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you whine about balding but i have gyno (lumpy bitch tits)
it's unironically over for me fashion wise

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You pseudogyno because you're dat or actual gyno?

>> No.17181072

can I suck them?

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Hair system pill anon

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I have both…

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I feel you op
>tfw wear hoodies in 40c weather

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Take fin, go for the tit surgery and get a hair transplant.

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kek same bro its brutal, i think people are gonna catch on if we dont keep quiet about it. one day people will call any guy wearing a hoodie on a hot day bitch tits.

like just imagine "hey bitch tits, lovely day we're having" as they flick your tits

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>it's unironically over for me fashion wise
Enjoy never worrying about it ever again and not shelling out a fortune to scar your fucking body up OP

you should probably lose weight and lift a bit though. couldn't hurt

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Transition since you are failed men anyways.

>> No.17183285

You overestimate how observant normies are. I guarantee you my gyno is worse than yours but I've had friends compliment me on my pecs when topless. That said there are certain clothes I simply cannot wear (e.g. anything grey).

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This is literally not a problem if you aren't too proud to wear a binder. They were originally made for men with gyno – you're the target audience here. And they're easier to find than they were 10-15 years ago, you can get tank top style ones, etc

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