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Why can’t men be sexy? I’m not even trans I’m jus saying

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this is gay

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men wore corsets, gloves, stockings
my outfit is far from gay
you’re just projecting

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Men are sexy when they bulk up. You don’t have to be Schwarzenegger sized, but at least toned and athletic looking.
This picture is a creampuff and looks good to homosexuals. Okay?

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I don't get it. Who are you trying to appeal to sexually?

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I think you're going about it the complete polar opposite of how men typically go about looking sexy, i.e. muscles of some sort, you're just a weak twink wearing women's clothing
>my outfit is far from gay
>you're just projecting
cope as much as you'd like, OP.. you still retain your infinite status of being a faggot....

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Those hands look like they belong on a retirement aged man who has worked in construction everyday for 40+ years

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You can dress like this if you want but it's not going to attract anybody but other men and it causes issues within most men's minds to see a guy dressed like that so someone might try to fight you or something.

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Anime trap looks like shit its so overdone anytime I see a Troon wearing those stripped socks I can just picture there bedroom covered in tranime shit

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>Men can't be sexy
The fuck are you on about?

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Because you're thinking only women can be sexy because that's what you fix attractive, rather than understanding that people other than yourself might think differently than you do(shocking, I know). Get out of your own head, you self obsessed nitwit.

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