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You Biden had that drip...

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lmao that image name

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honestly for 78 he doesn't look bad at all.

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Thats what happens when you dont work a single day of your life

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bruh you cant even imagine on how many drugs he is 24/7 and that face looks like its seen its fair share of plastic surgeries. i'd rather rot in casket than look like this for remaining years of my life

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Cope harder, fat asses

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What do you look like? Post your face, pussy.

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Because he exercises, it's the key to longevity

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would unironically smash

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Hair plugs, drugs, and surgeries will do that for anybody

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he gets blood transfusions and adrenochrome

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>cope sloth
people who work hard labor often look better in to late age due to how fit they are. Its actually pretty surprising how good Biden looks given how little hard labor he's done in his mid life

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