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How do I not age poorly?

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damn, he looks absolutely beat

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Things were know cause rapid aging
>eating over maintenance protein (75g/day)
>eating more than 70% tdee calories
>nutrient deficiencies from poor diet
>too little sleep
>not enough water

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>eating over maintenance protein (75g/day)
>eating more than 70% tdee calories
>nutrient deficiencies from poor diet
>too little sleep
>not enough water
fuck bros...

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Yeah, the mountain and jojen reed from got are the same age

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ugh god I want to dress this twink in sexy cosplays and pound his bussy until we both catch the pox

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Haha kys faggot

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Same but without that last part.

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>eating 30 percent less food than you need
Big brain idea: dead don't age

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>when people learn genetics are a thing influencing how you look
>when you say the same about iq and intelligence

N.. NOOOOO!!!!!!1111

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after old new trilogy he become shepherd in Canada or something like that

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Looks like an average 40 year old man to me, not doesnt look like a young man anymore but not old either, i'm starting to get lines at 32, It's perfectly normal nothing you can do about it.

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>drink water religiously
>moisturize religiously
>use sunscreen

Thats basically it without making major lifestyle changes such as fixing your diet and ceasing to smoke/drink.The key is hydration and avoiding sun damage. That's it.

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Is he alcoholic? I Imagine he looks even worse without the make-up and proffesional lighting

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Do you think they... y'know...?

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>41 year old man looks 41
I'm absolutely shocked and flabbergasted, how is this even possible

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41 is not too old, there's a lot go guys that look young at that age, he looks about 51 here

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>it's true
what the FUCK?

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Not that anon, but I think you have a warped idea of what 51 looks like. Dude looks great for his age.
It's forgivable if you're a zoomer, to you anyone older than 40 has one foot in the grave.

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The hair makes all the difference...

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Chuck Norris says to build a healthy gut biome, feed the healthy gut with prebiotic fiber, and take bovine collagen.

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You can’t be a twink forever. Why do zoomers love femboys so much? Is it because they’ve been indoctrinated from a young age that masculinity = evil? Peak attractiveness for men is late 40s - early 50s so you can get more young pussy when you’re older

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this but his face, hairline obsessed zoomer

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Kill yourself pedo.

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cope. skin isn't that big of a deal if you're a man - it's women who lose all their attraction once their youthful skin goes out

but a good hairline frames the face, it's the most important piece to aging well

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I want to be spotroasted by them

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eat every day alot of fruits. sleep 15h a day, zero stress simple as that.

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I think that's the reason he looks bad. He tries to hold on to his zoomer look when he should have transitioned to a more manly grown up one

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t. wrinkly coper

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Wow this is scary. Hayden was beautiful when he was young.

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Women have always loved twinks. This is the first era women are not concerned about survival (settling for a man they're not attracted to just because he has money). Some women still go for money, because coincidentally this era got more materialistic. However women are openly admitting their preferences for boys is young as hell. Look at the males who are popular for their looks right now.They're all feminine and very young.

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Dude no one wants a man with shitty skin. This is full cope.

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no drugs no alcohol no cigarettes

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He doesn’t look half bad considering what Obi-Wan did to him

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There's always one option

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hayden looks like shit cuz he smokes cigarettes

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