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Is jaw surgery /fa/?

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>surgery to add one extra inch

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he looked cuter before the surgery (QnQ)

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I may get jaw surgery if my mewing and chewing efforts not work

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Most of you guys have misaligned bites. Cure the problem not the fcking symptoms. Mewing will never fix that. You need to see an orthodontist who specializes in orthotropics

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Just mew, dumbass.

>> No.17093111

yep, im planning on having surgery within the next year or two. having a good jawline is the most important feature in male aesthetics

mewing only helps a little while you're going through puberty you retard

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how does an orthodontist re-align your bite?

>> No.17093386

>19 years old
am i fucked?

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They need to be specialized in orthotropics. Mine put me through therapy and gave me in applicator similar to a retainer. There are three phases that retrain your tongue and jaw to return to the proper resting position. Smile in the mirror like normal. If your mid line is not lining up you have a problem. This also effects the tongue which is why people think mewing will help. Mewing trains your tongue to go to the proper position and it shrinks the bulge of your neck when it’s resting correctly. The issue with just mewing is you will never actually create the space needed for your tongue to be resting on its own. Because your not realigning your teeth with the appliance your gonna always have to make a conscious effort to “mew” when that should be just the default.

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