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Levi edition

Do you use bandanas or handkerchiefs?
What brand?
Did you make it yourself?
If you don't carry one, why not?
Do you actually use it or is it just for show?
There was never a previous thread >>127857823 --->

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These are used by the gay community color coded to indicate what you’re looking for and your disease status

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Where the hell are you from?

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State? City?

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I have a few from when I was a twink that I've been thinking of wearing again in more western inspired fits

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I keep them around because I like them and they're useful in emergencies. I usually will wear them on my head, neck, or just keep them in a pocket or backpack. dont pick any specific brand, but I make sure they're 100% cotton and not the cheap chinese see -through bullshit. Garage sales can be a good way to get them because old people have the good kind. I usually wear them just for show but I have used them before, it's nice to have when you need one.

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I keep a couple in my car and carry one folded in my back pocket. Not on display. I do screen printing and have made some of my own or buy them when I''m traveling and a local place has a cool one. Useful for cleaning or grabbing something hot/slick in a pinch

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