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what's the most effay water bottle?

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An emptied out milk jug.

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All that matters is that it’s spring water

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I use a filter at home for my urine, and re-drink it. I add a mineral tablet to the water of course. Refreshing.

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glass > plastic

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paper also > plastic

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Ok I'm done

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They came out with a plastic line now room

There was a brand that had a stainless steel cap and a square glass bottle I bought once been looking for it ever since

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I lied, I keep remembering shit like this exists

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A clear glass

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And some gay vodka to top it all off. Ok I'm actually done now.

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The inside of the paper is plastic lined. The only way out is stainless steel or glass, and even those get their water from pumps and pipes that are plastic. There's even microplastics in rain water. We are screwed.

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I have 14+ 3d printers going 24/7 in my house plastics causing cancer is hype

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>sipping water


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>effay water bottle
>water bottle
you niggers overthink things too much. not everything in life has to be “””effay”””.

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wow you must be having so fun talking about which bottle will be a good stand in for a personality
seek help

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reminder that single use plastics are for faggots, as is drinking out of plastic

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It's not cancer that is the concern. Plastics act as estrogen analogs. Not just bpa, phthalates are in all plastics and are almost as bad as bpa alone.

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Yep, I was having fun posting those interesting bottle designs! You seem to be projecting a lot, I personally think everyone on 5chin needs help anyways.

To keep this on topic... Are S'Well bottles and Hydroflasks still trendy?

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OH! You reminded me, anyone who seriously believes in these things needs actual help.

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>when he’s asking about if hydroflasks are still trendy so he can buy one
0 self awareness

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I'm a gril and that was genuine question out of curiosity, because as ridiculous as the notion of an effay water bottle is, it still exists. Sounds like someone's projecting again. So, are they still popular or not? sksksksk

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