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post some TRUE PUNK inspo

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i aspire to have as good of a fashion sense as shooter one day

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>"You can't"
>Together in the same sentence

Yeah right you bozo cunt

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can christians be punk?

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If you say shit like this you're a poser

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Not that i agree with these things, but punks were politically incorrect as fuck back in the day, they were dirty nasty little fuckers.

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Can’t pure punk but you can be a number or related sub genres. Screamo, metalcore, post hardcore etc. The list goes on.

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>he was only doing it to be edgy!
can i do it to be edgy?

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You act like times have changed so much but the nazis weren’t very well liked in 1970s England either. There were still lots of people walking around back then who had fought or lost loved ones or had their homes bombed in the war. The difference is that Sid welcomed the hatred and violence that came along with wearing that shirt while you’re a gay little scared pussy.

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the threat of nazi ideaology in the west was at its lowest in the years after the war. modern context of increased authoritarianism and openly nazi protesters makes nazi symbolism so much muddier

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but punk is 100% counter culture your not punk anymore if you are the culture

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you're talking about normies, though.
you basically just admitted that today's "punks" are normies.
punk was always fake and gay but it was less gay before.

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jello biafra can get monkeypox and die

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Punk is contestation
If you say you're a punk and that punk should or shouldn't do stuff, you're the poser you fag

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pedos were THE MOST hated by culture since the 70s but OG punks didnt dress up like jimmy saville did they? they dressed up to piss off boring conservative pearl clutchers who cant handle the idea of a generation free of their preconceptions and control.

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he did it because CIA paid him to do it

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>progressives control every single cultural institution and hold sway in the upper echelons of the Federal bureaucracy.
>mainstream "conservatives" are the definition of controlled opposition
>muh Fascism is right around the corner

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one of the main things of maintaining their control is making themselves feel like underdogs.
pretty astonishing how well it continues to work.

eg. how many companies are brave enough not to wear rainbow colours on social media during pride or kiss up to blm?

and what happens if they don't?

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>delusional self-victimization complex

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not sure if you're talking about me or the behaviour i am describing.
but it is pretty clear from history and from what the left is doing that seeing yourselves as being victimized FUCKING WORKS.

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if you seriously believe punk is just blind contrarianism to whatever "The Current Thing is" then you are just as much of a retarded leech as those who blindly agree with whatever "The Current Thing is" and you completely misunderstand the point of the punk movement

defining yourself only in opposition to others is the worst and easiest way to lose your soul

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punk is dead

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lmao kill yourself. Heil Hitler

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big truth
actually a lot of punks did fuck underage girls, cope

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take it back to reditt

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you will be very surprised, but punk is essentially a protest against the stupidity and absurdness of the society, if i see a shitload of immigrants I will be racist, if i see a shitload of globohomo quotas and special benefits for people who just don't shovel dick in the right place I will say fuck them and that is essentialy what punk means, it's not your fucking tattoos, jeans or shit like this, fuck them

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That's what punk was about, but now their beliefs are mainstream, so who cares what you think? Punk is dead.

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nobody in this fucking thread listens to punk lmao

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>actually a lot of punks did fuck underage girls, cope
this is not the own you think it is

>no argument generic response
i accept your concession

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I'm racist and i still listen to punk lmao
What are you gonna do about it? You can't even open up a onions bottle nigger

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>mom! i think i won an argument on 4chan again! this time it’s about woke punk ideals!

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I thought punk was about counter culture not just being the popular thing

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that's right dude being punk is about being mean to marginalized groups now

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>then you are just as much of a retarded leech as those who blindly agree with whatever "The Current Thing is"

lel, my dude. you don't get to play radical centrist fence-sitter when you are advocating for punk being pro-current thing.

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Racism, homophobia, transphobia are all mainstream. Poltards will never be punk. Is Saudi Arabia punk? Fucking retarded.

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>OG punks didnt dress up like jimmy saville
Nobody knew he was a pedo until the 2010s.
>inb4 hurr but they didn't dress like gary glitter
Punk as a mindset was dead by the time he got caught.

