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Left aesthetics inspo thread

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Thanks bro

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no uniformed crew

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this vs 'terrorcore'

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what group is this

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Noose yourself cummunist trash

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OP's pic is cool but too small

gay thread.

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cool desu

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>left aesthetics
Leftoids try to deconstruct the concept of beauty, no such thing as "leftist aesthetic". The only leftoid aesthetic is that of an arthoe, that will change her views depending on who gives her dick, low test cringe artsy faggots and disgusting dirty "crustpunk".

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That's literally just post-structuralists.
Read more fuck

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Didn't they abandon Leninism?

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you dont even know what leftism is

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A biological event, mental illness that wouldn't be here if it wasn't for natural selection

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This is what inceldom does to your brain.

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Leftoids are incels, and they're ugly.
My sexlife is quite good, faggot. Keep on thinking that spouting leftist bullshit is gonna get you a girlfriend.

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Did you take your meds today? Save this thread and read it in a week from now.

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Looks like NPA.

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Based Thread

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“Everything under heaven is in utter chaos; the situation is excellent.”
― mao tse-tung


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“War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun.”
― mao tse-tung


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Rightist "beauty" is just copy and pasted aesthetics from the previous generation, who were all progressives during their time.
It is physically impossible for rightoids to generate art.

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Hurr Durr much meds, shut the fuck up
Rightist beauty is objective, timeless beauty.
It is physically impossible for leftoids to generate art that isn't fucking disgusting.
>hurr Durr they were progressives during their time
What an autistic way to put this, would you consider Nazi art to be left-wing because nationalism is a liberal concept?

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w2c a leftist beefcake like the second dude on the right

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lefties are so cool and forward thinking

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Im not the anon you were talking to
And I don’t care about either of you getting triggering over the side you don’t like (snowflake)

Nazi art is widely considered to be terrible, and it all looks like something my grandma would have up.

>calling nazism a politically right group

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>hurr durr
did cecil finally turn his trips off? post content matches too

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>flyover state detected

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I work in the music industry, lefties are fucking losers. Nationalist white people are the only people that make good art. Blacks are performers - rap is no different from pop, someone else makes the art they perform.

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durrr left wing right wing
people dont even discuss actual ideas anymore, they just talk about fucking directions

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Name 5 pieces of good art by white nationalists
(Nothing related to mde or Sam Hyde, shits tired af)

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...... this is a thread about aesthetics
Yet rightoids can not stopped getting triggered because they heard the word “left”

Terror core did not have this much butthurt, and it was reposting all kindsa of actual extremists.

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>I work in the music industry
I guess youre not very successful then

>Nationalist white people are the only people that make good art.
name one

>someone else makes the art they perform
black people ghostwrite for white performers all the damn time, rarely is the same true the other way around

quit larping, faggot

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ikr? one faggot hears the word "left" and goes on a rant about e-girls and how he cant get laid

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90% of European architecture
most trap songs
a lot of electronic music
many film producers
Christian Dior's design house
much artisanal clothing

depends on your taste but plenty to choose from. I've written for rap performers, pop stars, DJs, metal, and rock bands.
>black people ghost write
>they'll ask for credits for one-word adlibs
please kid, credits mean shit while rights are everything. look up Max Martin and Dr Luke.

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>most trap songs
lol what? stop listening to macklemore and that tom macdonald

>please kid, credits mean shit while rights are everything. look up Max Martin and Dr Luke.
moving goalposts to an entirely different field. You are retarded

>metal, and rock bands.
you are either:
A) full of shit
B) out of touch
C) not making any money
D) talking about things you did over a decade ago
E) all of the above

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I've written for Project Pat, Gucci Mane, Juicy J, and many more. I like working with crackheads because they can rap fast.

You have no idea what you're talking about. The best sound designers in the world are white and asian. The best ghost writers are all white. Very few artists in the digital age own their own music because they had very little to do with creating it. I've written for Circa Survive, they actually own their own music because at least they can play the guitar.

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None of that was naming artists at all
Name a specific piece of work, or maybe specific artists.

