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Any suggestions about lingerie for overweight/obese women?
Or any tips to get better looking ones? or better fitting ones?

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Post pics of your current lingerie, need to see what we’re working with

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No one help the fat person.

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>Or any tips to get better looking ones? or better fitting ones?
yeah, lose weight

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Gain more weight

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go to bed, Pierce

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pic related.
I'm trying to lose weight, slowly so I don't get it back.

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Why not just wait until AFTER you reach a weight you're happy with before you buy new shit?

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Because I have a long why to go.
78 kg rn, my goal is 58 kg, about 40 lbs needs to shed.
I'm only dieting and no work up, so it's going slow.
And it's his birthday at the end of the month.

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Cute. Try Bravissimo

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How to properly measure my size?

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Basically just take your current size and google "x mens size convert to women (garment type)"

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Just stop being fat.

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