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Metal is one of the easiest things to recycle

>> No.17261893

>$120 for a razor, 100 blades, some soap and a brush
marketing really is everything I guess

>> No.17261897

You only buy the razor once, the blades will cost you around $20 for 100. It's much cheaper in the long-term.

>> No.17261909

>You only buy the razor once
that is also true for any razor, with the only difference being that those don't cost $100 - whatever a brush and some soap cost

>> No.17261916

>that is also true for any razor
Modern razor heads cost like, $30 for five heads. You can get one hundred blades for $20. Do the maths.
Soap is around $20 and brushes vary, I dislike synthetic brushes and use badger hair (around $60).

>> No.17261919

I meant safety razors, retard
but I have to admit I wasn't aware of how expensive the soap and brush are, maybe the price is justified

>> No.17261929

The brush they're giving you, in the OP, is synthetic though so probably only around $20.
A bit ironic, considering their sales pitch, because synthetic is plastic.

>> No.17262921

>Soap is around $20
Glycerine soap from the drug store is $1
If you wanna consoom, then consoom, but shut the fuck up about cost efficiency

>> No.17263311

You shave with hand-washing soap?
lol, once a poorfag, die a poorfag.

>> No.17263313

Fuck up Jew.

'The miser is in a hurry to get wealthy, but he isn't aware that poverty will catch up with him'.
- Proverbs 28:22

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