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My hair is already black/dark brown

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am spic hair dark

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My black-haired gf was my best one for sure. So hot

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hnnngh name???

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Both are pretty fucking great desu

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Bridget Regan

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Thanks my man

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Based non-negative poster. Most autists feel the need to state his preference then bash the other one

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I'm already dating a pale blue eyed cutie with black dyed hair. She's so fucking hot

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Post her pic, fag

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who is this cum bandit

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you just know

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lilausu (yes4) mogs this nutritionally deficient meth faced anorexic trash.

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reverse image search my man

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Red hair is like the most unique colored hair in the world, why would you want to look black, latino, or asian?

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cute tranner

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They would all objectively look better as redheads or blondes except for >>15975012

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I meant you just know she's on twitch
good for her. squeeze these coomers for all they're worth

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The good thing is they can go back to being blondes and redheads, and it'll be like fucking a different person

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It only looks good with pale skin.

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They look hispanic

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my gf looked like this and then she dyed her hair ginger because she's insecure and thinks i'm going to leave her for an asian woman

kill me

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Very dark brown but not dark enough to be considered black

Brown-red? Idk but it’s not black and it looks gross imo

The rest are good though. You have the right idea OP, black-haired baddies are the best

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because my natural light chestnut hair looks great, and i don't wanna bother with redying roots all the time, doing a shit job dying my hair at home, or paying tons of cash at a salon. if i was gonna die my hair, i'd probably bleach it phoebe bridgers style desu

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Everthing looks better with pale skin.

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I unironically want to die my hair black. I love my hair color but I want to take advantage of my youth and max out my edginess

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Used to have dyed black hair, do not recommend.

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Why not?

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ya same here. i love black hair also but dying ur hair every so and so becomes a lame chore and 1nce u don't want black hair anymore.....gl.....lol....

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I dyed mine black in 2018 and it looked like shit because my skin is too pale; it took over a year to get rid of it.

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pretty much

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If you have light eyebrows I wouldn't recommend it (unless you're a girl and paint them on anyway).

Also, for darker hair you can just use demi permanent dye with only 1.8% peroxide and no ammonia because the hair doesn't need to be lifted, so that will save you a ton of damage.

If you want to go darker it's best to start off with a demi permanent dye only 1 or 2 shades darker -- also remember that the shade on the box will turn out MUCH darker -- so if you have blonde hair and want to go mid/dark brown, even a 6.0 will be enough and anything higher will turn out near very dark brown or black.

If you really want to go the full mile you can dye your eyebrows as well -- just beware that full black will make you look like Groucho Marx so again make sure to only go one or two shades higher.

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>has gf
>has gf that looks like this
>has gf that wants him so bad she tries to mix things up to please him
>wahhhhh kill me wahhhhh
No you naive faggot, kill yourself.

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>my gf looked like this

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Built for BBC

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This is what I would unironically do with all black hairs.

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I'm hispanic and no, they don't

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Saddest downgrade in this thread

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cant be bothered re-doing roots.

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thx but it's a trap isnt it?

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Your gift is too great for me

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your gift is too great for me

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Your gift is too great for me

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>black hair pill
because i was born with dark hair and want purple chrome first

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nah, girl, but she went autistic and put the pronouns in there for some reason, though I doubt she wants to be a troon

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Your gift is too great for me

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Your gift is too great for me

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>thx but it's a trap isnt it?
God I wish

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Your gift is too great for me

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your gift is too great for me

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ugh, I used to date a girl who looked exactly like that except redhead. top shelf

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i'm so in love

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read again you just got condemned to a receding hairline with those replies

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cute boy

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begone chud

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If you have black hair, you are not white.

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Being white is a setback desu

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only if you're a guy

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how do i darken natural red hair?

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Bc the last time I dyed my hair I got arrested.

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same here

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How is that chud material?

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I take people with dark hair more seriously

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Your gift is too great for me

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Probably should have tried being a bottle black goth when I was young and had more hair.

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