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I own the snowboard, bindings and boots.... help me pick the Goggles

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Top glasses, most versatile lens.

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I feel it, that's what I'm thinking. Or all black

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You've already gone all out on the colors, get some more matching ones. All black is boring.

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Also if you only do daytime skiing you could go with the baby blue purple glasses eith the black lense, but if you do night time too your best options are the top 2.

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I think the all black is actually not boring because you don't see it often. It's actually more rare, usually you see bright colors with goggles. But yea I know what you mean, might as well get a better match.

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They all come with bonus storm lens, you pick either everyday style or sunny style.


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Currently using medium/dark brown pants which doesn't match well but waiting to find some camo colored bibs that have matching pink/purple spots

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hmmm thoughts?

I think the grey camo/yellow would look good

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you're going to look like a fucking kook

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Those bibs are faggy af

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that pant pattern is fucking terrible, dumb zoomer.

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>only tried snowboarding once when my mom's ex bf took me with him and his son to mount high for my 21st birthday
>spend about 2 hours falling down the main trail
>tfw getting passed by toddlers
>they convinced me to go on the other trail which was way bigger and steeper
>still can't get on the lift properly keep in mind
>smoke a joint with them on the way up the lift
>eat shit getting off the lift
>they just fucking take off
>looking at the start of the trail right off the lift feels like being near the summit of everest
>eat shit hard a few times because lol it's fuckin' fast breh and then start ass sliding my way down the mountain
>people yelling at me from the lift asking if I'm hurt or need help
>y-you too
>continue on my journey down the mountain and have to walk because it's too steep to ass slide
>unironically worried that I'll be stuck on this fucking trail when it gets dark
>make it to the bottom by about sunset and they're just like YEAHHHH BRO YOU MADE IT WOOO
tfw no friends who snowboard or ski. it was so much fucking fun bros

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What does the jacket and pants look like? The board is going to be in the snow most of the time.

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Honeslty going alone is more fun. Start on the bunny hill and you'll get to having fun soon enough. Don't seitch to skiies, skiies are easy to start off on but then it gets much harder to be good. Snowboard is the opposite, it's hard to start but it gets easy quicker. Personally I found smoking weed makes riding better for me but I don't smoke at all anymore.

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I agree but for different reasons. Camo is the dumbest shit you can wear whilr boarding/skiing. If you're riding in low visibility, get in a crash or fall off into the trees you want to be visible, not fade into the background.

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Mt High kinda sucks tho man. It’s all ice. Gotta get up to mammoth

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I definitely should've started on the bunny hill but at least by the time I was nearing the end of the main run, I made it that last few hundred yards without crashing and I didn't take out any bystanders near the lift coming to a stop. I feel like I'd be too nervous to go alone because I have literally no idea what I'm doing
yeah it was pretty much just ice and I was battered and bruised pretty good at the end of it all. that beginning section off the lift of the steeper trail they baited me into was retarded, it's like a quarter mile of pure ice

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Lens color should be dependent on the light conditions, so provided those Smiths have swappable lenses, just go with a strap color you like.

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Those Maysis boots aren't really park boots.

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If you’re ever up there during the summer they do the south side of the mountain as a disc golf course. That’s fun as fuck. Gotta stop by Charlie browns on the way home too

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The problem is that no one will really wants to go with your when you're an absolute noob. Get up to the point where you can atleast struggle down a blue square and make some friends at the mountain and get in touch with each other and link up at the mountain.

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it's pretty fun, you can come shred with me in Oregon if you can make it. <3

current clothes are chocolate brown pants and bright blue jacket but I'm looking into getting some bibs. I want camo but options are hard.

It can be fun but also lonely. been shredding alone for a long time.

my gear is very high-vis minus the bibs.

crashing is part of the formula desu.

I was looking more into this. the pink lens are like 30+vlt "everyday" but looking at a video, the "everyday green" lens look fucking incredible from the rider's perspective, everything turns purply pink. Even though it doesn't match the gear I'm thinking I'll get the green... yes they swap, might just buy both and call it a day.


First lens... looks amazing from inside

I don't think these are the exact boots I have but pretty similar. also I'm looking for more all mountain

I'm pretty good and usually only ride with noobs because my friends aren't snowboarders. It does suck but better than not having anyone.

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alright... new list

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I mean just look at that tint

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get a pair of anon m2s with a second or third lens
got a pair free at high cascade never once thought of buying another pair
the fog lens/yellow lens pick up highlights in tree cover well if you get nervous bout that shit like me

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>asym board
>trasher bindings and softboots
You absolute poser go back to skating. Snowboard is a carver's sport.

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