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Hey guys, getting married in under a year. I want a white paisley suit. What’s the best way to order one online if I can’t find any good suit stores near me?

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This shit is for indians, get a plain dark grey suit

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Shut up nigger about your retarded fucking opinions. I could’ve asked for any MTM website and the answer would have been the same. Can you be of less help? I don’t think so.

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Spier and mackay makes good (canvassed, good cuts) made to measure suits at an affordable price. They don't carry shit like that though, just classic suits (which is what you should get anyway).

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sir pls do the needful

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Are you the guy who posted his shitty trickers boots? Yes I believe you are, you are a worthless piece of shit, kill yourself retarded cunt

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i had sex with your fiance pajeet sorry to tell you now and yes she's with me as we speak

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/fa/ the place for fashion, except if you want to wear anything besides a plain black suit on your wedding.

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/fa/ the place for fashion, except if you want to look super autistic. People will try to help you.

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Really nigga?

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>I want a white paisley suit.
lol are you persian?

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What suit is associated with Africans?

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