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Hello, can someone identify this jacket? I don't wont to wear a leather jacket because of maintenance issues such as scratches and this cracking sound it produces every time you are moving, do probably this is going to be nice

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That is a Harrington jacket

couldn't you google "types of jackets"? It would have literally been in a small infographic with 8 kinds because it has such an enduring popularity. Look, I will even post such an infographic right off of google in this reply

This was the 17th image down on google images, on the second row of images after I googled "types of jackets"

Yea I'll just go to 4chan to ask this question and make an entire thread for it. What a joke

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nah i am too lazy

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useless bum. I shouldn't have told you, you don't deserve to know.

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harrington and bomber are two completely different jackets

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I know. The infographic got it wrong, I only said Harrington.

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> doing others job
> calling someone bum

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I prefer to conflate them because I'm a massive anglophobe and "harrington" makes my skin crawl

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You'd be surprised at how hard it is to find a simple leather jacket like the one in your pic. I've been looking for another one like that for years. Only unfortunately that one doesn't look like it has an elastic waistband like the one I have. Sorry for the digression from the topic.

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i've got myself into some online shops for vintage jackets from punk to moto and they were not cheap, but god they looked good

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