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Yesterday I sent to the thrift store known as salvation army thrift store and I bought a leather trenchcoat that was made in Los Angeles, California. Do you guys have outfit ideas for me to wear with the trench coat? (Nothing edgy please I already look like a loser I don't need to look more like one).

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>I already look like a loser I don't need to look more like one
>Bought a trench coat


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post a pic of yourself wearing it

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This, it’s impossible to know what’ll look good with it unless we see your head shape and proportions.

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Alright ill bite first off you need a good strong belt so you can keep the sawnoff shotgun and shells without the pants falling down.

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only gonna work if youre a ginger

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Easy mode would be a plain light colored buttoned shirt and some dark jeans. Tuck and wear a leather belt and leather shoes.

Some other directions you could go with it would be rivethead, with a band t, cargo pants, and combat boots, or neckbeard, with an anime shirt, shorts, and sandles with socks.

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