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What can I do to make people notice my wide manly shoulders less?

Pic related, very similar to me

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Embrace it and wear sleeveless turtlenecks.

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unironically look at how Michelle Obama and Simone Biles use clothing.

Just some cues from pic rel:
Oversized to make her look smaller
Focus on smaller silhouette of her nick and chest - if you're white you could probably do the inverse with an oversized black blazer or something

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hair covering her massive fucking traps
Slouch shoulder a little farther out than usual.

If you have an athletic frame look at athletes who can pay to have people dress them in a flattering way

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WOW wat dat mouf do

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Pushup bra and dressbelt with a dress. Also dresses are cheaper than shirts and pants

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Just date or get a friend who is way wider, you'll look smaller in comparison.

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That bitch looks like she swims. All swimmer bitches look like that. Matter of fact, most swimmer dudes look like that.
>t. swam competitively for summer/fall/school leagues

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