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Do roasties really?

>> No.17173354

Looks like she's walking on stilts.

>> No.17173355

As lose as her vagina from all those “dickies” sheeesh gottem fr

>> No.17173358

Looks good, /fa/ confirmed mogged and intimidated by a tiny chick.

>> No.17174462

Lol this is in Porto, I threw up on the street behind her once as a kid.

God I hate tourists so much.

>> No.17174463

>Dickies with Chucks
Classic combo
>... and Gucci
WTF?! Why?

>> No.17174618

Those gloves are awesome

>> No.17174638

She is terribly dressed, total fashion victim. Also 90% of dickies pants look like shit.

>> No.17174794

This. This is my hometown as well.
She's standing on a 1000+mans pissy piss

>> No.17174874

>le goochie bag
>le goochie glove

>> No.17175435

I passed a Dickies store yesterday for the first time, all the signs like "workwear for the working workman" and it's got ten foot tall rubberplants everywhere while computer science grads browse their £200 jeans, terribly cringe at this point, especially new

>> No.17175469

wearing dickies was cool like 3 years ago

>> No.17175620

I want a gf who dresses like this

>> No.17175774

Was there ever any doubt about it? This is 4chan. The reaction to meeting a woman IRL would be to cry, run away screaming, freeze and stay silent or incontinence.

>> No.17176015

gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang

>> No.17177181

I thought if you were attractive anything would look good, but this is atrocious.

>> No.17177195

Gangbangers and tradesmen

>> No.17177213

That’s because she isn’t attractive

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