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So I'm trying to get into looking better (bit late at 22 but meh) and it seems to happen to me all the time that I find cute stuff like this, but when I hop onto trustpilot etc. the site is either a scam or a dropshipper, is there a correct method for tracking down the original seller for this stuff other than desperation reverse image searching, or is this kind of stuff just a template some sweatshop worker made for the scam?

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Man that hoodie looks like garbage. I can’t believe you think it’s cute, but it’ll be a purchase you’ll look back on and think wtf did I waste my money on.

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As much as I COULD point out subjective taste not being worth shit, it is also true that admitting to having bad taste might get me pointed in the right direction...*sigh*

If this is garbage where can I get actually cute stuff? Educate me.

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If they’re drop shipped stuff. Try reverse image searching on Taobao. It’s like Chinese eBay. If you find anything you like, there’s guides on YouTube on how to order from Taobao.

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Also, most of those novelty pieces are pretty low quality so buyer beware as you probably won’t be able to return them once you get them shipped to your mailbox.

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Thank you for the advice! Small follow up from reading some of the threads on here;

Since a lot of these novelty templates are usually imitating a certain style/designer, is there are usual method for finding the real stuff? How does one research specific fashion styles and trends within a sub-style?

I don't have much in the way of money so I'd prefer to pay for quality that will last when I can.

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>is there are usual method for finding the real stuff?
There may not be “real stuff.” Sometimes it’s just a one of thing. My best guess would be to try searching keywords or phrases about certain unique features about a piece. For example, for the image you posted I’d search on Google “hoodie with laces on sleeve.” Or try reverse image searching on it and seeing if people have talked about it which could give you more info.
> How does one research specific fashion styles and trends within a sub-style?
You probably already thought it too, but try finding the name for a certain style. There are some ways you can do this. On those sites that sell those pieces they may have keywords on their site or the specific listing that could hint to the name of the style. You could always reverse image search the specific piece you’re looking at as well.
> I don't have much in the way of money so I'd prefer to pay for quality that will last when I can.
Quality is somewhat subjective and also ranges radically. Something that has it’s screen print rub off in the wash or loose strings would most likely be considered low quality by all. I’d consider my Stone Island turtleneck to be very high quality and well worth the price tag. Some people wouldn’t agree with paying $300 for any garment though. Some would say a $30 Champion’s crewneck is just as good and for them that’s just how it is. Money doesn’t always mean quality so always do your research when looking at a product. Google Chrome has built in translation thingy you can use to translate text on a site to your language. I use it when buying from foreign sites to look at what people are saying about a certain product. If it’s possible, try to find a wash tag or brand tag like the one you would see on the back of the neck to find the company who makes it, where it’s made in or really any info you can.

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If the site is a dropshipper/scam theres a 75% chance you can find it on Aliexpress or wish and 98% chance its on Taobao.

Since what youre calling is cute is typical cgl. Check out and ask on their aliexpress and taobao threads. some of it is knock off Japanese art/brands but a lot of it is random chinese and korean fast fashion. Also since you dont seem familar with this Aliexpress is usually the better bet, wish seems to be cheaper but easier to find things because they dont strictly block brands as ali does. Taobao will need a shopping service so its only recommended for big hauls. (but i think now they may ship to certain countries or offer their own shipping service via taobao?)

Also for most of these things i wouldnt spend more than 10-20 bucks. Read ali and taobao reviews carefully and look at photos as they always give 5 stars but are usually more hoenst in review.

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If you want “cute” and can compromise on quality, shop on Aliexpress. Read product reviews before purchasing

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