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30+ boys where do you get your casual button ups at?

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here cuz I'm autistic about collar shape and other details

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I don't feel the need to dress boring just because I'm 30 so I don't wear those button ups. I stick to silk hawaiian shirts

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>I can't let go of my youth

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35 year old father of two here. It’s Brooks Brothers and LL Bean for me.

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you are allowed to own and where more than one style of shirt

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>now i'm 30 i have to dress like a geriatric or a call center manager
millennials are the first generation to have this particular insecurity

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cause we don't want to look like those pop culture worshipping manchildren

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Lol you're funny because what you fail to get is I'm not the one insecure about my age and feel the need to dress a certain way for it.

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You can't possibly be well adjusted

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I'm not

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explain how a "casual button-up" and the trousers to go with it are a more significant divergence from "pop culture worshipping manchildren" than anything else

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Explains why you try to dress ''normal'' you fucking weirdo. No one whobhas this obsession with appearing mature is actually mature.

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brooks brothers. their new OCBD is alright for the price

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it's alpha m's advice bro

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kino roll
BB has been garbage for over a decade

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thrift store baybeeee

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gitman bros

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Anyone have opinions on Drake's vs Proper Cloth?

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>god forbid I like to have fun
>be a soulless corporate faggot instead


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Literally charity/thrift shops. They have them all the time.

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I don't wear a lot of button up shirts and I'm far from 30 but I've gotten and seen rlly good stuff at second hand places

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not op but does Ralph Lauren or any other name brands sell button downs that look like this? The fit and color.
Looks breatheable and fits reasonably tight in arms but not chest

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fuck off

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Lands End Hyde Park ocbds are excellent for the $10-$15 you can usually get them for

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Somehow, they're the only place to reliably find shirts and trousers that don't have bloody elastic in it.

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the fuck did i do

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Uniqlo has boring, block color clothing for NPCs.

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why would you wanna look like a cringy person with no taste?

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A dress shirt is practically underwear so why would I care how good it looks?
Don't tell me that you leave the house without a jacket on? Good heavens.

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anyone know where to get an button up shirt like pic related, especially the material

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We ARE the pop culture-worshipping manchildren. Us and Gen X

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>white button down
>no taste
imagine being retarded

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I feel for you OP. I could write a book about this but here's my 2 cents. Assuming you're an American.

If you're in USA then I'd recommend you check out some of the stuff at JCrew. I think they finally realized people in their target don't want to buy trash, so they upped the quality (meme) on a lot of their stuff. Mainly the shirts with the label in pic related. The ones with the other label are starched, gaudy, and designed for low iq bros.

This guy is in the same mindset imo. If you're not trying to "make waves" but look fashionable in an otherwise normie setting these are a good option. Will say I'm noticing some strategies with company that suggest they are in a phase of sacrificing some quality for profit, though. To what extent I'm not 100% sure.

Yes, you will need to spend a premium for good business casual shirts. Both of the stores above frequently have good sales though, so you can buy some basics en masse and have yourself covered. The cheaper shirts from low end retailers WILL deteriorate quickly and probably isn't cut for you. It will make you look poor and therefore incompetent in the long run.

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Their shirt collars are weak af

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I mostly buy the collar-less ones.
I'm hoping to find some detachable-collars and then wearing that with the shirts.

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they used to be made out of paper and were disposable
that's why they were detachable

not sure why you would have a cloth detachable collar - oh, that's right, because you're unique and quirky and you love old things because your grandparents raised you

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I know this is a troll, but I literally just bought a navy RL button-up linen shirt, and it looks and fits fucking phenomenal

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not a troll just a newfag desu
yeah i really like RL stuff.
Is that one light enough to wear during hot summer days?

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I just wore it last night on a date. It was mid 80's and humid, and didn't bother me one bit. She complimented shirt as well. I like it so much, I might get a black one (I got the navy one).

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thanks man
hope the date went well

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>Pussy achieved

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I have 20 shirts and I have never bought any. Most are Ralph Lauren and Façonnable if it helps.

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Because zoomers (and baby millenials under 30) are incredibly ageist
see >>17096624

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Ah, ok, you're clueless. Good to know.

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Looks to be a blend with like 10% silk. And pearly buttons. That's an old style you won't really find anymore, best bet is thrift stores.

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>not sure why you would have a cloth detachable collar
Or linen, anything that can be starched; so I can re-use it.
Nobody would notice the difference between it and a Winchester shirt. If Winchester shirts are the bleeding-edge of fashion, in America, then I weep for your country.

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Spier and Mackay because they're cheap but they get all the details correct like large unlined collars