And what are you talking about with dior? I can’t find anything about them that politically charged.

Just saying “some great filmmakers are white nationalists” mean literally nothing.
Sounds like your deflecting the question.

>most trap songs
Kk bro whatever you say. Seems like a retard larp, and calling a 16 year old who makes beats a “great artist” is a bit of a stretch

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nice larp.

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on the internet, you can be Juicy J's ghost writer

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the anon you're replying to is an idiot and a fag. we went from
>Nationalist white people are the only people that make good art
>white people make some good art

dont deal with retards like this

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Dior almost only uses white models, they've been accused of racism many times. I can name others as well, smaller European artisanal designers.

Mel Gibson, David Lynch, many from before the 80s were openly racist.

A white person created mumble rap. A white person created every single drum pattern since funk and jazz. Every popular song has been mathematically designed by whites or asians, a very small group of them mind you.
nice responses, I'd be jealous too.

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Gucci and Three 6 haven't even been on the same label. What are you on about?

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>calling David lynch and Dior “white nationalists”
Lmao, you have to be mentally ill.
Pic related, from Lynch’s weather live streams. I guess he’s pretty much a skin head?

Log off kid and go jerk of juicy j

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>Dior almost only uses white models
Therefore theyre white nationalists?

>Mel Gibson, David Lynch, many from before the 80s were openly racist.
Everyone was openly racist before the 80's, does that make them white nationalists though?

>A white person created mumble rap
LMAO what? Are you smoking crack?

>A white person created every single drum pattern since funk and jazz.
Too obviously bait by now.

>Every popular song has been mathematically designed by whites or asians, a very small group of them mind you.

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Baader meinhof complex, it's depicting the Red Army Faction who operated in West Germany

>> No.16012905

American progressives are literally the inspiration for the Nazis
americans loved the nazis, because they were defeating the red terror
terrorism is bad and undesirable
i don't know what to do with these facts anymore.

>> No.16012908

Imagine not being able to name a single white nationalists artist lmao
Holy fucking shit what a cringe lord

>> No.16012913

if you didn't write anything
alright, which of j's work did you write?
Dark horse doesn't count

>> No.16012918

If tards like you actually ghostwrite then I think I finally figured out what's actually wrong with today's music industry

>> No.16012925

yeah dude, that's it.
Kendrick's King Kunta is a great criticism of this


>> No.16012931

why does this sound like a bruno mars song? cringe

>> No.16012939

>song ends with a poem written to 2pac

yeah, kendrick is literally bruno mars

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Looks like the states ideological apparatus got you pretty good, fortunately people with your conditioned mental illness are a dying breed.

>> No.16012971

>disregards everything but the outro in order to make his point.

Please remember that King Kunta was written in-part by one of the members of LMAO. Keep putting putting that track on a pedastal you basic bitch.

Kendrick also sampled Bruno on one of his tracks btw.

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Not that anon but Dior has a long history of Natsoc affiliation actively funded National Socialist movements around the planet through his niece Françoise Dior who helped form the World Union of National Socialists alongside George Lincoln Rockwell. She also supplied financial backing and uniform designs for her husband Colin Jordan's party the National Socialist Movement. Alongside that she helped to publish esoteric Hitlerist literature by Savitri Devi. Dior is also widely known for his connections and funding of the Front National. This is all public knowledge.


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rap is so gay now, remeber when it was fun?


and shady wasn't rapping about politics and sjw shit

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Keep this shit on /ppl/
Where TF are the janitors?

>> No.16013035

I know, but the other anon's reasoning was that they used models and that's a retarded take.

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Stalin's minimalist wardrobe

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>dead in 93
>”niece of French fashion designer Christian Dior and Catherine Dior, who later publicly distanced herself from her niece”
Your saying for some reason Christian would do all his extremist political work through his niece? What lol.
They litterally disowned her.

Christian Dior was unironically studying politics before fashion. He was also unironcally an anarchist, and studied in communist Soviet Union.
He was about as left as you could get.

