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Which is the better pick -- more versatile?

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Depends on the rest of your wardrobe, next.

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Easy: Boots should match your skin color.

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both are versatile, but it depends on your wardrobe which would be a better pick for you.

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black is the most care free. but gotta be careful to not look like an incel. contrast stitching can help a lot. brown is nice but requires more care

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>but gotta be careful to not look like an incel.
Care to clarify?

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Pink boots?

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Black is more versatile. Brown boots look like shit with black pants but black boots look good or atleast ok with most other pants.

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wtf bro are you literally pink? if you are white, wear white boots.

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>wearing black pants

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Black boots are the official uniform of school shooters

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it most depends on the boot, and what you wear with it but if you roll over to /k/ you will quickly see and know what i mean there is a web m of some dude with a k patch at a trump rally you'll know when you see it

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for instance black redwing (pick your favorite flavor of siloutte) with a tasteful amount of contrast stitching, good looking. cocoran jump boots. well now you gotta be careful to not look like you think women belong in the kitchen, your wife is your cousin, and you think a buzz cut is the best hair cut

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this question is like asking which is dunk is best color way? doesn't really matter if you're built like moist critical/ penguinz0 you're going to look like white trash from the 2000's. similarly if youre pathetically built black boots can be great. but black is striking and too much is possible so be sure to balance the look out. brown is like just avoid black pants. it really just depends. i plan to dye my boots black after the leather starts to darken and get ragged at work (10877) so on the upside if you get brown boots and fall out of love you can just strip and dye black

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*athletically built
or get black boots with a contrasting outsole

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not incel

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incel when worn with jeans of any color

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>>15730538 **

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Black boots are tranny core

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not incel but also not fashionable (though i love the look)

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sorry fuged the pic

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incel, as you can see contrast stitching doesn't save you its about balance and it can be very hard to balance black properly without looking like you suck dick on the weekends after buying a pound of poppy seeds to make tea out of and pretend you don't have a opioid problem

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Brown boots go better with jeans and tan colored pants.

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Just don’t wear black thigh high military boots with a trench coat

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