourself a notebook and run a fucking gauntlet with all the frags that you find intresting from the brands available at that store. After a week of being a daily visitor at the store you will have your winner.

>> No.17264167

But why are you so opposed to samples? As far as I know samples in poland are cheap as fuck, and I can guarantee you that the experience of sampling and testing at the store are very, very different.

>> No.17264170

I am just not sure what I want to sample, this is the store that i want to visit and i can also get samples from there, do You recommend anything?

>> No.17264180

>as far as I know samples in poland are cheap as fuck
your impression most likely comes from usd/pln, so you could say everything is cheap here
t. different polanon

>> No.17264182

from usd/pln exchange rate*
fren, really get some samples if you can, although I often do it I don't really like trying frags in a store, i feel tense because those sluts always ask you what are you looking for, everything makes my skin react different
second thing, some may be harder to resell and you dont wanna freeze your cash

>> No.17264187

If you like one killian frag, chances are you will like them all. So test out at the store those that you don't know yet, no need to buy samples, unless you cannot decide with just one wear.
Angels' Share By Kilian
Back to Black By Kilian
Black Phantom By Kilian
Dark Lord By Kilian
Straight to Heaven By Kilian
Intoxicated By Kilian
Gold Knight By Kilian
As far as xerjoff goes, the only worthwhile winter frags would be:
Italica Xerjoff
Comandante Xerjoff
Don Xerjoff
Alexandria II Xerjoff
Naxos Xerjoff
For MFK I recommend:
Grand Soir Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Baccarat Rouge 540 Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de Parfum Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Atelier des ors:
Lune Feline Atelier des Ors
Bois Sikar Atelier des Ors
Beach Hut Man Amouage
Jubilation XXV Amouage
Sunshine Man Amouage
Other recommendations from the shop:
Piano Santal L'Orchestre Parfum
HERVÉ GAMBS Tonka Majestic
MEMO African Leather
PERRIS MONTE CARLO Vanille de Tahiti

But really, if you want to get into frags, samples are much much better, because they allow you to have a library of knowledge and frags you enjoy at your hand, which allows you to make informed decisions whenever a tester pops up on the market for half the price and you don't need to risk blind buying it since you already have a sample.

>> No.17264211
File: 283 KB, 983x961, 20220706_070017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Post your comfy fall/winter frags
>Eau Des Baux
>Dior Homme Edt
>Tauer LDDM
>Fou d'Absinthe
>Chypre Palatine
>almost anything Amouage

>> No.17264233

You bought all the memes and then complained that they don't smell good. You are an idiot that doesn't deserve fragrances

>> No.17264238

thank You for this list man, i will try to test as many of them as i can, much appreciation for you taking your time to do this

>> No.17264244

Do yourself a favor and just stay with a handful of designer staples and don't go too far down the rabbit hole of niche fragrance. You're going to end up wasting a lot of money for the shittiest fragrances if you fall for the niche meme.

I also think Savauge is the worst smelling fragrance on the market. Tom Ford fragrances are all mostly bad or overrated and they wouldn't be nearly as popular without the brand name. Everything from Parfums de Marley, Frederic Malle, Le Labo, and bois imperial gives me a headache.

It seems you like things that are more mature, but also mass pleasing. Since you like Aventus and BDC, you will most likely like Aqua Di Gio Profumo and Profondo. Dolche and Gabana Light blue Intense is a mass appealing summer fragrance. Creed Silver Mountain Water is pretty good, but only if you get it on a really good deal. Armani Code absolu and Azzaro Most Wanted edp/Parfum are very sweet cold weather fragrances, but they don't have that shower gel or axe body spray smell that Invictus and One Million. Valentino Uomo Intense is an Iris based sweet and mature scent, but it's very hit or miss, depending on if you like Iris based fragrances. I personally can't stand Prada L'homme, but it's another mass appealing fragrance that very few people tend to not like.

I recommend only buying 2ml samples online. You're paying way more per ml of fluid, but I'd rather waste $6 on a sample than $80-$500 blind buying full bottles and hoping you like it.