Your spreading some interesting info, but connecting it to christian is just an attempt to misguide the uneducated

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Wait I live in Berlin I know that station

>> No.16013043

Can we just not have terrorism threads? Unless you're literally trotsky, you've never even tried to justified your terrorism

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Juche drip

>> No.16013071

only shows his coats and he owns 5 which all serve the exact same function

>> No.16013090

>imagine trying to post white nationalists artists and everyone is an anarchist or holding up BLM signs
Lmao btfod

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Not the guy, but even if David Lynch is a bit racist and twin peaks is obviously a bit sexist, calling him White Nationalist, like that such a stretch man you're talking out of your ass, I wouldn't call him a socialist either but you can't just blank canvas call people white nationalist to prove a point, it's disingenuous

>> No.16013148

>David Lynch is a bit racist and twin peaks is obviously a bit sexist
Go back to twitter stupid faggot

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Damn, Go back to twittter really got me, spend more time with real people you fucking retard

>> No.16013175

Yeah because right now I am literally spending time with NPCs like you.

>> No.16013211

if your hanging with people you don't respect, you're not smarter then everyone, you're just an asshole who can't make real friends

>> No.16013265

I can recognize the regular 4chan posters and I know for sure that you're a tourist so I don't give a shit about you.

>> No.16013271

Lmao what a cope
You can’t even see the irony in your own statement.
There was a 4chan before 2016, the alt right and incels are merely a blip in 4chan history. It’s you who is the tourist.

Not the dude who you replied to btw

>> No.16013272

>he’s too stupid to have a discussion about art

>> No.16013328

Thumbnail had me wondering what a branch of yew berries had to do with the left.

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>I can recognize the regular 4chan posters

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I've been here since 2009 and have at least 20 replies up in current /fa/ threads. Link three (excluding this one).

>> No.16013427

Look at all of these (You)s
Seethe harder faggots.

>> No.16013429

market stalinist core

>> No.16013434

what's funny is i do this all the time an no one (except maybe people who have my ip) seem to notice.
I honestly doubt anyone who accuses people of doing this are correct.

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what are you trying to do again besides prove that your IQ is well below 100?

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Honest to god, None of them were me

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And what are you

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classical liberal ;^)

>> No.16014088

not a retard kid or a trans man

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I am trans btw, if that helps

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>he doesnt play with my 2D understanding of the world
>what are you

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incel/pol mind ruins people. god you write like a disgusting person

>> No.16014636

lefties normally:
>everyone is a racist nazi
lefties in this thread:
>just because he's racist and loves his European country doesn't make him white nationalist!
Dior as mentioned, Heidi Slimane, Alexander McQueen all have European nationalism ties, prefer white models, and have been accused of racism multiple times. But lefties will bend over backwards to act like they control the culture.

It's the same in entertainment and politics
>a little bit of rape is okay when it's our guys, let's ignore these accusations
>free speech shouldn't mean people can be proud of their white heritage
>he can't be racist if he said Black Lives Matter

>> No.16014733

>>just because he's racist and loves his European country doesn't make him white nationalist!
thats because this anon >>16012808 claimed that "Nationalist white people are the only people that make good art"

Learn to read, retard.

>> No.16014738

>he said Black Lives Matter this means he can't be a white nationalist

>> No.16014754

more like
>he hasn't disclosed or lead us to believe he's a white nationalist so we won't claim he is

>> No.16014779

>>he hasn't disclosed...he's a white nationalist so we won't claim he is
well that's a first

>> No.16014792

nice job omitting a part of that sentence

also, I'm not a leftist and that's not how the real world works outside of the US

>> No.16014905

They got it right the first time

>> No.16014999

How tf did he live so long?

>> No.16015095

Thank you for more (You)s you retarded cunts.

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There are no differences between fascist and tankie aesthetics, literally just swap the hammer and the windmill and they are the same according to the sontag definitions, which are accurate. Ancom aesthetics are just terrorwave, theorycuck leftist aesthetics are just generic le dark acedemia. You will look like a dork if you attempt to emulate any of them as some larping college student, Stop pol posting you faggots, get a life and drop politics.

