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is buying chinese 1:1 replica shoes based?

- 1/4 of the price of designer shoes
- almost exactly identical nowadays

no brainer?

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i'm surprised there's not more rep shit on /fa/ but i guess it's more a reddit community
the thing is, even with taobao i'm not sure if i want to drop ~40$ on a pair of shoes that would take a month to ship, plus it might look like cheap chinese shit. the hauls i see people buy are like 200-300$ plus shipping from china
unless i was buying something that was worth $1000 for $40 maybe, but i'd rather save up a hundred or so dollars for the shoe i actually want from the retailer directly.

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This. Or just buy 25€ shoe once it goes on sale and have it for 1 year. It will look okay, you can even find genuine leather sneakers. Spend the money on a car/something that will return it/expensive outerwear

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I've always wanted this Fendi backpack, however I can't afford it, even though I have a Hugo Boss winter coat, 990v5 NB's and other brand stuff.

I've found a replica for 200 USD, i'm sure the quality is okay. Should I or should I not?

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cop 4 sure

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it will be identical i say go for it.

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thanks frens

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I'm sensing female vibes from this backpack though. Is it OK for a male to wear it?

Thank you both nonetheless

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Fakes serves their place anon, I have a fake I bought in NYC/China Town that I drag around on a keychain... it s a convo piece. Unless you're big time, you don't need a wristlet.

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if you're a fag then sure

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The average fashionreps user is probably one of the biggest retards I've seen online, to the point where they can't understand what posts are saying such as asking for W2C when someone is asking that themselves, or saying "how do i use this app? its in chinese???" when given a Taobao link. Every fake fashion 'community' is filled with shills and has been for years. /fa/ aren't much better but I would expect a group of people who are supposed to be 18 or older - they're not - should be able to figure out how to use a translation website, at least.

Most fakes buyers overconsume and end up spending large amounts of money on clothing they wear once or twice. Most fashionreps users buy the cheapest, lowest quality and most inaccurate batches they can find because they don't know the difference and they think spending $20 on a tshirt is expensive. Most stores on Taobao have a return policy - you buy whatever you want and get it shipped to your proxy's warehouse and get some photos of it then return it if you want. If the thing you want is overpriced for retail or artificially scarce, then yeah go ahead and buy a fake one.

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