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My hairline’s receding and I think I’m gonna have to shave it off to avoid looking stupid, at least for a while until I figure out if fin + min works for me. What color combinations work for clothes, in the case of bald white guys? I’d like to go basic and buy a bunch of white shirts with grey pants but then people might think I’m a white power neo-nazi. So what clothes would work?

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Just get a transplant. Why would anyone just accept being bald?

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I can’t get a transplant because I don’t have my life figured out yet.

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it's over

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>start learning how to play chess
>eventually get quite decent, but nobody wants to play or talk about it
>suddenly chess talk spills everywhere
>it's about anal beads
Kill me.

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You guys really can't keep the topic of balding in one thread. You have to make multiple threads.

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shaving is onions

chad embrace is the only /fa/ approved way.

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