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Pic rel is my fit today. Pretty simple except for those who notice what is hanging around my neck. If you don’t know (don’t worry, most people don’t), it is a Ledger Nano S Plus in BTC Orange. I actually consider this to be incredibly fashionable, and both an immense flex and a subtle flex. You see, it is an immense flex because I am publicly advertising that I own many different types of crypto and am financial stable, affluent, intelligent, and a boss. However it is also a subtle flex, because 99% of people have no idea that I am wearing a hardware wallet and are probably too ignorant of crypto to understand the gravity of what they are seeing.

Anyone else rockin crypto inspired fits today?

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wtf are you talking about OP

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Figured most people wouldn’t understand…

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whatever faggot, go back to larping as a cuck

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The Irony and Philosophy of this post is on a whole other dimension.

Very Nice

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Nigga you are are retarded, if you are financially stable you wouldn’t be wearing a black t-Shirt and ripped dreams and taking a selfie in front of your bathroom mirror in what appears to be a crack den.

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Freudian slip, I meant ripped jeans.

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/biz/ here, your a retarded faggot. i'd take that off you, not for the crypto(no keys etc), just for the pleasure of seeing you lose it. pay the toll for being so fucking cringe.

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Keep larping as a big guy behind the screen you scrawny faggot we all know id rock your shit in the read world

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He's a crypto bro who wears an USB Stick as a necklace and thinks it's cool.

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can't even post on 4chan without being bullied for being a crypto bro kek

>go back to your echo chamber discord server.

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What do financially stable people wear then? Since you seem to know.

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>female body language

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Well for one, they can afford to buy a nice pair of trousers that doesn’t have holes in it.

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