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>Shits ON /FA?

rocking swag and exterminating fags, Dare I say BASED?

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follow your leader

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hitler went to argentina

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Hey Cecil, when are you getting your trip back?

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>rockin swag and exterminating fags, Dare I say BASED?

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Remember to sage and report if youre going to reply

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I'm not OP, breh. And very soon. I don't create Nat Soc threads, but I sure as shit support them :o)


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>if /pol/ could be condensed into a human form...

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They were /fa/ as fuck, Italy still has some soldiers with the aesthetic

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They look like they have secret gay orgies in their bunkers

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didn't they?

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lol keep telling yourself that

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Then you're saying that effay is a fascist board?
Because it's clearly gay as fuck

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Then your a homosexual?

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No u

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Carabineri dude on left has cool soul patch. Fuck yeahh.

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Imagine being so insecure that you have this picture saved and ready

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Maybe he is the meme original creator?

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Yet you took the time to reply to it.

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Want to achieve this look.
Face, shirt, tie, boots comes easy. /fash/ pants and belt are harder to come across

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