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>Racism, homophobia, transphobia are all mainstream
>Fucking retarded.
I agree, you are fucking retarded..

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face it, leftist. your lot are winning.
if my boss finds out i'm racist - i'm fired.
if i interviewed for a job and they knew i was racist - i don't get the job.

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are you stupid? i never said punk is pro-current thing. i literally said the opposite of that. punk exists outside of the mainstream, not in the centre of it. people like you just dont get it.

>Nobody knew he was a pedo until the 2010s.
LOL retard. heres johnny rotten talking about trying to out saville as a pedo

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yes, what i am saying is you appear to be trying to do radical centrist who is above it all while also telling us it's about gay shit so we better not say the gay shit is forced meme from trannies.

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>trying to out saville as a pedo
If by that you mean just being edgy about a beloved children's tv presenter and radio host. If you actually think he was trying to expose him for being a pedo and not just trying to provoke outrage you are severely mentally challenged. Broken clocks are right twice a day.

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>you cant be x and y
>but why no-

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I mean is it really that hard not to be a nazi though. The only people that are complaining in this thread about how this is so stupid and arbitrary and "gatekeeping" punk culture are just /pol/ scum

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I’m barely punk. I dress punk with comfy pants unless I’m going to a bar with a chick. Fuck the jeans, I’m grounded on my uniform of sweat pants and band Ts. I got some fucking SICK bombers for the rest of the year and yes i don’t like black people.

Fuck off

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the third reich was literally a bunch of punks battling against the man

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punks that are left wing at all are objectively posers. this is the irrefutable, inarguable, factual reality. any argument against it is literal delusion abd/or disinformation.

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oh no, i feel so bad for you. Racists have endured a lot hate. Im sure there is no group in history that have endured more than you

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and that's a good thing

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You morons, have you forgotten what comes after Weimar?

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not them but my school's history program sucked, we literally only talked about marie Antoinette and native america. I cant be fucked looking this shit up, please explain anon

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>punk is being a slave contrary to the popular trends

>> No.17174031

>after the mid 70's
Stop posting cringe please.
Everyone is a poser, punk was only a thing for a short while, then it became a corporate trend, and people started larping and appropriating it to whatever ideologies they hold.

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Don't get me wrong, there is still decent punk sound, but everyone who claims to be punk is a faggot poser, its like there is still good blues sound today, but no one goes around claiming to be a poor sharecropper, somehow "punks" still do the equivalent of that.

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I wish

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A partition of Germany with a based east?

>> No.17174091

The east of Germany is still based

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you dont understand how politics works or what the left actually is outside of culture war twitter activists.

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Basically during the 1920s to 30s Germany went from monarchy/empire to democratic federal republic after the war to fascism which really helped start the next war. For the "why", go read wikipedia.

>> No.17174112

These people actually think that the Democrats are on the left. They're lost.

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Isn't being against the system the true essence of punk?
I hate the state, I hate niggers, I hate trannies and I hate feminists desu.

>> No.17174176

have fun with your boy band lmao

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larp weimar failed because it was a shitty government with shitty systems not because of progressiveness

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punk is dead, you cant be a "punk" anymore. You can dress as them and larp as then but you'll never be one lmao

>> No.17174215

sup kings

>> No.17174223

you cant be a punk if you wore a face diaper or took the pharma dick

>> No.17174230

punks were never not mean you baby

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no. and neither can americans.
i mean he ended up killing a jewish woman (Nancy) so maybe it wasn't just edgy.

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I understand politics better than you do if you're still buying the notion that public opinion influences anything but the least significant minutae of government.

>> No.17174296

Ignore these boot lickers, they know nothing of punk history and culture clearly

>> No.17174302

The two go hand in hand. An effective state and a strong national identity go hand in hand. Progressivism erodes the latter, rendering the former corrupt and impotent

>> No.17174327

Godamn it why did this thread get made now? I CAN'T LAUGH MY ASS OFF WITH A FUCKING BAD HEADACHE. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Anywho how much do you want to bet Johnny Rotten made this thread to troll people?

