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In the UK all there is around me are turkish barbers who all just do the same shitty skin fades. How do you guys find a good place to cut your hair and do you go far for it?

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I have the exact same issue but in Toronto, all the barbers and zoomers are culturally black so the only thing they can do is a fade, I cannot ask them for Dicaprio haircuts cause they have zero other skillls

I thought about going to England for a haircut but I guess they have the same issue. Brits always seem to have good long hair cuts

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Man, every single barber in Toronto is either Filipino or Indian and my god, they cannot do anything besides a stupid fade. Everything in this city is just monotonous, soulless bullshit.

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i cut my own hair

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I'm gonna waste my entire youth in this shithole because everything is directed at the lowest common denominator. Could have been a nice place, hope I get to leave though

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Probably go to a female hair salon or a gay one. They will give what you want, instead of being a one trick pony that only makes the flavour of the month football player haircut.

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I might have to, don't want to seem too faggy going to a female hair place, but oh well

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you can go to a female barber? isnt that like going into a female bathroom?

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I have an italian barber in the uk and he takes like 5 minutes for a cheap and basic haircut. Doesn't do skinfades because there is a zoomer barber and a turkish barber across the road

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Plan and plot, my friend. Conceptualize your goals in your head and then write them down on paper so that they remain clear. Don't be like me and avoid doing the important stuff or else you will actually have wasted your youth in Toronto (I'm turning 29 in August). Everything I should've done since I was like 18 is what I've only begun to do as of last year. If I had, I would've been able to leave here long ago, like I envisioned when I was a teen. Basically, don't just "hope" friend. Plan and then take action, asap.

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My mums a hair dresser so never have paid for a haircut ever

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Back when I was in school in bongland. I never wanted a fade as practically 90% of the boys had one. I either rocked completely buzzed or long down to my shoulders
>I remember my teacher saying at the end of the last year "it's like anon was never able to make up his mind on what hair style he like". Whilst I was sat round all the boys who rocked the "frfr on god" fade from beginning to end of school

>Pic not related

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what is faggy about a woman cutting your hair?

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nothing, i mean going into a women's hair salon which has all female clientele and pictures of womens hair everywhere. clearly not designed for guys

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I go to a hair salon and make appointments with specific hairdressers as well.

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they're all money laundering fronts, btw
learn to cut your own

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I found a barber near me advertising "european men's haircuts" which I thought was kinda weird but now I never go anywhere else. My barber is a 60-ish year old italian dude who listens to opera.
buzz looks so much better its unreal.

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my syrian barber gave me a pretty similar cut to this, also offered me coffee pretty good for 15 eur

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That’s because Syrians are based

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Try looking for "gentleman barbers" or something like that. If the place has an old-fashionedy vibe then it's probably pretty decent. My city has a very old barbers I go to which is great, old store, waistcoated barbers, jars of barbicide etc. but then the rest are just Turkish barbers or newer places where all the barbers look more like tattoo artists.

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i used to go to a syrian barber who sadly closed down his place and i got coffee, great haircut like in your pic, shaved my beard and did my eyebrows for 15 bucks. not even worth cutting my hair anymore now that i have to pay 20 bucks for a shitty fade and nothing else

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Go to a traditional barbers in a small town operated by an old bloke or a white working class bird called mavis.

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in the us, i go to male barbers over 50 or middle aged women. i think the connecting thread is that they all vote republican.

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>i cut my own hair

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>an old-fashionedy vibe
Look for barber poles

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Strongly assimilated with overpriced hipster salons and/or turks I’m afraid

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I know a really good hairdresser in Scarborough who doesn't do just skin fades etc.
Tony Hairstylist, Victoria Park ave and Ellesmere ave intersection.
I doubt you guys will go but I've been going since I was in my last year of HS and I'm 23 now. I do get fades etc from her these days but not the meme-y ones and she always does a great job. It's a one woman operation currently since covid, go give her your business if you're actually from Toronto.

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>turkish barbers: £10, fade or head shave only. pros- cheap, they don't chat to you, turkish tv with english football. cons- giving money to non-brits, might not understand what you want, they are rough and sometimes hit you
>italian barbers: £30. safe to do most hairstyles. pros- italian so they're often stylish, will give you a fresh italian beer, smells clean and fresh. cons- giving money to non-brits, probably won't understand what you exactly want.
british barbers- £50+ at this price point they better not fuck up. many british barbers take the piss and charge close to triple figures. Am I a women?
pros- britsh, best atmosphere, alcohol , quality cut, safe space for men.
cons- cost, booking can be extremely difficult if their reputation is good.

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Are there even british barbers in suburbans? or just big cities. I think in my area it's 100% turks

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literally every shit nigger barbershop has these outside

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you in the north? haircuts arent 10 quid down here unless you're paying a trainee (https://thriftylondoner.com/how-to-get-a-cheap-haircut-in-london/))

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I'm south and the turk barber I used to go to charged £10 but recently upped it to £12

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*single mum

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One opened near me so I gave it a chance, they all absolutely stunk of BO and their shave gave me an ingrown hair

Where do you live OP

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maybe they didn't dip their combs in that green oil for long enough

what is that shit anyway

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everything is expensive as fuck in london, don't know why anyone would live in that shithole needs nuking.

>t. northern supremacist

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can you imagine living on a hairstylist's salary in london?
tip them well because they have 6 roommates and are living in hell to be able to cut your hair for you

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There's no reason to get a muslim terrorist barber unless you really hate women and don't want to give them money

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they're better at getting your edges right if you're black than a white barber

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>can you imagine living ... in london?
had a nightmare like that once

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They would have to offer extra ''services'' to even live a basic life.

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>I haven't cut my hair in 4 years

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I recently moved from Glasgow to London, £10-15 is the average turk.
If you want to go poor/student mode, go to london school of barbers. it's like £5 or even free and you get a shit beer too.
most shithole towns only have a turkish barber, since there isn't enough money for a brit to bother.

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>they don't chat to you
What if you're Turkish?

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they learn to cut both men's and women's hair, so they're more equipped to handle your needs than some random Paki who picked up a clipper

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don't say this so that i have to picture this trainee qt on her knees servicing all manner of nasty cock just to pay for her rent :(

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Just go to a fucking salon idiot, it’s not gay to get your hair touched by a hot woman

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Cut your own fuckin hair retard.

Being afraid to take care of yourself and putting that responsibility off onto someone else just reeks of insicurity.

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