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I've seen people wishing for a thread like this so I'm starting one. I personally don't know anything about high fashion but would love to learn from some of the knowledgable anons that we have browsing here.
Yeah I know I should make a thread when I have something to start it off with aside from the basic premise but I'm pretty sure no one else would make one of these and I wanna keep the people that know something around.

So... i dunno post high fashion shit i guess...

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>High Fashion General
>I personally don't know anything about high fashion
off to a good start

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gtfo with this gay shit

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Go back your Uniqlo general then

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Posting one of my favourite looks from one of my favourite designers, Alexander McQueen's horn of plenty collection. I know a little bit about high fashion, anything you're curious about anon ?

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Good thread

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What do you guys think of this documentary

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Overall good documentary with nice insight into his early life but the music choices were awful/too loud and the animated sketches would've been better suited for a gaultier/equally kitsch designer biopic instead

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Here's Dior Homme during Hedi Slimane's tenure.

>inb4 muh hedi doesn't count muh avant-garde autism
Fuck off. Hedi Slimane studied under Margiela, was an intern for him and Dior Homme was god-tier.

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Daniel Roseberry is such a daddy

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gucci cruise 2019

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Will someone ever buy this and digitize it? As far as I know, it's the only seemingly-traditional runway show by CCP.

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I like the poster

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im actually starting to like Balenciaga and Vetements wtf i thought they were a meme

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>being so defensive right out of the gate
No one brought up avant-garde at all. That being said the term just means ahead of the crowd or at the forefront and Hedi's tenure at Dior certainly fits the bill. Slimane's ultra skinny silhouette and edgy goth rock stuff was pretty revolutionary at the time.

The problem was that he did it too well. He created a look so iconic that he could never match it again. By the time he left Dior everyone and their mom was recycling that style as well so it was no longer original. Hedi never seemed to recover.

His second tenure with YSL was just another rockstar larp but without the fresh ideas that made his Dior collections so memorable. He basically just took stuff from the '50's-70's and made it skinnier.

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but why would you care about a traditional runway show from ccp when you can have bodies floating in a canal?

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I think Demna has always been self-aware with his projects. Vetements was, at least in part, an attempt to meme the fashion world and see how far he could take the gullible consumer. The earlier Vetements collections were actually pretty awesome. With Balenciaga he's just taken the trendy '90's-00's oversized look and made it upscale. He's a great designer.

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Compared to the OG and Ghesquiere, demna will always be a meme.

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I even kind of liked his FW21 video game show. His looks are pretty 2000s with the colours and boxy fits. He uses weird tailoring to the maximum.

DIOR Fall 2021 just came out. It was par for the course - lots of tailoring and slim fits from Kim Jones. The most interesting things were the hiking boots, combat boots, and of course the psychedelic Kenny Scharf artwork.

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Go read up on Helmut Lang. Lang is responsible for the state of modern fashion. He is the single most influential designer of the past thirty years. Every designer since the late '90's owes a debt to Lang.

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Matthew Williams Givenchy screamed Helmut Lang (slim fits, dark aesthetic, cracked paint denim)


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apples and oranges
Of course you can't compare Demna to Cristobal or Nicolas. Balenciaga is essentially a different label now that streetwear has taken over, though as with most labels if you look past the hyped up pieces there are usually some gems. OG coture houses always have classy pieces in the stable for people who want to look timeless.

Yeah, you can definitely see the influence from his time at Margiela in his tailoring.

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Absolutely. The suiting and overcoats are straight out of Lang's book.

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Iris Van Herpen is honestly my favourite modern day high fashion designers.
Her shows are so breathtaking

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I like her work because nobody can imitate her looks, or even attempt a recreation

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Good choice. Definitely one of my favorite couturiers. Yiqing Yin is another fantastic designer in the same artistic vein as Herpen. China has come so far in the fashion world.

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Even more influential than McQueen's biology imitation that is now seen in Van Herpen etc?

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Absolutely. Lang's influence is felt everywhere, whereas McQueen's is limited to a particular group of people.

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better than we margiela

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Shouldn't a place of high fashion have a ph test for those sitting next to the cat walk?

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Von Beirendonck is my favorite /hfg/ designer

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A little overhyped but Thierry Mugler’s stuff is legendary

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Galliano honestly is a god, pretty much ruled over the late nineties and early 00's through Dior. Each house has such long and rich history it's hard to synthesize everything into a thread.

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Alexander McQueen, Jean Paun Gaultier, Mugler, Balenciaga, Margiela, Valentino, Versace.... so many houses, so many eras the models the jewels... What are you looking for?

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Alexander McQueen is GOD. He'll live forever

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god i miss him. . .

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Didn’t know that Hedi was capable of looks other than his typical

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This deconstructed minimal shit that's popular on the runways will end up just like brutalist architecture: age like shit and despised, if not forgotten

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Brutalism can look good if it's surrounded by copious amounts of nature. I'd cover that shitty plaza with a forested park and have ivy running up the sides, would turn it from a 1/10 to an 8/10 almost instantly.

