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I know it’s bad to mix your leathers (ie. a brown belt with black shoes), but how big of a faux pas is it to do so with your jewelry?

I want to get a gold loop earring but I’m worried it would look awkward with my steel band watch. Now the obvious answer here is to get a silver earring, but I strongly feel that silver wouldn’t work as well with my complexion. On the other hand I find gold/gold plated watches rather tacky unless they’re some really high-end brand, which mine is not.

Wat do?

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dont mix metals if you only have two pieces of jeweley. also start with a stud if you want it to heal

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match jewelry metals. wedding ring doesnt count and in most cases, watch metal doesnt matter. I regularly wear gold jewelry with a stainless steel diver watch

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Unfortunately you're only allowed to have one earring and one watch.

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