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What are some techniques to remove skin blemishes
>I know you can remove skin tags by tying thread around them and they'll fall off in a few days
>I know you can heat up a flat head pin and cauterize chery anginoma (blood spots)

But how do you remove age spots and the like other then paying a dermatologist $50 a spot to Lazer them off

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blin skemish

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Skin slemishes

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you don't have $50 for the doctor to lazer them off?

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You'd pay a Jew to heat up a pin and burn off each one for $50 a pop rather than heating up a pin yourself?
>"Oyy vey anon, I saw a couple extra small ones, so I decided to get them as well "that'll be an extra $350 to your fee"

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tea tree oil applied with a q tip

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have fun scarring yourself + L + ratio + no bitch + broke

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>pay professional who uses specialized equipment to give you a professional result
>some home remedy BS that will fuck up your face even more
you get what you pay for. how cheap do you want to be when it comes to your face?

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Azelaic acid, retinoids, niacinamide and alpha arbutin can all fade them away, but that takes at least 6 weeks

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