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Ah nice

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nice, except it's boston so covered in 3 feet of snow 6 months of the year...but plants are way nicer, i agree!

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Its pissy pussy on insta

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You need to look more into his work then. Hedi Slimane is a capable designer.

The thing is, Hedi Slimane's become comfortable with his niche and pursues it to the maximum. You may think that there is no difference between Saint Laurent and Celine, but there is. Hedi Slimane is all about subtle changes. He builds up, builds up some more, gradually introduces subtle changes in either a certain cut of trousers, boot silhouette, or whatever it may be.

This isn't immediately noticeable because he doesn't hop from one major thing to the next, as most designers do.

Context is key, as well. Most of Hedi Slimane's signature isn't as shocking or redefining as it was say, a decade or two ago.

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Watch this if you’re a newfrog

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as a newfag this really was a great watch, thank you anon :)

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Here's some newfag reading for you

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le japanese meme wave

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good thread and based knowledge, i missed when /fa/ used to have threads like that

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I kind of lost steam after that one. It was cool to see people interested in Lang but he was kind of the only designer I felt qualified to talk about outside of a more cursory context There was a guy who said he was gonna do a thread about Raf but it never happened. I guess I'm open to doing something like that again but I lost most of my fashion photos when I lost my hard drive.

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is that rive gauche or am i mistaken?

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is this a high fashion thread or avant meme

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Damn that was good.
Margiela seems like such a strange dude

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Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche, correct.

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Kim Jones' tenure at Dior has honestly been a huge bore, relying on countless collaborations without inventing or designing anything, regurgitating the same overbranded cuts and accessories that is marketed for conspicuous consumers.

That said some of the more techical runway garments like pic related is pretty neat

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anyone else think a new sticky would greatly benefit the board, current one is dead asf

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what the fuck are you talking about

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The man made nature of brutalism is at odds with the natural world. You cannot have trees and right angle concrete walls together.

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Hedi's rive gauche, at least to me, seems fairly overlooked when people think of hedi. I find it to be one of the more interesting periods of his design, because you can really see him coming into his own / about to make the breakthroughs that makes him so iconic.

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Why the fuck would he put the tag on the outside absolutely ruined a decent look I fucking hate Denma fr

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Did that fag PJW tweet that? I would love to see what he defines as art.

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what? why are you mentioning art? u retarded or something?

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>implying that you couldnt take it off yourself
i bet you keep the margiela tag on as well

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gucci is not /fa/

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Favorite brand that uses a lot of black colors? That isn't Rick?

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bed jw ford,sulvam, kidill,doublet,camiel fortgens, stefan cooke, ethosens, auralee,sise, superNova. Ystrdy's Tmmrw, midorikawa, azuma anticraft, d.tt.k, arnar mar jonsson, hyein seo, ffixxed studios, fome, kozaburo, makesense, chloma, oqliq

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his boots (explorers and the hiking boots in the most recent show) and sneakers are pretty decent

the weird tailoring that he does with jackets is fantastic

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Looks like Robarts

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nah, it's the contrast that's fun

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only tasteless plebs hate brutalism

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ann d fw17

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number nine 2007

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His stuff is so fun and colorful I love it. Anything else like this?

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Raf Simons aw02-03 creeper

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The tag is easily removable, so that way he can cater to logomania without actually plastering logos on everything — sorta like how stone island patches are all removable

>> No.15800064

CDG has a long period like this and CDG shirt has a lot of it as well

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Look 46

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The beauty and appeal is in the contrast. Man vs Nature with Man succumbing to natural homosexual tendencies.

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The trick is getting people invested enough to post. You could assign bits and pieces to people if you had an organized group, but if you can't get people to edit this one I'm not sure you'd have much luck just asking people to do a new one.

I'd absolutely love to pitch in on something like that, it's just a matter of how many people you could get to contribute right at the beginning, and fast.

I've wanted to translate a bunch of Japanese style guides I have on my bookshelf for a long time, just haven't had a platform it'd be useful to post them on.

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>Actual menswear

You know this stuff is barely even sold in stores right? It's basically custom order only for collectors and new money fanatics. Everyone who goes into the shop is going to buy the same stuff as always.

>> No.15801069

Virgil literally stole it for LV this year and Walter called them out if that counts

>> No.15801080

Welcome to late capitalism. Deterritorialization of culture and values is so complete people cannot manifest deep or genuine interest anymore, zoomers in particular exist in a state of constant ironic detachment only strung along by a vague conception of clout principally defined through monetary exclusivity. Fashion is only hype now.

>> No.15801085

>starts thread despite the fact anon “personally do[esn’t] know anything about high fashion.”

Fermented dumbcum like you who take credit for starting the group project despite doing nothing substantial deserve all the love in the world.

>> No.15801089

You say now but I'm not sure there's ever been a good comprehensive collection of materials about fashion at any time.

