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Hypothetically for the sake of the argument. What symbols do you find the coolest? Sigils, emblems, crests, logos, whatever.

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These letter look so cool: F U C K Y O U

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hieroglyphics and this:

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I've noticed a lot of Arab militant organizations active in the 80s and 90s had logos similar to pic related. Anyone know what this style is called?

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Another from the Arab Socialist Action Party (ASAP)

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This one is the coolest.

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Anything Eliphas Levi drew. That schizo knew how to make cool shit.

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looks like a penis

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1041 is pretty cool looking, but for me it's the classic and iconic 1042

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swastika is a great symbol, really gay that westerners are such faggots about it and can only think "HURR DURR NAZI"
case and point

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I wonder why people dont take kindly to someone expressing their love for a swastika
go back to pol dipshit

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you're too busy chasing specters and boogeymen to understand anything

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war of the dubs

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rent-free since 33

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the monist symbol. it helps that I am also a monist, but circles and rings are ubiquitous signposts for immense power throughout the universe at nearly every scale

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>circles and rings are ubiquitous signposts for immense power
>Since its debut on December 17, 1989, 695 episodes of The Simpsons have been broadcast. It is the longest-running animated American series, longest running American sitcom, and the longest-running American scripted primetime television series, both in terms of seasons and number of episodes.

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I really like blame and am considering getting this tatted. Will probably wait 1 year and if I still like it I will go for it.

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anarchy A is very clean looking

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Hitler killed himself with a walther ppk though

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This. Smh.

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valknut, flower of life, theosophical society (pic rel)

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The fuck does this mean?

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what is this?

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Damn looks cool

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The snake eating it’s own tail thing is an ouroboros

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I adore the symbol on the angolan flag, looks way too fuckin cool

these are both dope

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I like the aesthetic of the black sun, sadly nowadays it's considered a nazi redflag

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probably has a more specific name but looks like a pop art twist of what's known as 'Arabic Calligraphy'. recognized wildly as a pretty old and respectable style of art. if you ever see the Al-Jazeera logo? that's arabic calligraphy - it's literally "Aljazeera" in Arabic writing. looks like a flame, teardrop, maybe a spearhead made with a twist of the letters in that word. that looks like it's supposed to be a city or combination of symbols synonymous with the group's principles and ideals.

the letters are ha, zay, ba, allah - from right to left. that little loop, the j, that flat line with a dot beneath it, and the hand and what then makes the mosque at the end is the symbol for 'Allah'. Flag of 'Hezbollah'.
>حزب الله
I've always liked Mudflap Girl but I'm not into the community it typically represents.

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g's up hoes down

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ITT horsefucker mouthwash alcoholic sand-snorting “druggie”

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baste symbols

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This one

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Maltese - SMOM

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Anarchy logo used by Japanese brands.
Black Sun logo used by Paganists.
American Flag.
Russian Empire flag 1914
Albania Flag under Italian Fascist reign

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craving that cock huh homo?

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>Anarchy logo used by Japanese brands

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I really like veves

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The fuck is this about

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snak eating snakbutt, retard

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is the horsefucker in this thread too or are ppl fucking around

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I’m all present and all being I’m above and below to the left and to the right I’m behind and in front.
Unfortunately I’m still not as present as the person spamming my pictures and screenshots.

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cute horse and kitty.

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Yea ngl I know

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Have it blocked but it seems so

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It's a revenge shitposting all over different 4chan boards.

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im too busy chasing this money degenerate, go back to pol faggot

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My nigga

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>Likes a symbol used by multiple ethnicities, religions, and cultures
>go back to pol!!!

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>thread about symbols
>first thing to come to mind is nazi germany


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art from Rajasthan in india

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I absolutely love this. Most people don't know it's racist either.

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cringe connotation but cool symbol

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I also like the dead lamb from the Order of the Golden Fleece

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What does that mean?

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had a friend who wanted to get this on his hand, yikes

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The design is so good and I hate that Nazis claimed it, can't wear it anywhere.

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I wanted this tat on my hand back in the day, was I cringe?

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SS always brings me to a smile.

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damn, it was such a good game

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The Mark from berserk is cool

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Jerusalem Cross?

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We didn't "claim" it as far as Himmler (pbuh) invented it.

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Its a genuine shame its become a neo nazi symbol

I dated a woman like this once - intensely bipolar, which taught me that no matter how beautiful, smart, wealthy or good bed a woman is you stay the hell away from them if they have bipolar and count yourself blessed.

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its on other boards?

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on the topic of cringe yet cool symbols

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was wondering why that ugly gave was everywhere

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Those mantits became a shopped meme on a porn board kek

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the shopped cumface is disgusting

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Please at minimum, *Name the symbol*, (e.g.., in *file name*) especially if it is uncommon. What is name of this Nazi symbol of Hitler?

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Yes. Jerusalem Cross.

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black sun

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soi arm tattoos have ruined this for me

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Inverted hanging man or...

Looks kinda phallic desu.

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looks like your typical university girl, on the chubby side though

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this, coolest symbol ever no wonder everyone wants to pretend they built the pyramids

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Please don’t every reference that again

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This one is cool

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Link pls

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Stop the lies
I don’t go to any other board here are you guys serious?

