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Is diversity in advertising, such as this Ralph Lauren advertisement, /fa/?

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Not when niggers are being shoved in your face constantly like there en vogue. Especially when said niggers don’t even realize there being fetished for being products.

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I get it, you made this thread to act as a sponge that sucks up all the bitter incels on /fa/ so other threads don't get contaminated. Very clever op, thank you for your service.

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It's good but for all the wrong reasons. Being advertised to means that people can feel more comfortable in our disgusting consoomer society which only pandered to minority groups when it became acceptable and profitable.

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vieo you've gone full joker mode and i'm not sure how i feel about it lol

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is it just me or are interracial couples everywhere in media now (in advertisements and commercials and w/e) to a point where its kind of annoying desu bc theyre only trying to be politically correct...and i support this to a point...but when its not parallel to reality and it is used as a gimmick its just irritating

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Is brainwashing /fa/?

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It's pure unadulterated virtue signaling designed to cater to dumb selfish white people who fetishize blacks.
And then of course if you call them out on their bullshit they fall back on the tired old "well, you're a racist" line and then claim that they're the real victims.

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is not fa, anything made for the momma big corporation is not fa. Non of these brands are fa and they stop being with normie started to have access to it.
no such a thing as fa if you are walking on the street and you see someone else with the same shitty cookie cutter garbage that you are wearing.
mix race is not fa, niggers are not fa

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