>> No.17264287
File: 52 KB, 800x800, dolce-gabbana-velvet-amber-sun-eau-de-parfum-150ml.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17264378

If Norne smells like Pinewards Murkwood it's not worth the hype. It smells like medicinal tea. Bois Imperial atleast really try to emulate woodsy smells.

>> No.17264424

maybe you got a fake?

>> No.17264444

O/E is good though. How's the performance? I remember it being rather mediocre, otherwise I'd consider a bottle.

>> No.17264483

> kilian, xerjoff, amouage, atelier des ors, creed, maison francis kurkdjian etc.
Someone post the masstige chart

>> No.17264486


>> No.17264489

if it wasn't made in a basement and approved by a special committee it's not "niche" and its gynecomasstige yes. Shoot yourself in the face with a .50 cal

>> No.17264494

Not him, but Amoauge is exceptional bullshit. All tested frags from them are not worth the price.
Creed is a different story. Xerjoff, didn't tested it yet.

>> No.17264495

We seem to have similar tastes, I've been asking myself the same question. NYI leans too formal and situational for me personally, GFS is a fresh masculine frag which I think is already covered by BI even though their respective dnas are completely different

>> No.17264497

>he doesn't wear lddm in the summer

>> No.17264502

Amouage used to be good with interesting fragrances. Not $250-300 good though.

The Jerkoff's I've tested feel more synthetic (yes, I'll use that word) than something like Amouage. They're the definition of masstige, just a step up from Parfums de Marley. I can't imagine they use a lot of expensive high quality materials. How people are gushing over Naxos is beyond me.

>> No.17264503

>fall for the niche meme
Aren't there any niche brands that make good stuff? What about Tauer, Naomi Goodsir, Nicolai, Imaginary Authors, Serge Lutens, all those houses?
I'm not the guy you replied to but I'm disappointed by a lot of mass pleasing frags because they're boring as shit, like ADG Profumo (which also has the worst performance of any frag I've ever tried), Dior Homme Sport, One Million. I'd like something with more refinement and class, the opposite of loud sexcore shit like Eros, but that doesn't abandon the mass pleasing side. Do you have any recommendations?

>> No.17264506

20 hours later it's still noticable on the arm. A pleasant musky skin scent.

>> No.17264518

>How people are gushing over Naxos is beyond me.
It's sweet and a little spicy. Pleb tier fragrance entusiasts are like bees around honey or flies around shit(which is not an insult, i literally wear barnyard oud sometimes or like smelly feet).

>> No.17264537

I’m just trying to help him save his money. All the brands he listed would be fine if costed as much as BdC or Sauvage and not 2-5x more. You’re paying for completely made up “status” that these brands are supposed to represent

>> No.17264540
File: 265 KB, 1920x1920, by the fireplace.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is my browser fucked up or did By the Fireplace shoot up to the top 4 in male/unisex on fragrantica? What the hell happened? It's currently higher than Sauvage, Aventus, BdC, AdG, and all the other meme frags. Did youtubers suddenly start shilling this or something?

>> No.17264553

wouldn't be surprised if it jumped up recently. Shit like this happens during season transitions. It's starting to get cool out so people will be in the market for fall fragrances, and this one is always in a lot of top tens. Plus every time I walk into Sephora this time of year, sales people shill it to me, and even when they don't the tester always seems to be lower than any of the other MMMs. It strikes a good balance of being weird enough to stand out while still being extremely mass appealing. I can see why it sells well

>> No.17264557

I'm pretty sure there are plenty of niche houses that are worth the price, but there are also plenty of designers and "faux-niche" houses worth their price.
Now I don't know how perfumers get paid, but if they get a percentage of sales revenue, it would explain why they don't give their best formulations to the designer houses. Let's say you create a banger and you give could either give it to Hugo Boss, who will call it Boss Bottled Intense and sell it for 40 bucks per 100 mL, or you give it to Parfums de Marly, which will aggressively market it by sending it to every YouTuber in existence and sell it for 250 bucks a bottle and call it Layton. You would have to sell at least 5x more BBI to make up for the difference. Now if they get paid for just the formulation, it technically shouldn't matter to them, but then again I'm sure they want to get "re-hired" for another formulation, so they'd still give their best creations to the better paying houses.
As a result, Dior, Guerlain and Chanel make solid fragrances due to having in-house perfumers which are probably salary-based. There's no "formulation pressure" on them, although these houses also have created exclusive lines to cash in on their perfumers best creations by now.

