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Are terrorist group shirts effay?

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what i would do to see somebody get utterly slapped for wearing this shit

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An bhfuil tú Éireanneach?

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Why do you condone violence?

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I love how this photo highlights the lengths women will go to for attention, and that the country she comes form, gives her the right and freedom to wear this, yet she likely wants open borders for such groups, and the fact such groups would cut her head off displaying their flag among being a fucking whore.

This is why I converted to Islam. It's actually freedom, that I can call hoes and fags out and then cry how bigoted they are and get people to hate and attack them if they say shit back.

Truly is awesome lads. Allahu Akbar!

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You subscribe to a religious dogma so you can have a social “advantage” in made up social situations??? You’re mentally retarded

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is that the ISIS logo or what is that even

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it's the flag of London

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god big noses on tall thin girls is chef's kiss

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