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what's up with women wearing skin-tight clothes lately
you don't see men forcing people to see the contours of their asses or dicks. I honestly lose all interest in a women when she dresses like this.

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Why the fuck are are you complaining about this?

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it just grosses me out, it's not sexy.
not to mention women will show their asses and boobs like this then get mad when someone looks at it.

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They get mad when ugly men look at them, they do it for chad

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Do women know when I look at their pussy? I don't mean to do it, but leggings can sometimes make it difficult not to glance a bit lower than I should

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Yes, it’s extremely obvious but you get used to it since you get starred at by men 4x your age starting at like 13

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Being a slutty whore is woman’s true nature.

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>another misogynistic thread
Let women do what they want it literally doesn’t affect you just want to control they’re bodys.

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go back to r*ddit
also, it's the female version of sexual harassment, stop trying to force me to look at you. It's distracting having some thot in my peripheral vision trying to grab my attention when sometimes I just want to focus on what's in front of me.

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>thinks person-first inclusive language is retarded
That’s a no from me

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Men flashing is bad. There’s nothing wrong with us women wanting to look good and wanting men to stop eye-f*cking us.

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she doesn’t know what she’s talking about

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I'm not even trying to insult you, but >it just grosses me out, it's not sexy is the calling card of a teenager who might be gay.

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Nigga you gay. You lose all unrest in women when they wear tights clothing because you’re gay.

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Go live in Iran or kys, you sperg.

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your loss bro. i just spend my days with a massive boner and literally jerk off multiple times a day sometimes i have to just go off into the bushes for a quick jerk

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i was wearing sub 5" shorts yesterday and so many women were miring my legs and crotch yesterday on the train it was fookin awesome m8

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have you concidered not dressing like a whore?
>is not about what I'm wear-
that anon said he specifically stares at women who use leggins, because that is a piece of clothing made to be stared at

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the sight of these abominations pains me

women should be subject to strictest interpretation of sharia law, only men should be allowed to wear skimpy clothing.

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It lets fat women get away with looking less disgusting than they naturally are, it's a crutch, a cope, for fatties because it pushes everything into a more proportional place. Always look at their arms, fat women can't hide their wings.

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>you don't see men forcing people to see the contours of their asses or dicks.

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mother fucker women are switching to looser fitting clothes these days when men are the ones wearing skinny jeans and shit

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the average man is hotter than the average woman
women need to paint their faces and wear body shapers to look avoid looking repulsive while most men are naturally hot

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men do this regardless of what a woman wears. I've been catcalled wearing baggy sweatpants and sweatshirt. You have no idea. r apologist-ass take

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Want a real answer? Fat bitches (i.e. the average woman) wear them because it's the only way for them to look remotely "shapely". The clothes hold all the disgusting lard in place and create the illusion of a human shape. Skinny girls with pancake asses benefit from it too, it makes them look like they have a round perky butt.
Wearable cope, basically.

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This seems more Op's style

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theyve been doing this for 15+ years

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bro wtf i'm 6'3'' and the average womanlet is bigger than me in weight
i need to hit the gym

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I had the same reaction. I'm 6'1 and am self conscious about the bit of fat I have on my stomach I can pinch.
I did the conversion and the average american woman has a waist CIRCUMFERENCE double mine.
Also, that is NOT what the average american woman looks like. A 5'3" woman has almost no muscle tone and carries a giant gut and fupa.

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