Personally, I own everything from regular designers, better designers, "faux-niche" and "real niche".
Designers are the perfect creations for every day. Easy to wear, cheap to buy. I opt for the mentioned better designers because I'm often not pleased with the performance of many cheap fragrances.
The "faux-niche" stuff tends to often reiterate on popular fragrances. The perfumers provide louder or more balanced creations of designers, probably with more ingredients, while also taking longer to refine. This stuff is super popular right now for a reason. You get the pleasing designer fragrances at a perceived higher quality with more power. There's no reason not to sample some of this stuff. And how the fuck is this comment already 2000

>> No.17264562

Last but not least, there's the "real niche" some people talk about. In that category, you can find everything.
MDCI pretty much provides very wearable fragrances made by great perfumers, they used to have a website made in a basement, they don't aggressively market those frags, yet the creations are great. There are other "niche" houses that do that, too, likely Nicolai, where a classically trained perfumer makes the fragrances (Nicolai herself).
Then there's indie perfumery, independent of classically trained perfumers. Some of these make the fragrances in a basement and they often lack the refinement of the large houses, but they get the base right. Profumum Roma or Rogue would fall into this category.
Then there are the unique creations, which some are calling "challenging", while others call them "unwearable". You'd never catch me wearing Bogue MEM or Tauer's L'Oudh in public. Nobody should do that. These fragrances entirely appeal to hobbyists, as weird as this sounds.

In the end, you have to decide what you want. Fragrances as an accessory can be very different to fragrances as a hobby, and the result is a divide between commenters in many threads and forums.

>> No.17264567

And before this gets taken in a wrong way, Tauer also makes good stuff. LADDM is based and Sundowner among the best tobacco frags out there.

>> No.17264570

Thanks for the effortpost. I guess the difficulty I'm having is that while I do enjoy fragrances as a hobby, I still want to wear my frags, and I want them to be pleasant to other people because I'm not the only one smelling them and being attractive is nice.
But it's very difficult to find a perfect balance, something with refinement and a scent profile that isn't painfully generic, yet with the same pleasing element designer frags have.
I guess what I'm looking for is what most people here call "faux niche", but it seems dumb to completely exclude real niche/indie perfumery because I'm sure MDCI, Profumum Roma and others make frags that also fit my requirements.

What's the catch to "faux niche" stuff though, putting aside the price? Even the price could be seen as justified from a performance standpoint, it seems like a better idea to pay more for Percival (just the first example that came to mind) and have it last a long time rather than pay less for Fierce or Legend but end up with something that nobody will smell anyway because the performance is terrible.

>Tauer also makes good stuff
I've only tried LADDM. I like it, but I'm at the point where my appreciation for frags is not the same as the average person's so I have no idea if it could be considered a "pleasing" scent.

>> No.17264597

To be honest, the faux-niche stuff is scolded mostly by the enthusiasts and elitists. These people often encounter many who share the popular opinion and it can become a bit tiresome. In fragrance discussions, someone would post "I've tried Chergui and Sundowner and I'm looking for an even more realistic and less sweet tobacco fragrance" and someone would post "dude have you tried naxos". Obviously, Naxos is the opposite of what that guy wants, but the person who hasn't delved deeper than Jeremy wouldn't know (and this already sounds very elitist, too). This happens often, as there are more people who buy the top 100 on parfumo and fragrantica and fall for shilling/marketing then there are people who sample a lot of frags.

If you aren't bothered by preconceived notions, it is advisable to sample the faux-niche, too. You either will quickly realize that a lot of it is just refined takes on popular stuff and it's the opposite of what you want, or you will realize that it is exactly what you want.

LADDM is very pleasing, in my opinion. At least I never had a negative reaction to it.

