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What to wear with this? I want to include it in a more traditional preppy look for smarter occasions, and an english football casual look for non-smart situations.

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chinos cunt

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i own this, it literally goes with fucking anything

dress shirts, polos, t's, chinos, jeans

it's my favourite piece and a must have

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do you not recognise the ralph lauren logo?

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Pale blue jeans and adidas gazelles if you're going for casual look, though if you're American you'll look like a larping nonce

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Na I'm a working class norf lad (I don't look like a thumb).

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Green/Yellow chinos

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>(I don't look like a thumb).

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have you heard of this thing called a job?

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What's your skin tone? You can pair it with anything, but the color can cause issues if it washes you out. My navy one goes with literally everything, but the beige is complicated

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They have like 7 similar jackets

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Walter White is your best reference

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