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Anyone else notice /fa/ zoomers everywhere? Im getting relentlessly mogged. Im worried.

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Now is not the time

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Around here they mostly just wear joggers and gigantic t-shirts.

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yes but they arent doing anything original enough that makes me stand out less, if youre getting mogged I imagine youre too much of a trend follower.
Describe what theyre wearing

yeah its kinda hard to get mogged if theyre wearing streetwear and mom jeans with vans or something

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no, i am the /fa/ zoomer

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fr fr no cap, I remember when I was a teen a few years ago I used to fashion mogg everyone but now in my Uni everyone have a decent style bcz of tiktok/instagram and I don't stand out anymore.

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And they all have Gucci, Prada and Coach, the latest iphone, as well as a paid-off college education. I don't know how they ALL seem to do it.

But honestly, if you can only afford to dress your kids in off-brand outlet store crap, don't even have them. I realize that now as an adult. So much of my childhood was my parents coping and gaslighting me into thinking I'm bad for noticing we were poor. It matters a lot. As a kid, you don't grow up knowing what fitting in feels like, you're an undesirable, you're low caste, and that becomes who you are inside, and carries over into adult life.

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as a zoomer I can say that many are still lacking

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Found this at goodwill. It's literally THAT easy, op

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What are their fits like OP? On a given day most zoomers are just in typical tee+shorts outfits, the occasional tiktok eboy, and a weirdly high number of guys, usually overweight/ugly/balding who dress like weird Midwestern farmer hipsters

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most zoomers *in my area

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Not OP but I see a lot of alt types wearing pants with chains, platform boots or cowboy boots, band shirts and chokers, cool hair and makeup, that sort of thing

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Where it with sum chucks to complete the drip bro :)

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