>> No.17264610

> make the fragrances in a basement and they often lack the refinement of the large houses, but they get the base right. Profumum Roma
>Profumum Roma
>In the basement
Isn’t it a “faux-niche” brand just like Perfumes de Marly?

>> No.17264612

Some people also shit on these frags because, most faux niche brands having been bought (or even created) by big cosmetics conglomerates, it's sometimes claimed that they've been diluted over time and that the performance has become lackluster. I think Creed is one of the best examples, a lot of their frags have mediocre performance for the price (especially Virgin island water, what a disappointment)
>refined takes on popular stuff
Yeah I think this is pretty much what I'm looking for. I don't want to get too deep into innovative, unconventional scents because I don't want to smell weird to others. A pleasing basis is important to me.
>LADDM is very pleasing
That's nice. I really like frags that have a "vibe" to them as opposed to just smelling like perfume. I find LADDM really gives the wearer some kind of aura that evokes dryness, oriental spiciness, summer air, that kind of thing. It's very well made. Are other Tauers like this?

>> No.17264630

I think it was a whatever-company that made random things and then switched to perfumes due to the insane margins, but I'm not that deep into Profumum Roma lore. Maybe I need to browse around. Not sure how hard they go in terms of marketing, I refrain from the YT shills for the most part.
The fragrances are rather amateur-ish, though. I doubt they hire ghost perfumers. It's just properly strong and linear stuff, pretty much what I expect to get if I would start making fragrances myself. Just need someone to bankroll it.

In all honesty, this write-up was entirely based on my observations. I haven't read books on the topic outside of Luca Turins stuff (as a guide) because I am afraid I'd turn into an elitist who couldn't enjoy the crowdpleasers anymore.

>> No.17264647

It is
Luca Turin shits on Profumum Roma

>> No.17264674

>Profumum Roma
They're rather crude and simple, kind of archaic, but that's also the charm imo. They still have some good ones and performance is usually there since they're so high concentration.

>> No.17264732

You forgot one adjective: synthetic

>> No.17264750

>white collar job where I have to talk to people

>> No.17264751

They don't smell particularly 'synthetic' to me.

>> No.17264775

I don't necessarily share Turin's views on things. More of a guide for me, still. For example, I sampled MEM because he rates it at 5 stars. It's horrible. He also rates Roja stuff really low, but it makes up a good few of the top spots in terms of popularity. I've yet to sample it, but I'm mostly not interested in it due to the price of the full bottle and the high chance that it's just an overpriced take on something popular.

Getting the same from them. Still think Patchouly was kinda nice and had good performance. Also it didn't smell that synthetic to me.

>> No.17264780

Art hoe pleasing smells?

CdG seems to work, I have both 2 and Concrete. Good reactions

>> No.17264807

Bois Imperial. An art-hoe friend of mine compliments me every time I wear it.

>> No.17264811

I've read on reddit that women are indifferent to perfumes, is that really the general opinion?

Also what's a good frag that is not popular at all? I don't want to smell like everyone else so nothing from Chanel, YSL, Armani, Hermes, etc etc.

>> No.17264815

Anal from UFO Parfums.

>> No.17264816

Where the fuck do I get Mugler‘s Oriental Express?

>> No.17264824

Creed green irish tweed
I smell Aventus a lot, but I've never smelled GIT on anyone else before (and I lived in Paris for several years)

>> No.17264848

I will try it. Here in Europe it is very cheap and I love roses, I will experiment with layering.

>> No.17264856

Art hoes are stupid and manipulable. Now with the fashion of breaking with gender roles and feminism her panties will surely get wet if you use any feminine perfume, especially a vintage one. She will ask you what it is and you will tell her that it is Shalimar by Guerlain, a feminine perfume from the 1920s. Believe me, she will remember you and see you as a bohemian with unusual personality and interests.
I'm not kidding.

>> No.17264859

What should I wear if I want to smell good to normal fucking women and not yet another subgroup of mentally ill zoomer girls

>> No.17264863

something sweet, but not too sweet.
or something clean/fresh/spicy but not slapping you in the face.

>> No.17264864

Got any examples that aren't hugely overplayed?

>> No.17264865

Jaguar Pace.
Cheap, masculine, clean, and honest. Try it, trust me.