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Why are all old punks fucking ugly as shit. Don't do heroin if you plan on getting old. If you survive, you will end up like this

>> No.17174340

Look at all these dorks who don't know anything about being punk.

>> No.17174358

I don't know if you can really plan on surviving to old age as a punk. It just kind of happens. Honestly I find it funny as fuck look at him every punk knows his name usually when you're that old and famous you are supposed to look prestine like the perfect role model. But nope johnny rotten looks like your average grandpa maybe even a little worse.

>> No.17174362

All punks are posers and a lot of old style leftist i met were racist as fuck, leftism is class politics, not liberal idpol. Liberalism=/=leftism

>> No.17174374

>old-style racist leftists
Where can I meet these people? I never see them are they just hiding in plain sight? Does that mean I can go to a leftist meetup and shout nigger repeatedly without getting beaten?

>> No.17174415

Give it up, punk is dead.
You are like the guys larping as 1930s gentlemen.

>> No.17174428

democrats otw (on their way) to not represent conservatism yet somehow be right wing based on the tiny semblance of being "capitalists"
Go back

>> No.17174440

Just be naked

>> No.17174444

Pretty common among 70-80+ plus working class men in Britain who were around before the seventies, you seem to mistake leftism for progressive liberalism, they are not one in the same. The things i have heard them say about gypsies, the irish and jokes etc would make the average blue haired freak seethe.

You really think leftists in the thirties for example supported transgenderism, gay rights and all this other bullshit in the thirties? would they fuck. Ordinary people were literally starving to death, advancing the interests of the working class is far more important then and now than the feelings of some spoilt middle class brat wanting to be a woman. Karl marx was pretty racist against jews too.

>> No.17174446

Dress like a regular dude? Fuckin use jizz as gel

>> No.17174450

no it was National Socialism

>> No.17174451

Pick one

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True Punk=Absolute Anarchy IMO. Not Anarco-____. Just Anarchy. Served up like a raw piece of meat for you to prepare as you wish.
Even antisemitism's OK because there are zero rules to enforce in such an environment. It goes both ways on such issues, but a true punk telling anyone not to do something is flat-out hypocritical to me.

>> No.17174510

>Karl Marc was pretty racist against jews too
Based? It's funny when people try to claim Marxism is run by jews wasn't Marx himself full-blood German? Maybe it's gotten co-opted since then but at first it definently wasn't run by jews. On another note I'm guessing leftism and progressive liberalism were once completely different things but merged under one banner in order to fight the "nazis". Really it was just another means of controlling the movement though.

>> No.17174520

cool, punk is for kids, and only groomers are interested in that anyway
so yeah, groomers are 99% not racist, not sexist and fags/trannies/jannies

>> No.17174529

Marx had jewish ancestry, but he wasn't a practicing jew, he was a christian, anti antisemitism was pretty common in the 19th century too.

My point is, the world isn't black and white and even in a socialist society racism can and did exist. I personally don't care what colour someone is but do i think there should be things like mass immigration which only really benefits big business? no.

>> No.17174534

>anti antisemitism

>> No.17174579

How did punk manage to endup so fucking gay and cringe while remaining quite popular compared to shit like hardcore?

>> No.17174589

Shut up, Tom.

>> No.17174659

Hardcore and punk is both shit.

>> No.17174671

Punk was always cringe

>t. 14 year old punk 20 years ago

>> No.17175533

>there is only leftism and conservatism

>> No.17176535

why would you want to be punk? all of them grow up eventually and become down to earth boomers. if you have to be something try being something that you can keep on being your entire life.

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Dressing traditonally is how i rebel against the western jew overlords pushing degeneracy on everything around me

>> No.17177717

fpbp + trips confirm

>> No.17177746

Sorry bro, but that's what tasteless immigrants dress like to act white and not get fired from their shitty call centre jobs

>> No.17177797

I'm not sure about your country but in mine there were a lot more unironic skinheads in the 80's and society was generally more right-wing.

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