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Anyone have advice for this beyond plucking. No faggot im not “plucking” them and cant find a razor small enough to get in there. Laser the best option?

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Ask your boyfriend faggot.

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wtf am I looking at? looks like something from a David Cronenberg movie

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I dont know what part of the human body this is

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mods can you clean up this gore?

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advice for what? wtf

any razor could be used to remove any hair "visible" in this "photo"

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What the fuck, what part of your body is this op

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this makes me scared

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Body horror

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I think it's an armpit

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Shoulder seen from above, rotate the image 180 degrees. OP should really shave his gross ginger chest pubes

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what the hell are you talking about

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what body part am i looking at lmfao

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looks like his balls an just above the asshole

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> Picture of shoulder, taken from gay angle
> 'How fix?'
This has to be a troll, right?

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unfortunately ginger cannot be plucked out even if you wanted to

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Stop posting your hairy ass on this board. Fucking disgusting.

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Is this picture sexually assaulting me

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it's his armpit/upper arm right?

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Every time I think I've figured out what part of the body this is, I see something else that makes it impossible to be that part.

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fucking delete this creep shit.

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Unfortunately, as you have fair hair and skin, permanent laser removal won’t work on you. You’re stuck with temporary methods and will have to trade off between methods where you get completely smooth but it grows back quicker (shaving) or where you stay hairless for longer, but need to let it grow out a bit for the method to work (waxing, epilators).