>> No.16015114

viva la revolution

sent from my ipod

>> No.16015542

Not the guy, but I never got this point, like if your gonna tear down a system, why would you not use its own tools, especially considering your still gonna be living with it until it falls apart.

Like what would benefit would it do for revolution to just never use technology and be a hermit because “iPhone got made by Apple and they’re capitalist”, like everything is gonna be capitalist when your living in a capitalist system so if your plan is to deconstruct that system using their tools would be key

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>> No.16015687

That's his fucking coatrack, not his entire wardrobe.

Is everyone on this board thirteen?

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Please quit copping

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>> No.16015790 [DELETED] 

that's ELN, a far right guerilla group, they hunted FARC (left) members, they're known for using a chainsaw to kill lefties

t. Colombian

>> No.16015792

Not Op, but why do they where the Anarcho Communist flag and colours though

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>> No.16015806
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my bad, I mistake it with the AUC. Fuck whe have a lot of guerillas in this shithole of a country, can't wait to leave this corrupt state

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Hahahahah that was the „Jugendwiderstand“ (youth-resistance) some maoist Antifa group from berlin. They tried to „awake the strong working class spirit“ but then the whole left started bullying them because they were critical of Israel and one of their members was doxxed as a kindergarten teacher. Then the whole group disbanded

>> No.16015876

how undynamik can you lift your right arm

>> No.16016154

this is gonna be a fun one

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>> No.16016447

>i want ipod
>i want mansion
>i want cool car
>i want nice clothing
don't want to pay because i can't afford, quoted, every lefty in existence

>> No.16016452


>> No.16016474

cool car and mansion and expensive clothes are way different then a cell phone, one thing is a tool the other are just flaunting your money for no reason.

Your saying "quoting all leftist" but what actual anti capitalist say they want a nice car and a mansion, you've changed original point.

If you just said "I want a house, a car, and clothing" that'd be different, but your warping the argument

>> No.16016846

The ira in your pic is anything but lefty. They were more aligned with hitler's socialism than stalin's. Nu-ira is full of lefties now, but they don't really do any radical stuff, mostly just controlling drug markets.

>> No.16016862

>Enjoying all those cool things built by human beings? fuck that shit
>I can't affor- I mean, that stuff is just evil
>hahah yeah that's why I'm anti-capitalist, I'm just a good guy


>> No.16017147

Can you manage to make a comeback without sperging out like a middle schooler

How can you read not living in a mansion while others are homeless as "not enjoying the cool things humans built" You're argument for capitalism is "N-no but Sports cars cool" like are you a fucking five year old, is cool to you just "expensive"

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>> No.16017245
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>> No.16017247
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I actually just bought a new pair of BDU pants, this time size L. lol

Yeah those Firebirds I paid MSRP but I must have a backup pair of those perfect pants.

>> No.16017248
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>> No.16017249
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>> No.16017256
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>> No.16017262
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>> No.16017268
File: 2.03 MB, 1800x1200, the-anarchists-vs-the-islamic-state-2-9a2d3cb5-6010-4aba-aedd-5438c1ad3df3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.16017275

foucault's important, but he's a neo lib

>> No.16017278
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I was born & raised in the Soviet commieblocks. And it was a glorious childhood (until grade 6).

>> No.16017288

He was at points a member of communist/socialist parties

>> No.16017293

And even when he became disillusioned with communism he was still very socially progressive

>> No.16017324

lol nice thread, too many gooks, spics, and women though

>> No.16017331

A lot of older former-Marxists became Neoliberals.

I doubt you'll find any major Leftist who even has the balls to question immigration and just placates to the Neoliberal order.

>> No.16017335


>> No.16017341
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>> No.16017382

Marx literally said you have to do capitalism first

>> No.16017387


>> No.16017402
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You should instead pose with a thumbs up. It doubles as a playful fuck you.

>> No.16017706

This guy is so fucking OG

>> No.16017709

lol he can't. What a fucking loser.