There's next to nothing about pre-internet fashion that's publicly accessible information, the best you have is maybe a few runway photos and a single column in a magazine for any given year, and it's not like there's some comprehensive "menswear handbook" from the 80's or whatever that we're all just missing and has the answers.

Fashion's always been a shallow interest for cosmetic purposes rather than a hobby to be knowledgeable about, especially for men. The best you were ever going to get out of the average man historically was maybe the name of a Saville Row tailor and even then that was just a way to brag about quality and prestige without actual knowledge.

>> No.15801119

Just update the old one, it's a wiki and has a good framework.

>> No.15801698

Take a chill pill anon

>> No.15801740

there are no centralised fashion information places. it was Internet forums before and instagram/discord now. most people don't care enough and those who do aren't going to type it out for other people to find out (there was a /fa/ thread on this a few weeks back)

zoomers are pretty much into fashion just for image and to show off. same thing with their leftist instagram story virtue signaling. what's new?

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>all people are the same
i'm depressed

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I'm not the guy who made this thread, but am the guy who made the thread you're talking about (I think?)

It's not a zoomer problem, like I said then this has always been what fashion is. I'd argue that the history and brand ethos and construction Et al. are all a product of the millennial generation more than anything else. A flash in the pan, not some golden age that lasted until now. As the middle class ballooned into the 80's people found themselves able to indulge in luxuries without identifying as "rich". I'm of the opinion that this is what really led primarily to a lot of this thirst to information as they sought to indulge occasionally but needed an emotional attachment to the garment. These brand stories then got co-opted by the nouveau riche as a way to flex.

E.g. the difference between "Wow this craftsmanship/labor justifies my purchase" vs. "Wow do you know how expensive this is, look at what went into it"

Either way, The middle class sees the garments as an occasional indulgence and the upper class sees them as disposable, so who has the time to follow a brand around constantly to soak up all the information?

I think the desire to learn about a brand or style wholly is a new development of the massive explosion in the secondhand market and the internet marketplace as a whole, the middle class can look back 5-20 years and pick up entire looks off the runway for pennies on the dollar. And they can do this in the span of days rather than having to hunt down pieces from individual fans and collectors.

When I was a college student I think I accumulated 50 pieces of comme just from thrift shopping on minimum wage. This isn't something that was possible until recently and the ability to quickly and cheaply own a piece of history (so to speak) was a major drive to me wanting to know more.

>> No.15802646

>people are lazy and/or uninformed about a subject
>surely capitalism is to blame for this.

>> No.15802669


>> No.15802670

that’s a lot of uneducated air you’re shitting from your fingers

>> No.15802672


>> No.15802685 [DELETED] 


>> No.15802958

surprised people still care about this. as far as i can tell this board is a fashion themed /b/ now

>> No.15803092

Enjoyed, wish the men’s had a longer segment. Amazing the amount of shit his mom kept over the years.

>> No.15803177

nice shitty bait thread destined for death

people who directly engage in high fashion are unlikely to be users of 4chan

>> No.15803832

The 50 posters in this thread seem to disagree you

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>> No.15804602

>people who directly engage in high fashion are unlikely to be users of 4chan
You sound like a zoomer newfag. This board has been discussing high fashion since the board was created in the late 2000s.
>surprised people still care about this. as far as i can tell this board is a fashion themed /b/ now
Seems about right but hopefully it can be salvaged

>> No.15804615

>This board has been discussing high fashion since the board was created in the late 2000s.

Doesn’t matter how long a topic has been discussed on a platform since discussion doesn’t require knowledge of the subject. Feel free to talk for as long as you’d like about high fashion because you’ll never directly engage with those in the industry.

>> No.15804664

Looks like V.I.C.I. from Small Wonder. Only blonder.

>> No.15804963

If we discussed it in the past we can discuss it again, so the thread is no more destined for death than any other thread on this board.

>> No.15805018

this should be the sticky instead

>> No.15805338
File: 92 KB, 861x1300, 7251052C-85F7-4880-AFD8-45D345CD8F7B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If we discussed it in the past we can discuss it again,

Irrelevant and sidestepping the issue. I will proceed to kill myself out of secondhand embarrassment from you.

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File: 1.54 MB, 2732x4098, _VIE0250[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

who dis

>> No.15805351

Yenka Stew

>> No.15805486

>This board has been discussing high fashion since the board was created in the late 2000s.

Thank you for sharing your wealth of high fashion knowledge by sharing irrelevant shit.

>> No.15805995

I think another issue is confusion of purpose. The way the sticky is formatted, it kinda half wants to be a 'guide' to fashion. But once you get past reddit My First Office Job-level fashion there's not much point in trying to create a universal guide.

Maybe the wiki could be reformatted to keep the pages it has on color theory, silhouette, and other universal concepts. Then the majority of pages could discuss different styles, sources, etc. in detail while providing links to archives of materials about them

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