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So I've just been offered a new job and I need a pair of trainers/shoes I can wear. I wore my brown brogues to the interview (I have a black pair as well) and the boss told me I didn't need to dress as smart. So it's sort of smart-casual but more on the casual side (engineering firm). I showed him my GATs and he said they'd be fine, does anyone have any suggestions for relatively "smart" casual shoes I can buy? I was thinking desert boots or something? Maybe not something super preppy like boat shoes or loafers though.

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Also please don't recommend the "football pundit shoes"

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club c reebok

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Possibly a bit too trainer-y? I'm not even sure what I'm trying to describe here.

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any white sneakers will work

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Stan Smiths.

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maybe Puma super liga or adidas sambas, but if you've already got a pair of GATs those 2 options are pretty redundant.
Common Projects are ideal for this type of dress but they're overpriced.
I don't love the look of Chukka boots or desert boots but they're probably a good fit for what you're looking for. Or wallabees maybe.
Check out some off white colorways of Stan Smiths.

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Brown boots

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These thom brownes or something similar, or loafers. Loafers are super casual but will look nicer than whatever everyone else is wearing

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w2c some nice GATs that ship to Canada?

pref under $200

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Svenssons are the best you can get at that price point.

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Fucking hell I'm having trouble processing the fact that some shoe company thought there's a chance kids will want the same sneakers as a football pundit.

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Beckett Simonon. I own a pair and quite happy with them.
It's just you'll have to wait 3 months.

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United Arrows

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get a pair of clarks

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german army trainers are what I have and I like em

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>chris sutton
What a gimp.

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will never forgive gary lineker for not playing for the gunners

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