>> No.16017733

How can you say "most trap songs" with any sincerity

Like Trap isn't even good, but it's literally one of the few genre where you have to act black to get famous doing it, like how can it be called "white nationalist Art" in any sense

>> No.16017734

I heard every German city has a rathaus

>> No.16017745
File: 229 KB, 762x1200, 3FBE18A6-F584-4662-B584-6AC150122ED5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.16017869

Yes even the most shitty little town with only 50 people

>> No.16018213

But this is terrorcore

>> No.16018972

I want to have sex with that woman even though I’m sure her vagina stinks

>> No.16019111

but you are LGBT

>> No.16019894
File: 91 KB, 1000x1000, mp,840x830,matte,f8f8f8,t-pad,1000x1000,f8f8f8.u3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.16019915
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Capitalism is greedy which is bad but communism is stealing and has serious anti-christian attitude which is bad and cringe and demonic

>> No.16019920

What are your thoughts on just ending the stock market and the sale of non self used land

>> No.16019922

My pain is constant and sharp and I do not hope for a better world for anyone. In fact, I want my pain to be inflicted on others. I want no one to escape.

>> No.16019924


>> No.16019951
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Ending of stock market sounds based because imo its sick that those who own the business dont even know or care who work there so they can more easily be without shame if they mistreat the workers. Unfortunately though stock market system is competitive so countries with it would outcompete countries without it. One world government first and through that changes to the system? No thanks sounds nwo level satanic opportunity. I guess regardless of the system there will always be assholes on the top because ruthless people can assume power way faster than gentle people. Social democracy or social authoritarian system with private businesses and cultural values from the right (mainly christianity and values inheriting from it) sounds least bad. But this world was never to be easy and its filled with fallen humans (read bible)

>> No.16019955

that's fucking gay that they disbanded. They probably would have been an awesomely effective group. rip

>> No.16019958

this is pseudo-science

>> No.16019970

i mean it kinda seems like your essentially settling for your beliefs, mainly based on the superstition that change could give satanist the chance to take over, even though right now you admit to assholes being on the top.
I don't mean to say you should be a communist or anything, you entitled to your own beliefs, but i feel like the mindset of settling with the rights given to you or the situation your in will just lead to you being easier to manipulate, i mean the situation right now hasn't been around for very long at all so just saying "well it can't be different then this" seems like just giving up

>> No.16019981

The powers that be are psychopathic.

>> No.16020229

Based christian bro
I think religion can be compatible with communism. Marx's original take was something along the lines of "religion is the opium of the masses, the anesthesia of the suffering soul". Latter Lenin distorted that into "religion is the opium that anesthetizes the masses", which served as the basis of all the religion purges.

>> No.16020259
File: 80 KB, 906x519, manlet brigade commie block.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.16020267

>We can't change the satanist system in place because satanists could use it as an opportunity again

>> No.16020270
File: 59 KB, 880x699, twin peaks cooper gordon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>David Lynch is a bit racist and twin peaks is obviously a bit sexist
that's progressive bullshit, but even if it was true ,it would make sense since his fav period were the 50's, aka before everything went to shit.Jeez I wonder what happened.

>> No.16020365

>thinks the 50s was a idealistic paradise

You're under 18

>> No.16020368
File: 561 KB, 619x750, homemakers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a career woman and I've never been happier

>> No.16020372

do you resent your husband lol

>> No.16020374
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>> No.16020377

all working women resent their husbands, women should not have to work.

>> No.16020383

don't you feel like your sort of projecting

1 in 3 is only 30% percent, maybe 30% percent of marriages are just shit, either way it's a pretty shit statistic to base your opinion of whole genders on

>> No.16020461

does anyone have that pic of brace standing in his living room in yellow raincoat holding a gun? its a good fit

>> No.16020545
File: 162 KB, 1145x1280, 1_front-2-1145x1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish Cuban shirts were more common.

>> No.16020567
File: 1.25 MB, 2888x3360, cuban_shirt_Elm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Especially this one.

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