>> No.17264870

just wear anything that's somewhat pleasant and not super challenging. as long as you're not wearing civet attars layered with gucci guilty absolute, it literally does not matter

>> No.17264880

LDDM's drydown is fucking godly, this frag is a masterpiece

>> No.17264883

>somewhat pleasant and not super challenging
So basically any designer scent at all, or any niche scent from a house that's even slightly well known in the frag community?

>> No.17264887

thanks anon I'll check them out

>> No.17264921

New York Intense.

>> No.17264924
File: 84 KB, 1500x1500, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Opinions on pic related?

>> No.17264926

It's for virgins

>> No.17264927

NYI is the kind of frag you wear with a suit when meeting clients or at an event. Not at all a casual frag or one to wear on a date

>> No.17264929


>> No.17264931

I dress smart-casual (preppy) a lot and wear it daily

>> No.17264933

It's a great fragrance, but not my vibe personally. I like frags that smell refined and expensive but NYI is a tad too polished and formal for me.

>> No.17264949

dior homme

>> No.17264983

Sauvage EdT

>> No.17264993

Encre Noir Extreme?
Encre Noir Sport?
Or just regular Encre Noir?

Pick one, the other two get memory-holed

>> No.17265019

Encre Noire
Sport will kill you with the Cypress, A L'Extreme is a mess

>> No.17265058

i bought irish moos after shave and tabac craftsman edt, rate my purchase

>> No.17265072

unironicly lasts 4 hours, and there is a ton of better, more intresting coconut scents

>> No.17265078

>there is a ton of better, more intresting coconut scents
Could you recommend some?
I like how VIW smells both tropical and classy. I don't want a sunscreen coconut frag, the rum/pineapple/coconut blend in VIW is really good imo

>> No.17265111

You could layer a ton of frags with the OG to make more interesting scents than Extreme and Sport

>> No.17265112

Coccobello James Heeley - Green, fresh photorealistic coconut.
Coco Moon Beach Geeza - Pinacolada in the tropics with very, very deep coconut note in it.
Malibu - Party in the Bay Simone Andreoli - Mix between mojito and pinacolada.
Batucada L'Artisan Parfumeur - Salty mojito with coconut in the background.
Cadjmere 18 Pierre Guillaume Paris - Sandalwood, vanill and coconut.

>> No.17265114

Thanks. So these all have decent performance?

>> No.17265124


>> No.17265159

Yes, from top to bottom it's should be
don't remember
First and second one are my favourites

>> No.17265163
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>it doesn't stink, and therefore I don't like it

What's his problem?

>> No.17265166

>all his fragrances arw replaceable woth designers
Generic youtube shill

>> No.17265168


>> No.17265171

I've tried all three, I prefer the Extreme overall. the original is too minimalistic for me and Sport is nice but has very poor performance

>> No.17265182
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frags for this feel?

>> No.17265186

>not like that was litterly his aim this year.
as much as a fucking walking meme the fag is, his frags are top fucking notch

>> No.17265197

i should have bought some frags before the pound crashed

>> No.17265200

just wait for the global recession that's about to hit

>> No.17265223

Is MDCI worth the hype? How good is IB?

>> No.17265233

Have you tried carbon? He got me interested as he shilled it as a good fragrance to enhance performance of weak fragrances. A bit too pricey.

>Carbon has been designed to increase the longevity and projection of the fragrances you already own and love, but which might need a little help radiating and lasting.

>> No.17265249

nope. but if you are intrested in that just get iso-e super

>> No.17265250
File: 252 KB, 400x400, 5e2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17265488


>> No.17265741

Prada is the best. As much as I want to get away from them and wear "compliment" frags I really enjoy the clean almost feminine scents if Prada. No girl goes crazy over them like a boring blue frag :'(

>> No.17266015

Someone said Bentley is a good perfume. Which one should I buy?


>> No.17266394

You will pay €100 for EN in stores

>> No.17266395

Givenchy Reserve Privee or Stronger with you Absolutely

>> No.17266398 [DELETED] 

Explorer is the single best Rolex if you only want one watch for life

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