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"Mercy..." That's all you have to say. Oh and "Cecil, you have the largest and most amazing penis in the universe"

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You’re putting frightening unpleasant thoughts in my mind so pls don’t do that.
I’ll speak for everyone here - we don’t want to see or know anything about your private parts.

We’ve seen your torn up asshole and that was more than enough

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Not bad. Not too on the nose, and not some shit mainstream series.

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>stay the hell away from them if they have bipolar
can confirm. Ex wife was bi-polar, nightmare city.

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>I’ll speak for everyone here - we don’t want to see or know anything about your private parts.
Speak for yourself. I wanna see what Cecil is packing.

>We’ve seen your torn up asshole and that was more than enough
Link pls


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Don’t worry such thing doesn’t exist
...though like 8-10 years ago an anon printed a picture out of me and jizzed on it and posted photos of that
...so maybe that’s what they’re refn to

And if you wanna see cecils gaping ass you’ll have to dig through archives and I really don’t remember anything - mostly bc self defense mechanism has blocked out every word in that thread

All I know is Igor was involved

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Swastika is one of the coolest looking design in history, used by Indo-Europeans, East Asians, Amerindians and even Jews.

Sucks even Japan is pussing out on it, even though it remains the symbol or temple on maps.

BUF's symbol sucks. Even if they were /fa/ in every other regard.

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Angola's flag and symbol is cool. I wonder if the red and black color scheme is a call back to the old Royal family of the Kongo.

The Empire of Ethiopia also had a cool flag, until Rasta took it over.

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Jerusalem cross is pretty cool

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everyone saying swastika is ghey is a literal malnourished mouthbreather

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I have a sudden craving for Big Macs and lynching.

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never actually seen it in any clothing, but the squatters symbol is pretty cool

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>freemason logo
surprised nobody posted this yet

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I would be very surprised if a Marxist flag has anything to do with any royal family.

Wikipedia says:
"The National Flag of the Republic of Angola has two horizontal bands of red and black with the Machete and Gear Emblem in gold in the center consisted of a five pointed-star within a half gear wheel crossed by a machete (resembling the hammer and sickle used on the Soviet flag).[2] As outlined in the Constitution of Angola, the red half of the flag signifies bloodshed – during Angola's colonial period, independence struggle, and in defense of the country. The black half symbolizes Africa. In the central emblem, the gear represents industrial workers and production, the machete represents peasantry, agricultural production and the armed struggle and the star, shaped like the red star, symbolizes international solidarity and progress. The yellow color of the emblem symbolizes the country's wealth."

Squat symbol looks awesome, I've seen it on lots of crusty/traveling kid gear. I think I had a patch with it on some of my old patch pants at one point, not sure what happened to it though. Mighta traded it for something.

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League of Nations logo looks cool

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freemason logo looks gay as hell what does the G stand for huh? GAY?! get fucking trolled.

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>I would be very surprised if a Marxist flag has anything to do with any royal family.
Its not uncommon. The Communists revolutions in Africa and SE Asia were often more anti-colonial than purely Marxist, and so often old symbols of royalty are turned into national symbols once the monarch is gone. Its why Serbia still has a crown on its flag despite being a republic. Or the flag of South Korea being the old Joseon Kingdom flag, despite banning the last living royal from entering. The kingdom of the Kongo was already abolished by the time MPLA was founded.

You can't necessarily go on what the flag symbolizes in the constitution. The USA flags colors are supposed to represent stuff, when in reality its red white and blue because those were the colors of the old colonial flag itself having its color scheme from the national colors of Scotland and England. The colors for the flag on Manchukou were supposed to be Yellow for the Manchu people, Red for the Japanese people, Blue for the Han Chinese, White for the Mongol people and Black for the Korean people When in reality its color scheme was chosen because the Japanese liked the old Chinese Republic flag.

Really I have no idea, its just red and black is a pretty unique color scheme for a national flag, and it existed under the royal family, it could easily be pure coincidence.

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I think eagles are really cool

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Those are totally fair points! I wasn't saying it's impossible just i would be surprised.

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chad checking in sorry ladys im already taken

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Ive always found warning symbols to be fascinating.

Theyre supposed to be as universally known as dangerous but when you think abotu it. that is really hard to do

If theres a civilisation, or a community of people who cant speak your language, have never seen the sign before, and they encoutner it, say on a drum of radioactive waste

how do you let these people know its radioactive? these signs try to explain that but its very hard to do. so i find them interesting and cool

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of course, as anything satanic related should be

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You don’t find those cool and you know it faggot

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>tfw you used to be a cringe online neo-nazi and overcame it but never grew out of the fascist aesthetics
It's a strange feeling. Can anyone here relate?

>> No.15908302

as long as you don't dress like that in the street theres nothing wrong with appreciating the aesthetics, i like stalin era aesthetics but don't support it.

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I'll admit I did go out once or twice looking like pic related, only less baggy

>> No.15908349

well, it's not overtly fashy so joe public wouldnt notice anyway, it would be overt military uniforms what would get you in trouble.

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Aestheticism is one of the main tenets of fascism. They want to look bold, powerful, and artistically pleasing, it's how they sweep impressionable people into their movements. All business is show business, and fascists understand this more than anyone. You're supposed to like fascists aesthetics Anon, that's the whole point of aesthetics in general. You can like the fashion without believing in the ideology, but you must concede that people will associate you with fascists. I would say borrow elements from the aesthetics and incorporate it into your own style without becoming a LARPer.

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