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Are they /fa/?

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if you're a gurl, sure

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Why not?

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VSCO girl shit

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Dated a girl in 2013 who wore shit like this paired with her floral print doc martins. Cool throwback. I’m going to jerk off imagining her naked now.

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yes in 2012

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that shit is like 2011 party rock aesthetic

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I got my wife some space leggings and they're cute as fuck

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She posted it in 2020, just this month.

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tweaker core

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all leggings are /fa/ it's honestly slowly pushing fashion into the future where everybody will be wearing full chrome body suits

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>2011 party rock
i miss it bros....

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What a trend setter.

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Yeah, in 2012-2013. She's a little old to the trend. (Or she could wait 10 yrs when 2010s fashion will be in again).

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What year is it?

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It's called 3rd world tier. They are always 10 years behind.

I looked her up and she looks average as fuck in looks yet has a huge simp following, I ask myself why but then I remembered OP is one of them to even post her.

How bad has shit got when average girls (or ugly if in Russia) get this much attention. It's no surprise the actual attractive ones are making 1 million dollars plus per month now.

Indians might follow these but don't have the money, the same applies to most places of in richer Islamic countries the men would never shame themselves paying money to these thots.

I can only conclude the vast majority of online "donations" comes from Western men. Like fucking hell, the time when it's easiest to contact females with the most freedom to do so, men are sitting in their room throwing their money at these girls.

Seriously, what the fuck has happened. Western men are PATHETIC.

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sometimes i go to the polish chip shop buy some polish curry then then pour it on my egg fried rice i made earlier eating it with my big wooden spoon

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qUirKy thot nonsense

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no they're tumblrcore

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2013 tumblr ad purchase

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They're out of this world!

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>if Dennis and Charlie fucked and had a baby

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And drank Fight Milk

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>full chrome body suits
Fuck yeah

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Mine saw a dress with that print and went girl-brained.

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>2012 was almost 9 years ago

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You'll never pass tranner

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Reminds me of middle school. Disgusting.

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it screams that you do anal with dragon dildos after playing overwatch

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Is it fucking 2012?

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Always in our hearts! Spirit of 2012! Oi!
Plaid flannel
Black Levis
Thriftcore jacket
Vans and docs
Simple as

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>90% of the time worn by goth land whales

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When those thighs astronomical

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does someone have the pic of the obese land whale that has the space leggings?

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Reminds me of high school. Hot.
Now I'm gonna jerk off thinking of the popular girl I fucked senior year and her soft pale body.

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That's supposed to be Starman isn't it?

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Just a generic representation of what we will all be wearing in the future. Still waiting for that future to get here.
Pic not related. Actually felt like wearing a baked potato.

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literal 2011-12 shit

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This thread needs more chrome.

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