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Can I get some opinions on style and placement for earrings on men?

Currently I am considering getting my ears pierced. I enjoy minimalist type of jewelry and I really like the look of the simple black rectangular bars like pic related. The one thing that keeps me from doing so is possibly the lack of professionalism which may be given off. In addition to age, but I feel like that doesn't matter, the type of style I like should be my main objective.

Can also anyone comment on sleeping with earrings? Is it uncomfortable to sleep on your side?

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I have mine pierced and I like the way it looks. I don't have them pierced anything like those pictures, though.
I don't know or care what assumptions people make of me for having them. Doesn't hurt to sleep on your side at all, even during the first month

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ive had both ears pierced for around 20 years now. ive got large 8 or 6 gauge rings in my lobes like an ancient mariner. they are not uncomfortable while sleeping, i dont even feel them unless i tilted my head in a weird way. normally i take the rings out while sleeping anyhow. once you ears heal you wouldnt feel them even if theyre in.

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pierce both or the left ear. even though no one pays attention anymore, piercing your left ear is a sign that you're hetero, and right being homo. i don't have earrings so take it with a grain of salt, but i probably will get my left ear pierced in the future.

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Men look effeminate and like shit with ear rings.

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I can’t handle it bros. My friend’s dad wears gold baby hoops, you know the kind I’m talking about. Thought I would get over that but now my prof who’s equally a silver fox wears them as well. How do I get over my lust for older men in baby hoops? Is this just the look I have to accomplish?

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Found a cool pearl drop on serge denime aswell if any one is interested. Any other minimalist type earrings recommendations or brands is welcomed.

Agreed, I was considering possibly 3 on the left and 1 lobe piercing on the right.

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there's an age limit for men pulling off shit like this, what is it? I'd say 20

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The men you lust after are the men you desire to becum. Better yourself, young man, by working out the mind, body, and spirit. Get “pierced.”

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I have an industrial and love it. IMO the sleek, aerodynamic look makes it easier for men to pull off than something that dangles, but there's an audience for all these looks out there.
Sleeping on the wrong side can be uncomfortable, as can wearing headphones for hours on end, but unless you have a specific professional need these things are easy to avoid.

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Man with earrings are junkies

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low self-esteem

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>doesn't hurt even the first month
Idk about that, i definitely had pains, whether it was my rook or one of my stretched lobes before i stopped sleeping on them.

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